What are the different types of explainer videos?


Video marketing has proven to be effective for businesses of all sizes. Marketers and company owners recognize the importance of choosing the right type of explainer video for brand promotion. With various categories of videos gaining popularity, selecting the appropriate type can yield desired results in enhancing brand awareness for products or services.

Explainer videos offer versatility in conveying the brand message to the target audience. Businesses can leverage different effects on texts, images, and objects within the video, enhancing its appeal to potential customers. This customization adds a special touch to the video, making it more engaging and impactful.

Through the effective use of an explainer video, it is possible to powerfully spread the brand message to the target group in a quick time. As the name of the video type goes, you can explain the video better.

Categories of explainer animation

Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation-KrishaStudio

Whiteboard animation is a suitable option for illustrating the products or services offered by a company. Using simple drawings and illustrations on a whiteboard, this type of video makes it easy to explain the main concepts of your brand. Particularly beneficial for small businesses, whiteboard animation allows for the sequential use of images to convey a message to the target audience.

Viewers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s story and concept through the video, as the sequential drawings guide them through the narrative. To enhance the effectiveness of the video, it’s important to synchronize the voiceover with the visuals, which helps to capture the attention of the target audience more effectively.

2D Character Animation
2D Character Animation -KrishaStudio

Among the types of explainer videos, motion graphic animation works best for various types of businesses. Its unique advantage lies in its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in production. Motion graphic explainer videos are relatively affordable to create, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can easily obtain video production services from reputable sources, particularly if you’re new to this format.

This style allows for the incorporation of both scenes and styles that create the illusion of depth in the video. It’s particularly suitable for B2C and B2B businesses, as it enhances engagement with customers. A compelling motion graphic explainer video has the potential to attract customers and generate more shares among the audience.


As the name suggests, live explainer videos are recorded with a camera, offering a real-life glimpse into the brand. This format is ideal for companies aiming to establish strong connections with potential customers. The primary goal of live explainer videos is to showcase real people performing everyday tasks, making it easier for viewers to grasp the value of the content.

These videos are often used in company testimonials, leveraging their ability to engage audiences effectively. The combination of visual effects and real-life activities enhances the overall quality of the video, contributing to its effectiveness in conveying the brand message.

However, creating successful live explainer videos requires investment in editors, actors, and production services to ensure high-quality content.

Stop Motion
Stop Motion -KrishaStudio

In the stop motion technique, an object is photographed at small intervals to create the illusion of movement. While this method can yield visually captivating results, it tends to be more expensive compared to other animation techniques. Additionally, making changes to a stop motion video can be challenging and costly, often requiring considerable time and resources.

However, despite its drawbacks, stop motion animation can offer a unique visual effect that resonates with viewers and enhances brand perception. The distinctiveness of stop motion can align well with how humans perceive and engage with brands, adding a memorable touch to marketing campaigns.

Utility of Kinetic Typography Explainer 
Utility of Kinetic Typography Explainer -KrishaStudio

Typography videos are ideal for promoting various services and products, offering a creative way to convey brand messages through the manipulation of words and objects. By selecting attractive fonts and styles, you can capture the attention of customers more effectively. Crafting an engaging script and choosing the right format and fonts are crucial for creating a memorable video that resonates with your audience. These videos can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, making them a practical choice for brand promotion.

Screencast -KrishaStudio

Screencasting involves digitally recording screen activity along with audio narration, offering a cost-effective option for creating explainer videos. It is commonly used by companies for tutorial videos or to demonstrate software or platforms during launches. Startups often utilize simple software to record their screens for this purpose. Screencasts are particularly useful for providing step-by-step guidance or showcasing digital products and services.

2D Infographics Animation
2D Infographics Animation -KrishaStudio

Motion graphics, a category of 2D animation, is well-suited for small businesses despite not featuring 2D characters. Instead, it utilizes visual effects such as images and text to create engaging videos, enhancing brand promotion efforts. This type of explainer video is ideal for showcasing complex or intricate services or products offered by a business. By incorporating dynamic motion graphics, the video becomes lively and colorful, capturing the viewers’ interest and encouraging them to learn more about the company’s offerings.

