10 must-know Instagram video marketing statistics for all businesses in 2021

Stay ahead of the curve with these 10 essential Instagram video marketing statistics for businesses in 2021. Discover trends, benchmarks, and actionable insights to drive your marketing success.

10 must-know Instagram video marketing statistics for all businesses in 2021

Over 1 billion active Instagram users, Today Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. According to various surveys, active users open the app scroll down, and explore a lot of things frequently when it comes to Instagram. It is so addictive today. Since it is a strong social media platform, businesses should get a solid business benefit from it. And the reality is that today’s businesses are doing amazing marketing and growing effectively with the help of this social media network. When we open the Instagram app, we can see a lot of stuff rather than content types. But we like to watch videos more in comparison with other content types. Businesses should not miss this scope to win the attention of their target audience. Today, you will see that lots of businesses are making tons of videos and posting them on various social media networks including Instagram. Then why don’t you take the same chance and do something conquering? Animation videos, filmed videos, or any type of video can be great marketing stuff today.

You may have also seen that not all the videos get a similar response. The reason behind this is they do not have the required quality or maybe the companies have failed to do proper Instagram video marketing. We do not want you to make similar mistakes and that’s why we are suggesting you read our below tips rather than statistics so that you can reach the goal via your video content. So, let’s start-

What’s on Instagram

What’s on Instagram -KrishaStudio

Do you know why lots of businesses around the globe consider Instagram as one of the strongest social media platforms for doing business? The answer is quite simple- millions of people regularly come to Instagram and explore the platform at least for 28 minutes. So, potential customers are already there and you just have to reach them with the right content. According to a survey, active social media users are willing to pay attention to a brand’s content as well as services. So, if you are planning to get a loyal community for your business, you can easily start that from Instagram.

Users are young and energetic

Users are young and energetic -KrishaStudio

You may know that 71% of active social media users are under 35. 48% of men and 58% of women fall in this ratio. So, when you know the age ground as well as gender, determining their areas of interest and relating that with your business will not be a hard deal. Along with this, we can also say that when your target audience is young, they will also take less time to make a purchase. Young users are active, understand modern technology, and have natural instant-making abilities.

Instagram stories are powerful

Instagram stories are powerful -KrishaStudio

Instagram says that nearly 500 million people around the globe use the Instagram story feature regularly. When it comes to making your business strategy or Instagram video marketing strategy and creating an animation video, you should plan something special for this feature. You will surely benefit!

Do not only post images but also post more videos

Do not only post images but also post more videos -KrishaStudio

You can say that Instagram was only an image-sharing platform from the very start. We will not deny that. But videos are taking more places now. A video can help you to get 38% more reach than an image. So, for the growth sake of your businesses do more video marketing and let more people know about you.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag

Don’t forget to use the hashtag -KrishaStudio

Just like keywords, you should use hashtags also. It is not that you will only upload an animated video and more people will watch it. You have to put nine to ten effective as well as relevant hashtags to get the required reach. A post with proper hashtags will help you get 12% more engagement.

Educate your audience

Educate your audience -KrishaStudio

posting promotional stuff is not going to help. Modern people do not like a brand if they continuously do product promotion without educating them about anything. You have to make your content wisely so that you can do both. I mean you have to do product promotion as well as educate your audience or solve a pain point through your video.

Instagram is brand-friendly

Instagram is brand-friendly -KrishaStudio

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram is more brand-friendly. I mean users prefer to follow brands. A survey says that almost 90% of users follow at least one brand. Nearly 200 million users check a brand once a day to get updates about the products and services.

Lets you generate more leads and sales

Lets you generate more leads and sales -KrishaStudio

We can say that Instagram is now a discovery engine. Along with this, this social media platform also helps to boost lead generation as well as sales. Nearly 80% of online shopping enthusiasts admit that this app helps them to make a purchase.

Fast and positive response to ads

Fast and positive response to ads -KrishaStudio

When the platform is Instagram, the entire scenario is just the opposite. I mean here people enjoy brand ads and 75% of them prefer to take action after watching an animation video ad or any other video or promotional content.

Video is users’ new choice

Video is users’ new choice -KrishaStudio

Now users prefer to watch a video instead of reading flat text-based content. In the recent two years, Instagram has experienced an 80% increase in the time spent watching videos. So, video is the new game-changer!

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