The effectiveness and importance of explainer videos for successful businesses

effectiveness of explainer videos

The appeal of videos surpasses that of both images and text-based content. Videos are perceived as more engaging and entertaining, injecting excitement into the lives of audiences. Consequently, the demand for blogging through various types of videos has surged in recent years.

According to recent research, IP video traffic constituted 70% of consumer Internet traffic in 2015, with projections indicating an 82% increase by 2020. This data underscores the preference of viewers for video content over image-based or textual blogs during Internet browsing. Websites can capitalize on this trend by incorporating explainer videos to captivate viewers. An adept explainer video maker can craft engaging videos suitable for all types of websites.

Explainer video definition

Explainer videos started becoming popular in 2007. These videos were first used to explain the functions of the social media platforms. At present, the explainer videos have become short animated films/clippings that are used to convey the ideology of a brand. These videos present a subject combining both auditory and visual perceptions. Hence, the audiences receive a comprehensible picture of the products and/or services available through a business.

Today, many online businesses use an efficient explainer video maker to increase their profit and to remain updated in a commercial world that may change in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of using explainer videos

1. Improved visibility with lucid content

These days, people have less time on their hands. Hence, they prefer watching videos or images instead of reading.

Hence, the acceptance of these videos has increased amongst all modern viewers. Even the e-mails that include videos enjoy almost 96% higher click-through rate than the e-mails without videos. Hence, an explanatory video can improve a website’s visibility with engaging and comprehensible content.

2. Improved branding

The businesses are supposed to offer something special to make one brand memorable amidst thousands of similar brands. The explanatory videos may give this special touch to a brand.

Hence, these videos can make a product/service memorable in the minds of prospective and current customers.

3. Improved SEO ranking

The explanatory videos can improve the search ranking on leading search engines with enhanced visibility. These informative videos can entertain and educate a viewer without wasting any time. In comparison to a text, a well-structured video can grab the viewers’ attention more effectively. The popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, also recognize the well-structured videos. This recognition can improve the click-through rate and this improvement can enhance the search engine ranking for any type of website.

4. Improved conversion and useful consumer information

Experienced marketers assert that the probability of a customer purchasing a product increases by 85% after viewing a video. Explainer videos play a crucial role in guiding buyers through the sales funnel by elucidating specific ideas or subjects. Moreover, businesses can glean insights into customer behavior through explainer videos. This includes understanding the timing of user actions, the duration of video engagement, and the number of views received. Such data can be leveraged to create more effective videos in the future.

5. Increased influence

Businesses can reach and influence more viewers by using explainer videos, a power not possessed by textual content alone. Online surveys demonstrate that posts containing videos can attract three times more links compared to those with only textual content. Furthermore, these links have the potential to multiply rapidly. Consequently, explainer videos have the ability to reach a larger audience compared to other content types, such as text-based content.

6. Improved absorption of knowledge

It’s a fact that about 80% of viewers skim through textual content when visiting a website, resulting in incomplete information about products or services. In contrast, explainer videos provide a diverse range of information within a few minutes. Modern viewers not only retain more information from videos but also share it with others, serving as indirect marketing for a brand. Therefore, explainer videos can assist businesses in acquiring loyal clientele through direct marketing.

7. Winning edge in the commercial arena

The online commercial platform is highly competitive, requiring businesses to adapt to the latest trends to survive. Explainer videos can provide this competitive edge, as nearly 80% of internet traffic came from video content in 2018. Businesses that do not utilize video content may fall significantly behind. Without the opportunity to explain the importance of their products, businesses risk losing countless sales opportunities. Therefore, explainer videos can help businesses maintain control of the commercial world in accordance with the latest market trends.

Affordable entertainment

Due to technological advancements, businesses can now create informative videos at a lower cost. This makes it possible for all types of businesses, regardless of size, to produce explainer videos for their commercial benefit without exceeding their budget. If a business opts for third-party video production, costs can range anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000. This wide range provides flexibility for businesses to create explainer videos at affordable rates. Additionally, businesses can create their own videos using free animation software applications like PowToon, along with voiceover artists and screen-capture software like Camtasia.

Funny side up

Explainer videos are intended to entertain viewers while delivering important information. A static or dull video can bore viewers and reflect poorly on the website. Therefore, it’s crucial to inject some fun into explainer videos to keep viewers engaged until the end. Even a serious message can benefit from a lively tone. By adding a fun factor, these videos can attract more viewers to a website.


