10 mistakes in your explainer video marketing strategy

Learn about the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your explainer video marketing strategy. Whether it's overlooking audience research or neglecting optimization, this guide will help you refine your approach and achieve better results with your video marketing efforts.

10 mistakes in your explainer video marketing strategy
explainer video marketing strategy

Most marketing professionals believe that animated explainer videos bring the highest spike in conversion rates when compared to any other form of content. The explainer video is dominating the digital marketing platform due to its greater conversion rates and increased market expansion. But, it is very frustrating to find no favorable results after investing time, money, and effort in an explainer video marketing strategy.

Well, even if you are facing a similar problem? Then this blog must help you find the scope of corrections and improve your Explainer Video Marketing Strategy.

What’s Going Wrong in Your Video Marketing Strategy?

These 10 questions will help you evaluate your Video Marketing Strategy and check if you are doing it the right way or not. If well analyzed, you will certainly start bearing fruits and measure your success in implementing the strategy.

1. Is your Explainer Video Objective well Defined?

The first and most significant reason for your video marketing campaign failing is a lack of a well-defined goal. Approximately 18.6% of people who wish to perform video marketing have no idea where to start. Did you realize that?  

You, as a marketer, may be quite clear about what you want to accomplish with the video, but your team or the firm you’re working with may not be. As a result, it is always best to be very clear and precise about the video’s purpose from the start. Before you begin with your video marketing objectives, consider whether you need a higher CTR (click-through rate), more interactions, a better brand image, or an increase in ROI.

2. Are we Failing at Proper Execution?

Have you ever heard the proverb, “You get what you give?” This brings us to the second point. How can you achieve fruitful outcomes if the implementation is not fulfilling?

Explainer videos are an amazing way to deliver your message to your target audience while cleverly generating their interest. Explainer videos are structured to present an engaging storyline about a company’s product or service and how it solves the existing problem.

To do so, consider well-defined themes and screenplays that may capture the audience while also standing out from the crowd! The audience does not watch the video but tries to engage with it.

3. Will I myself Love to Watch the Whole Video?

The optimum time span of a successful explainer video is between 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. No matter how insightful or interesting a video is, if it is stretched out too long, the viewer will lose interest. 

Including too many themes in a video is not a good idea. Make sure you just employ your company’s core features and USPs and keep the video script short and sweet. 

The actual time is determined by various aspects, including the products/services sold, the complexity of the solution, and even the demographics of the target audience.

You can place yourself in the viewer’s seat and answer the question, “After how much time am I losing interest in the video? This will lead you to an optimum answer for the video length

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4. Not doing proper research 

The absence of sufficient research is the second reason your video marketing plan may be failing. You may believe you know your audience quite well, but you can’t be certain until you conduct research.

Not only should you research your target audience, but also the competitors and the types of videos they are creating. This will help you understand how to make your video stand out from the crowd.

5. What is the hook in my Explainer Videos?

To keep your audience hooked, maintain simplicity. You may love to listen to jargon words, but does your audience believe in the same?  

All it does is decrease the attention span of viewers  That is exactly what your audience will do. They’ll just decide that they aren’t the intended audience and go. 

To drive the story line of your explainer video, you should try to avoid overusing words and instead use more pictures, graphics, animation, and stuff like that.

6. Do you lack in having a professional touch?

People are accustomed to seeing high-quality design in this day and age; they know what a good video looks like. Business branding requires a professional video. Your video will be discarded if it appears to be garbage. 

Today, there is an excess of video production. As a result, if you don’t make your material stand out, you’ll fall flat.

7. Does your audience know what you’re talking about?

Be explicit in delivering your message to the intended audience. One of the reasons your video marketing plan is failing is a lack of clarity. 

Giving your audience a single core message reduces uncertainty and draws them closer to you. They will leave if they do not receive a clear message or understand the aim of your videos. 

Even if you have a fantastic product, it may fail to connect with your target audience because your message is unclear. 

8. You Are Not Making Enough Videos

“CONSISTENCY” is the only way to succeed in digital marketing. If you want to be successful on social media, you must post videos on a regular basis. The more videos you create, the more probable it is that you will connect with your audience. 

If you are consistent in publishing, the Artificial Intelligence program recognizes your material and promotes it. Not enough can be talked about the importance of consistency in social media marketing.

9. Inaccurate target-audience

You can go through the below checklist to find answers to many questions regarding the target audience. 

Define your audience’s demography to better grasp the persona. This includes gathering information on your target audience’s age, gender, income, ethnicity, location, education, job status, marital status, and so on…

  • What kinds of everyday products may make their life easier?
  • So how would my product/service simplify their lives?
  • Are the services they now use insufficient?

To maximize ROI, efficient video marketing addresses pain areas. create a marketing persona for your target audience that corresponds with your video marketing objectives. 

10. Not Having a Clear Call-to-Action

After the video, incorporating a CTA helps clear up any doubt and urges your audience to perform the action you want them to.

If you fail to include CTAs in your video material, you risk losing the entire audience that has been used to your content. Did you think about the questions like, what should the viewers do now that the video has ended? Should they share the video? Visit your website to purchase the most recent product or service. Should they subscribe to your Platform or become a part of your community?

And this might be why your video marketing plan isn’t performing as well as you expected.


This blog must have been an eye-opener for you in case you are less familiar with digital marketing and its principles. We are sure for you to achieve your goal after evaluating all the above-mentioned questions. You will be able to successfully boost the performance of your explainer video while engaging with the target audience and improving brand awareness by utilizing the video marketing strategies listed above.

Keep in mind that these explainer video marketing strategies are only designed to serve as a starting point for your explainer video marketing plan. To get seen, you must examine your target audience as well as the finest and most inventive means to contact them.

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