11 ways to increase message conveying abilities of explainer videos

Explore 11 actionable ways to optimize the message conveyance in your explainer videos. From concise scripts to compelling visuals, learn how to maximize engagement and effectively communicate your brand message to viewers.

11 ways to increase message conveying abilities of explainer videos
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Explainer videos play a crucial role in enhancing a brand’s image and overall business. Businesses across various industries can employ certain techniques when creating marketing videos to maximize the benefits of online video marketing.

Video content has been a part of our lives for quite some time now, but its significance has grown significantly over the years. Animated media, in particular, has emerged as a potent and effective tool for engagingly promoting services and products for audiences. Leveraging the power of videos to convey the brand message represents a strategic move for marketers in today’s landscape, and this trend is on the rise.

You may wonder why there’s been a surge in demand for these marketing videos. It’s because they boast high engagement rates and are more memorable to viewers. Animated explainer videos, often just a minute long, effectively convey the brand’s story. Consequently, animation video content has become one of the most preferred media formats among consumers compared to other forms of marketing content.

Research indicates that 76 percent of marketers have observed an increase in sales since incorporating video content to boost brand awareness. Additionally, approximately 80% of marketers attribute increased visitor engagement on their websites to some form of animation.

Business videos help to achieve goals

Business videos help to achieve goals -KrishaStudio

Trust and credibility are two crucial factors that contribute to brand promotion and audience growth. However, building trust and credibility takes time and effort. Creating professional explainer videos is a crucial first step in this process, regardless of the industry. Having a video can significantly enhance brand marketing efforts.

To effectively utilize videos to achieve business goals, it’s essential to adhere to certain rules to ensure the content resonates with the audience. If an animated video fails to convey the brand message effectively, it may not have been produced correctly. Ultimately, the goal is for the video content to be well-received, viewed, and appreciated by the target audience.

Growth of Online Videos on Social Media

Growth of Online Videos on Social Media -KrishaStudio

Explainer videos continue to gain importance due to their high demand and widespread popularity. In recent times, an abundance of animations can be observed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. YouTube, with its two billion monthly subscribers, is a particularly popular video streaming platform among Millennials.

Millennials constitute the primary target audience for these marketing videos. They tend to watch more online videos than traditional television content, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. If your brand’s target audience consists of Millennials, they are readily accessible and highly engaged online. Therefore, it’s essential to develop explainer videos that align with social media trends and capture the interests of Millennials.

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to achieve organic growth. Numerous local brands leverage these platforms to showcase their products or services and foster engagement with their audience. Similarly, MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) can utilize these platforms to enhance brand loyalty and highlight their unique selling proposition (USP).

Why Do You Need Brand Videos?

Why Need Brand Videos -KrishaStudio

With videos, you can not only captivate audiences but also evoke various emotions from them. Stunning visuals and seamless transitions in videos can excite, motivate, and pique curiosity about the brand. If a video manages to establish an emotional connection with the audience, they will better understand the brand’s services. By highlighting a problem that the audience faces and proposing solutions with your products and services, you can effectively communicate the brand’s value.

Once the videos engage the audience, encourage them to utilize the brand’s offerings. Therefore, it’s important not to rush the creation of marketing videos. Ensure that the videos effectively convey the brand’s personality. We have compiled eleven points on how to leverage videos to enhance your brand’s business.

An outstanding introduction 
An outstanding introduction -KrishaStudio

Most of us tend to ignore emails with uninteresting subject lines. Similarly, if the introduction of an Explainer video is not outstanding, there’s a high likelihood that the audience will abandon the video within the first few seconds. Therefore, the introduction must be engaging enough to captivate their attention and prevent them from leaving midway. It’s crucial to keep in mind that when creating video content for the audience, it should be entertaining, informative, and inspiring. 

What is the objective of the brand video?
What is the objective of the brand video -KrishaStudio

To convey the brand message effectively, one must first determine the marketing objectives they aim to achieve with the Explainer videos. Once the objectives are established, it becomes easier to plan the brand videos for marketing strategies.

If the goal is to enhance the brand’s reputation, a compilation video discussing the niche can be created. This allows for sharing expertise through the videos and helps establish the brand as an industry expert. Alternatively, an ad video can be made to drive more sales for the brand.

If the aim is to attract more traffic to the brand, creating teaser videos can help increase the interest of the target audience.