Explainer videos effectively convey important messages to the target audience in an engaging format within a short period, ensuring no vital points are missed. Unlike other content formats such as text or images, explainer videos offer a unique combination of benefits for viewers. Moreover, these videos are compatible with various devices, including mobiles and laptops, without requiring any adjustments. By incorporating explainer videos, businesses can enhance visibility, improve search engine ranking, strengthen branding efforts, reach a wider audience, increase conversion rates, disseminate information effectively, and cultivate a loyal customer base—all with a simple addition.

An efficient explainer video maker can help businesses create these videos in tandem with their business objectives.

Benefits of using engaging and informative videos when promoting a business

Benefits of using video content - KrishaStudio

In recent years, around 76.5% of the small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners and professional marketers believe that video marketing left a positive impact on their businesses. Subsequently, the video content will own more than 80% of the Internet traffic by 2019. Digital marketing agencies are aware of the increasing demand of video-based content. Hence, they develop a variety of videos using different types of formats to engage the target users. The leading video creation services have already used a variety of techniques, such as live broadcasting, product demos, user-generated videos, introductory videos, informative sessions, and explainer videos, to facilitate the growth of a company.

These statistics show the importance of video content for all modern businesses. Professional video creation services can develop personalized videos according to their clients’ requirements.

Benefits of using video content

Easy accessibility

The video contents enjoy the favor of leading search engines, such as Google. Hence, it is easier to find and access these contents over the Internet. The frequent sharing of video-based content also improves its accessibility. The businesses may even upload promotional and explainer videos on social media platforms to reach thousands of viewers at once. This type of sharing can significantly improve a brand’s recognition. It is also possible to easily access the videos on both mobile and stationary devices. The easier accessibility increases the importance of video content for the promotion of any brand.

Higher search engine rankings

Businesses can improve their visibility on leading search engines through search engine optimization, or SEO. The addition of a video can significantly boost this visibility because 62% of the universal searches on Google include videos. If a business embeds a video into the official website along with the right keywords, then it may drive numerous viewers towards the website. In the recent past, Google took over YouTube. This acquisition created an excellent opportunity for businesspeople. They may publish a video on YouTube and enjoy direct visibility through Google. It increases the number of leads and search engine ranking.

Personalized and innovative approach

Businesses may witness limitations when creating innovative or personalized textual content. It may not be possible to create unique texts every time. The video content may release businesses from this limitation, as there are hundreds of different ways to promote a brand. The businesses may create engaging promotional videos or may highlight their objectives through a video featuring the interview of office staff. It is also possible to give a personalized touch through infographics using animation or customer testimonials.

Improved aesthetics and message delivery

The presence of a video not only increases a website’s visibility or SEO ranking. It also improves a website’s overall appearance. The videos can make a website look dynamic. On the other hand, the static images of text messages can make a website look boring despite colorful infographics. Alongside the improved aesthetics, the videos also make it easier for a website to deliver messages. The viewers may gain detailed information on a subject after watching a video that runs for 2-3 minutes instead of reading a text that runs for 2-3 pages.


The videos are versatile in different aspects. Businesses may use videos to promote their brands on a variety of platforms, such as social media networks, television, or video-sharing websites. The businesses may also use the videos for unique presentations at seminars or events.

An engaging and concise video can capture viewers’ attention while delivering important facts. With a unique and engaging presentation, a brand may shine brightest amidst its competitors. Advanced video creation services can help businesses make impactful promotions with engaging, personalized, and informative videos.

6 undeniable reasons to include videos in the marketing strategy of every business

Video Marketing Strategy

Video based content guarantees better exposure for businesses because one-third of the current online activity relates to watching videos. Well-structured textual content may be an important and effective part of a digital marketing strategy. Visual marketing using video-based content may become a game-changer and bring extraordinary results.

These statistics prove the effectiveness of video-based content. However, there are a variety of reasons to include video-based content in the marketing strategy of modern businesses.

Improving retention of information & social engagement

In this jet-speed lifestyle, the viewers can quickly and easily receive all the information from the video content. Experienced marketers believe that businesses that invest in video-based content alongside professionally written textual content can increase the engagement rate by 28%.

Personalized showcasing

Businesses may use the videos to create a distinctive and unforgettable image for their brands.

Higher ROI

An investment that does not generate optimum Return on Investment (ROI) is a fruitless investment. The modern marketers believe that video-based contents can generate the highest ROI for businesses. The marketing professionals witnessed 49% faster growth in business revenue after incorporating the video-based content into their website or blogs. The recent studies also reveal that 74% of the users bought a product immediately after watching an explainer video. Hence, the video production services can improve ROI with unique video-based contents.