2.5D Animation
2.5D Animation -KrishaStudio

When considering explainer videos for your business, there are various options available, each catering to different needs and budgets. While 3D animation videos offer sophistication, they require technical expertise and can be costly. Alternatively, 2.5D animation provides a blend of 2D images and 3D objects, offering a visually appealing and cost-effective option for explainer videos.

The Concluding part 

In conclusion, it’s essential to choose the right type of explainer video that aligns with your business requirements and budget. Investing in a customized animation video from a reputable explainer video service can add significant value to your brand. By selecting the appropriate service provider, you can ensure the creation of a unique explainer video that effectively promotes your brand and engages your audience.

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When seeking a top-tier service to create explainer videos for your business, KrishaStudio is the ideal choice. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, KrishaStudio caters to diverse customer needs by offering customized services. Our team of experts ensures professional and prompt responses to your video requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail, allowing our expert team to seamlessly incorporate the elements into the explainer videos we create for you.

A detailed idea about explainer animation video production


Video is undeniably one of the most creative and versatile forms of expression in the digital realm. It has the power to captivate a wide audience and serve various purposes, whether it’s imparting knowledge, entertaining, or promoting products and services. Over the years, video content has become increasingly prevalent in commercial and corporate settings, with many companies leveraging its potential to engage and connect with their audience. With advancements in technology, animated videos have emerged as a dominant force in digital media. In this article, we will delve into the realm of animated explainer video production.

A brief idea about the animated explainer video

An animated explainer video is a type of video production process aimed at creating an animated video. While it may initially appear light-hearted and simple, the process is quite complex. Despite their often short duration, animated videos require careful planning and execution. Many people mistakenly believe that creating animated videos is easy due to their playful nature, but debunking this myth reveals the intricacies involved in their creation.

Regardless of the proficiency of the production team, other essential aspects of video creation must be considered. Quality content is paramount, and obtaining it requires time and effort. To ensure a successful animated video, the message conveyed must be clear and easy to understand. This underscores the importance of audience analysis. Creating an engaging animated video involves several steps, each of which is crucial to the overall success of the project. Below, we will discuss these steps in detail.

Analyzing the audience
Analyzing the audience -KrishaStudio

The initial step in video production involves analyzing the audience, which aids in crafting an engaging script. To facilitate audience analysis, preparing a questionnaire can be beneficial, guiding the process step by step. Initially, identifying the target audience is crucial, followed by understanding their preferences. Subsequently, comprehending the audience’s level of understanding enables the creation of a compelling and easily comprehensible script.

Writing the initial draft of a script 
Writing the initial draft of a script -KrishaStudio

The script is the base of a video, and without it, a video cannot be made. So, how to create an explainer video script? To craft an effective script, ensure that every word is easily understandable and aligns with the video’s purpose. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the word count, particularly for a 60-second video, aiming for 160 to 180 words per minute. Thus, while drafting the script, it’s imperative to keep both clarity and time constraints in mind.

Creating an effective corporate brand
Creating an effective corporate brand -KrishaStudio

When creating a commercial video, corporate branding takes precedence. As a video producer, it’s crucial to advocate for your client’s brand. When crafting the script, prioritize branding to promote the brand effectively in the market. Several factors contribute to branding, including color, theme, logo placement, animated characters, dialogue, background score, and more. Ensure that the video conveys information about the brand and its services effectively.

Mockup phase
Mockup phase-KrishaStudio

Afterward, you proceed to the mock-up phase, where you select the animated character and style. There are various styles used in animated explainer videos, including 3D video style, graphic animation, silhouette animation, and motion graphic style. When selecting characters, prioritize creating ones that appeal to the target audience and align with the company’s image. Similarly, choose an animation style that reflects the company’s preferences. It’s essential to meet the client’s needs while leveraging your creativity.

