10 YouTube video marketing statistics you need for 2021

Stay ahead of the competition with these 10 essential YouTube video marketing statistics for 2021. From engagement metrics to ad performance, learn what's driving success on the platform.

10 YouTube video marketing statistics you need for 2021
YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube, the video streaming platform owned by Google, has emerged as one of the foremost video platforms. It has a user-friendly interface, diverse entertainment options, and a massive user base. However, there’s another facet of YouTube that often goes unnoticed: its effectiveness as a platform for brands and advertisers. Whether through paid advertisements, short promotions, or brand-centric videos, YouTube can significantly amplify brand presence. YouTube video marketing is gaining traction, with more brands recognizing its potential for brand awareness campaigns.

Numerous social media agencies now offer tailored video marketing strategies and services specifically for YouTube. This underscores YouTube’s growing importance among social media platforms. For those still unconvinced, here are some YouTube video marketing statistics for 2021.

People love YouTube

With a vast user base of 2 billion active users worldwide, YouTube stands as a pioneering video streaming platform. Sources reveal that nearly one billion videos are played on YouTube every day by its users. It has evolved into a new platform for emerging artists, business brands, entertainers, and news agencies alike. Additionally, it offers extensive educational content for those eager to learn. Therefore, if you aim to capture the attention of a diverse audience, YouTube remains unrivaled. Establishing a YouTube channel provides an additional online presence with a unique identity, making it ideal for brand promotion.

Furthermore, YouTube’s wide audience base is a significant advantage. The platform categorizes videos based on viewers’ interests, facilitating easier access to your targeted audience. With a robust algorithm and reliable analytics panel, you can optimize your content to be more viewer-friendly and monitor its performance effectively.

Users are increasingly active on YouTube

Users are increasingly active on YouTube -KrishaStudio

YouTube is consistently bustling with its users. According to sources, each YouTube user typically visits nine pages per day and spends an average of 16 minutes and 36 seconds browsing their favorite videos. Over time, YouTube has evolved into an active platform where any brand can achieve effective audience engagement through YouTube video marketing. As people increasingly seek information about their favorite brands, products, or services, YouTube provides an avenue to reach those in need.

However, this platform is highly competitive. Brands must compete with others, and numerous videos cover similar subjects. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your video and design it in a manner that effectively reaches your target audience. Connecting with a social media video agency can assist in optimizing keywords, tags, images, etc., to enhance the engagement of your video.

Mobile is the king on this platform

Mobile is the king on this platform -KrshaStudio

Like many other platforms, YouTube has witnessed a surge in mobile users. Currently, nearly 70% of users access YouTube via smartphones using the YouTube app for streaming. Additionally, a majority of users now prefer watching videos on their smartphones. According to trends, in 2021, the number of mobile users is expected to increase further, underscoring the importance of ensuring your content is optimized for mobile viewing. This holds for both paid advertisements and marketing videos.

For mobile users, thumbnail images play a crucial role. These images serve as a preview, helping users determine if a video is worth watching. Therefore, to capture their attention, it’s essential to use an appropriate thumbnail image that encapsulates the essence of your video. The thumbnail should be engaging and attractive, drawing viewers in instantly.

Similarly, video titles are significant for mobile users. Concise titles work best, as they are easier to read and comprehend on mobile screens.

Entertaining, educational content is a big hit on YouTube

Entertaining, educational content is a big hit on YouTube -KrishaStudio

YouTube offers a diverse array of content catering to various preferences. However, there is consistently high demand for comedy, music, entertainment, and educational videos.

Educational content, in particular, covering a range of topics such as arts, crafts, marketing, and examination coaching, remains highly popular. These instructional videos, teaching various skills and subjects, are among the most-watched on the platform. Sharing interesting educational videos related to your industry can attract more viewers to your brand, fostering greater customer engagement.

YouTube viewers also gravitate towards entertaining educational content, often referred to as “edutainment.” Therefore, it’s beneficial to upload original and creative educational content that offers both informative learning and entertainment value.

Moreover, YouTube is flexible in terms of content, meaning there is no fixed niche. As long as you provide engaging videos, you are likely to garner views and capture the interest of viewers.

YouTube’s premium ad boosts ad recall & purchase intent

YouTube’s premium ad boosts ad recall & purchase intent -KrishaStudio

According to a recent study, advertisements featured in high-performance videos, such as those included in the “YouTube Select” program, can achieve a minimum of 112% ad recall and significantly enhance advertising effectiveness. Additionally, premium advertisements within this program can generate 53% higher purchase intent.