Boost on Google ranking

The main goal of any type of marketing strategy is to improve the visibility of a brand or a service provider. Digital marketing improves a business’ visibility on the online platform. It enables viewers to quickly find a brand, which increases the lead for any business. Professional marketers may use video-based content on social media. These videos can strongly impact a business’ position in search engine results and boost its SEO ranking.

A survey shows that websites that use videos are likely to show up on Google’s first page 53 times better than the websites that do not use videos. However, businesses can only achieve this result with the application of best SEO tactics along with engaging video content. It is also essential to write engaging and effective descriptions and titles for the videos. A combination of engaging video and an interesting description may pursue the viewers towards the sales funnel and encourage them to take actions. Hence, a video content can boost the SEO ranking on Google whilst improving a business’ profit margin.

One video, multiple applications

The textual blogs are somewhat limited when it comes to repetitive applications. The authority blogs do not publish a blog that another website has already published due to the strict rules of leading search engines. Google penalizes a website if it publishes a duplicate blog. There may be some effective measures to circumnavigate this outcome; however, most websites are unwilling to take the risk. These restrictions do not apply to video-based content.

The businesses may embed one video into their websites while posting the same video on YouTube or Veoh. They may even upload the same video on Facebook. They may also encourage others to share the same video on their websites. Hence, it is possible to use one video multiple times. It is also possible to use the same video for podcasting. Hence, video can increase a website’s visibility in a dozen different ways that are impossible for textual content.

Comfort of video

In 2017, 49.7% of the total web page views happened through mobile devices around the world. This statistic proves that most viewers use mobile devices to access the Internet. Textual content is harder to read on mobile devices, irrespective of the screen’s size or the responsiveness of a website. However, the video contents are not difficult to view on any screen. It is more likely for viewers to watch a video instead of read a text when using mobile devices. Hence, it is prudent for businesses to make video content a part of their marketing strategy.


Video content can help businesses gain the highest level of exposure they desire. The invention of the latest software applications enables businesses to create a video without third-party assistance. It significantly reduces the cost of production. Video production services are also able to create different types of videos within the clients’ budget. The versatile application of video content also enables a business to improve its visibility in a cost effective manner. Hence, all types of businesses can benefit from this latest digital marketing strategy and enjoy increased ROI along with the highest search engine ranking.

Why it’s important to use animated explainer videos on your business website

Importance of Animated Explainer Video - KrishaStudio

Explainer videos are short videos that businesses use to explain their vision, innovative ideas, upcoming promotional offers, lucrative discounts, or in various other ways. The businesses may use an animated explainer video to explain an idea or any subject in a comprehensible and engaging manner to prospective or current clients as well as to any viewer. The explainer videos have been found to increase the dwell time of customers/viewers on a web page, making it possible for businesses to effectively deliver any message.

The recent market surveys regarding the effectiveness of explainer videos revealed that –

The recent market surveys also reveal that –

The aforementioned statistics show the effectiveness and rising popularity of animated explainer videos, and 99% of businesses are willing to continue using the explainer videos in the future. You can also enjoy the benefits of explainer videos through expert animated explainer video services, such as KWT Studio. These web experts can create personalized videos for any website according to the demands of the target audience or customers and a website’s type or a business’ vision, as different videos fulfill different requirements.

Key Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

1. More Engaging to Users

Video content is processed 50,000 times faster than textual content. Therefore, it becomes easier for audiences to process video content. Tasks that are less demanding in a cognitive way are more acceptable to the human brain. It also becomes possible for a viewer to learn about any subject in detail in a short time when watching a video in comparison to reading a lengthy text. Hence, video-based content seems more engaging to the viewers and can greatly increase the users’ dwell time on your website.

2. Improved SEO

An increase in dwell time also improves your website’s SEO ranking. The leading search engines prefer websites where audiences spend more time. A website is 53 times more likely to show up on Google’s first page if it has embedded video content on its website. This preference is available on all leading search engines, and it results in an improvement in SEO ranking.

3. Presence of YouTube for Maximum Visibility & Reliability

YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine after Google and can bring maximum traffic to your website. Expert animated explainer video services, such as KrishaStudio, can create personalized explainer videos according to your requirements and help you become visible on this platform. A recent survey reveals that the search for explanatory videos has gone up 70% over the past couple of years. Hence, these videos can maximize your visibility while helping you build a strong relationship with your target audience or customers. An explainer video also presents a business as a knowledgeable service provider.


Video contents increase the conversion rate by up to 4.8% because it easily convinces a large audience to invest in a product or service. Video content also maximizes your business’ visibility on social media or during the email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is wise to use an animated explainer video on your merchant website and other transactional platforms