Storyboard creating
Storyboard creating-KrishaStudio

In video production, the storyboard is as crucial as the script. While the script narrates the entire story, the storyboard breaks it down into individual slides. It serves as a blueprint for what will appear on the screen, encompassing all elements such as shots, motion, and transitions. Video creators often refer to it as a visual blueprint. Based on the storyboard, elements like music, illustration, sound effects, animation, and voice-overs are incorporated. It’s important to present the storyboard to the client for approval, as it significantly influences the establishment of the brand image.

Recording voice for the video
Recording voice for the video -KRishaStudio

Once the video is created, the voiceover gives it life. Without the voice, characters remain lifeless. Voice artists are entrusted with this task. Before hiring a voice artist, it’s essential to show the video to the client to ensure it meets expectations. During recording, attention must be paid to whether the voice-over complements the animated characters and if all dialogues are audible. Sound quality should be clear and not overlap with background music.

Animation -KrishaStudio

Animation is the cornerstone of an animated video. Simply put, you have all the elements at your disposal; the task is to add motion to breathe life into them. This process is time-consuming and demands quality animation for a corporate video to effectively establish the brand image.

Once animation is completed, attention turns to sound effects and music. These elements enhance audience engagement with the animated video. A good and unique soundtrack can set the mood for purchase in a commercial video. Additionally, sound effects add depth to the actions of animated characters, making them lively and captivating. Subtitles can also be added to enhance the video’s appeal.

Final correction stage

After the editing process is complete, the final correction stage ensues, typically following client review. During this phase, the entire edited video is scrutinized in the editing room to identify any hidden flaws and ensure overall perfection. Attention is given to details to guarantee an immaculate final result. However, if the animated video has been meticulously crafted through each step of the production process, minimal adjustments may be required at this stage. It is crucial to review the script and storyboard to ensure adherence to all steps and that the video effectively communicates the brand and its services engagingly.

It is evident that the production of animated explainer videos necessitates careful execution of the aforementioned steps to create an effective corporate video. This endeavor demands dedication and involvement from a hardworking team committed to delivering projects on time. Additionally, it is imperative to prioritize client input throughout the process. Animated video production is undoubtedly a complex undertaking, requiring meticulous adherence to each step to craft an engaging video that effectively promotes the client’s brand image.

About KrishaStudio

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How animated explainer video changing the trends in 2020


In technical terms, an explainer video is a short animated video commonly utilized by businesses to effectively communicate their brand stories in an engaging and motivational manner. Explainer videos have become the preferred choice for organizations like Twitter, especially when offering services that may be difficult to describe succinctly. These videos typically last for around 2 minutes, providing an opportunity for the brand to effectively communicate its products or services. Through such videos, customers gain insight into how the products can enhance their lives, making them more convenient and desirable.

The trend of animated explainer videos in 2020 highlights the need for concise, engaging content that captures the audience’s attention effectively. As an animator in the industry, it’s crucial to stay updated on these trends to create compelling and relevant content.

List of trends in 2020 for animated explainer video

To win the attention of the customer, the explainer videos that a brand will use when addressing its audience on stage must reflect that it cares for the audience. When an explainer video of a brand becomes successful in making its audience feel, that it understands well what the audience needs, it can achieve all milestones with high-quality and useful content, which fulfills a need. Here, there is a need to know the prevailing animation trends. 

Simplicity in explainer videos
Simplicity in explainer videos -KrishaStudio

In the realm of business, simplicity is key when it comes to branding videos. It stands as one of the most crucial trends in marketing for reaching potential customers effectively. Nowadays, customers have easy access to information, largely due to advanced smartphone models. Therefore, the message conveyed through video must be powerful, with a strong and effective narrative. To achieve this, focus on the core message. You can enhance the informativeness of the videos by incorporating simple images or shapes, adding a touch of creativity to your content.

Hand drawn illustration
Hand drawn illustration -KrishaStudio

Simple animations and hand-drawn illustrations are some of the important trends in animation videosThe audience always wants a gentler touch on the subjects of videos. For such an impact, hand-drawn illustrations are a perfect choice. This feature can make the video more informative and more user-friendly. This is also a great way to explore your creativity and let the audience know more about the client’s business in a more impactful way. The use of rich animation and high-end illustration, in the animated explainer video, can bring a brand very close to success. 