YouTube Select, introduced by Google, has replaced the preferred ads section. This program includes “Lineups” where brands can align their content and videos with their marketing campaigns. Through YouTube Select, brands can tailor their video campaigns to display advertisements on relevant channels, videos, and content categories.

These statistics underscore the importance of considering these factors when allocating your YouTube campaign budget. Leveraging premium lineups can yield substantial benefits and deliver a higher return on investment compared to regular advertisements.

YouTube is becoming a powerful tool for brand discovery.

YouTube is becoming a powerful tool for brand discovery. -KrishaStudio

According to current metrics, over 90% of consumers utilize YouTube to explore new brands or businesses that provide quality service within their budget, as reported by YouTube’s official sources. Additionally, nearly 70% of online shoppers frequently turn to YouTube to research products, services, and brands by watching videos, often using them as an initial guide before making a purchase. With increasing viewer demand, this distinctive video streaming platform is evolving into a discovery platform for videos, featuring its algorithm to provide intelligent recommendations.

Advertising on YouTube can help you reach more potential customers and expand your audience base through various types of videos, including educational content, explainer videos, and other engaging material.

YouTube videos can influence purchase decisions

YouTube videos can influence purchase decisions -KrishaStudio

YouTube videos have a significant impact on influencing potential buyers’ decisions. Over 68% of users watch at least one video on YouTube before making a purchase, whether it’s for gadgets, apparel, or services like insurance policies or properties. Therefore, by effectively influencing your audience through engaging YouTube videos, you can attract more buyers.

Content such as product demos, unboxings, company stories, customer testimonials, and educational guides on products can effectively engage your audience and inspire them to become loyal buyers.

People respond better to relatable content

People respond better to relatable content -KrishaStudio

As evident, YouTube video marketing holds tremendous potential if you provide easily understandable and engaging content. Viewers prefer informative and unique videos, with nearly 60% expressing a preference for higher production quality. Therefore, it’s crucial to deliver crisp and captivating videos. Authentic content that viewers can relate to and feel connected with is now favored.

Understanding the preferences of your target audience on YouTube is essential. Statistics show that viewers respond more positively to videos that align with their values, and beliefs, and share relatable stories. Hence, brands should invest time and strategy in targeting their audience and understanding their expectations before producing video content.

This approach aids in crafting videos that resonate instantly with the masses. The benefits of such videos include gaining more organic views and achieving a broader reach. Moreover, such content helps in fostering trustworthy and meaningful relationships with the target audience.

By creating content that addresses relevant and human topics, and offers a deeper insight into your brand’s values, your brand becomes more familiar and relatable to audiences. Therefore, it’s advisable to focus on using topics that are relevant and human-centered to provide a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s essence.

YouTube users accept watching longer videos

YouTube users accept watching longer videos -KrishaStudio

YouTube videos don’t necessarily need to be short; if the content is relevant, users are inclined to watch longer videos as well. A concise video may not effectively deliver your message to the masses, while an excessively long one can become exhausting and tedious. Thus, finding the ideal length is crucial to attracting your customers.

According to a recent experiment, the ideal video length for YouTube is around 10 minutes. However, there’s no strict rule; you can opt for shorter or longer videos, depending on the subject matter. For instance, educational videos can be longer, as they provide viewers with detailed information. If the video is engaging and offers valuable knowledge, viewers are more likely to watch a longer video. Ultimately, it’s all about delivering engaging content.

Mobile ads have impressive performance

Mobile ads have impressive performance -KRishaStudio

Mobile advertisements should not be overlooked in your YouTube video marketing strategy. It’s important to consider these statistics: YouTube mobile ads can capture 84% more attention compared to traditional television advertisements.

Therefore, if your goal is to reach a larger audience and attract more clients, leveraging YouTube advertisements is highly effective.

Even if you have a limited budget for YouTube advertising, you can still benefit from mobile advertisements. YouTube mobile ads offer numerous advantages and can help you reach a wide audience without hefty expenses. By creating a well-designed video, you can reach many people at once, ultimately leading to a better return on investment and enhanced brand engagement.


YouTube provides significant advantages as a video-watching platform. It offers an engaging and interactive environment where you can connect with your users through video content, fostering meaningful engagement and encouraging them to become loyal customers. This article highlights how YouTube can serve as a strong foundation for your next video campaign and provides insights into designing an effective campaign strategy.

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