Focus on SEO
Focus on SEO -KrishaStudio

Google places significant importance on video content. SEO experts prioritize videos over text content. Utilizing Explainer videos effectively can yield maximum SEO value. It’s essential to incorporate relevant keywords into the videos to enhance their SEO performance.

Incorporating Website URLs in the videos
Incorporating Website URLs in the videos -KrishaStudio

To effectively convey the brand message through videos, consider including the website URL in the video. This allows more people to discover the brand and visit the company website. A strategic approach is to feature the URL within the first five seconds of the video. This initial window presents the maximum opportunity to capture the audience’s attention. As long as the script is engaging, the audience is likely to stay engaged until the end of the video.

Sticking to the brand ethos of the company
Sticking to the brand ethos of the company -KrishaStudio

The videos created for the brand serve as an extension of the brand itself. Therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to the original ethos of the brand. Deviating from the brand identity and lacking consistency in the videos can negatively impact your company’s video marketing strategy.

It’s important to align the messaging used in the brand videos with other marketing strategies. Ensure that the script includes relevant keywords that are also present on the company’s website. This consistency will benefit the audience, as they will find consistent messaging across the video content and the company’s website.

Do Not Deviate from your Brand 
Do Not Deviate from your Brand -KrishaStudio

A great way to uphold consistency in animated explainer videos is by incorporating brand colors in the graphics, fonts, or frames. By using brand colors consistently throughout the video, the audience can easily relate to the content and recognize the brand. This recognition is crucial for making the brand memorable to the audience. Consistently using brand colors not only helps retain existing customers but also attracts new prospective customers.

Glimpses of Behind-the-Scenes
Glimpses of Behind-the-Scenes -KrishaStudio

If you want to maximize the reach of animated Explainer videos, then giving the target audience a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes actions can be a good way of engaging them. With this step, you will be able to connect with the brand. Showing the audience some fun incidents, and bloopers will enable them to understand the environment at your company. The more the audiences come closer to the brand, the more they will be able to turn them into potential customers. 

Creation of Tutorial Videos
Creation of Tutorial Videos -KrishaStudio

The tutorial videos are popular as they ensure a smooth transition from one topic to the next. This is the reason why they have become so important in today’s times. You can attract viewers with relevant information about a product. The tutorial videos need not be technical at all times. They can be made in a way so that the audience can understand them easily. 

The tutorial videos appeal to a wide audience as there are narrations and voice-overs. This gives the audience a break from the monotony of boring corporate videos. These techniques help to create more hype and engagement within the target audience, and they find themselves more drawn toward the brand. 

Editing will set the mood of the videos
How Editing will set the mood of the videos -KrishaStudio

As the brand owner, conveying the brand’s value through explainer videos is crucial. Editing plays a significant role in creating effective brand videos. With proper editing, you can emphasize important aspects and eliminate less relevant parts of the video. An editor can assist in determining what should be showcased at the beginning of the video to capture the attention of your target consumers. Additionally, the video’s tone should align with the brand’s style, creating a mood among viewers. For instance, flashy cuts would be suitable for a fashion brand, while smooth transitions would be more fitting for a spa business.

Make the videos humorous
Make the videos humorous -KrishaStudio

Humor is very vital when making a video for an online audience. You can hide the message behind the humor. The humor will ensure that your target audience enjoys it and this will lead to better engagement with the videos. Adding a dash of humor to the videos will be perfect for the audience, which otherwise gets bored with mundane corporate videos.

Constant promotion of the videos
Constant promotion of the videos -KrishaStudio

Promoting explainer videos is also crucial. According to the 80/20 Rule, marketers should allocate 20 percent of their efforts to content creation and 80 percent to content promotion. Effective promotion is essential for yielding results from your efforts in today’s competitive landscape.

Promoting the videos on different social media platforms, SEM, email marketing, Vimeo, and others will help in the good promotion of the videos that you have created for the brand. The more platforms you seek out for promotion, the greater the reach of the products or services of your brand. 


A survey has shown that about ninety percent of customers feel that the brand videos they see influence their purchasing decisions. Consequently, companies can expect to create more marketing videos in the future. This is a great way to stand out in the market and gain an advantage over competitors. You can use these tips to create wonderful and engaging videos for your brand.

Hiring a professional explainer video production team can significantly contribute to ensuring that you get the right type of videos for your brand. Professional teams have extensive experience in video production and are aware of ongoing market trends. Therefore, they will be able to incorporate the best ideas and deliver an amazing marketing video for your brand.


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