Storytelling using an explainer video
Storytelling using an explainer video-KrishaStudio

The latest trend in animated explainer videos revolves around storytelling. This approach has gained popularity recently because it can captivate a larger audience for any brand. By incorporating storytelling into the video, it becomes more informative and leaves a strong impact on the audience. This can undoubtedly increase the popularity and reach of a business worldwide. Regardless of the content’s nature, presenting it in a storytelling format can effectively grab the audience’s attention.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality -KrishaStudio

Augmented Reality emerged as a leading trend in animated explainer videos, making its mark in 2020. It has become an essential component, enhancing the appeal of explainer videos for audiences. Augmented reality can digitally transform the audience’s physical space, adding an innovative dimension to the viewing experience. Its popularity stems from its ability to establish strong connections with the audience and provide a unique, realistic video experience.

Interactive explanation videos
Interactive explanation videos -KrishaStudio

Among the recent video trends of 2020, the development of interactive explainer videos has gained significant popularity, leading to immense success in presentations. This feature facilitates the creation of a personalized environment, resulting in increased engagement and numerous benefits. To enhance interactivity, two essential elements are required: thorough preliminary work and a compelling script.

Shorter, to-the-point content
Shorter, to-the-point content -KrishaStudio

In this day and age, everyone seeks information quickly. What do you prefer? Rapid access to information is our common desire. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize that audiences share the same expectations and aim to create videos that effectively convey the subject matter. Focus on captivating the audience by keeping the content short and informative. Thus, when crafting content, prioritize simplicity, informativeness, and brevity.

Video optimization for mobile
Video optimization for mobile -KrishaStudio

Videos are ubiquitous across various screens, especially on the devices we use most frequently. With mobile phones being a preferred platform for watching videos, it’s essential to ensure that videos are perfectly optimized for mobile viewing. Optimization should cater to both horizontal and vertical orientations, ensuring seamless viewing regardless of the device’s orientation. A well-optimized animated explainer video holds the key to reaching potential customers effectively.

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A comprehensive brief of stop motion animation and its techniques


Stop motion animation refers to any animation technique that involves sequentially photographing objects to create the illusion of movement.

Over 100 years ago, a pioneer in stop motion animation, (1892-1965), began creating the first original short movies using stop motion animation after concluding his experiments with documentaries on insects.

What is the basic idea of stop motion animation?

 Basic idea of stop motion animation -KrishaStudio

Stop Motion Animation, also known as stop-frame animation, involves capturing one frame at a time using physical objects that are moved between frames. When these frames are played back rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. Productions like Disney often use 2D animation, and understanding 2D animation can help in understanding stop motion animation as well, as they share similarities, albeit using physical objects instead of drawings.

Knowing about the types of stop motion videos

The basic process of creating a stop motion video involves taking photographs of characters or objects, moving them slightly, and then taking another photograph. Several types of stop motion animation techniques are considered significant in the field.

An Outline of Claymation
An Outline of Claymation -KrishaStudio

If you inquire about the purpose of stop motion animation, you’ll receive various answers. However, according to experts, its primary aim is to create a fluid sequence of animation. Stop motion encompasses a variety of techniques, with one of the most common and popular being claymation. As the name suggests, this animation process involves using objects made of clay or plasticine figures. Many may recall characters like Morph from children’s TV series, which exemplify claymation. This technique can also involve the use of plastic figures such as LEGO or DUPLO figurines.

Paper cut-out
Paper cut-out -KrishaStudio

In addition to claymation, stop motion animation also encompasses another popular form known as cut-out animation. In this technique, animators cut pieces of paper and animate them in a specific manner to create the desired effect. While professionals may not often use this technique, it is considered an easy and effective method for amateur animators. The basic process involves taking a flat surface and shaping pieces of paper into various forms. With cut-out animation, animators can effectively portray their stories to audiences.

The light and shadow animation or Lightbox animation
The light and shadow animation -KrishaStudio

One of the intriguing stop motion animation techniques is lightbox animation, also known as light and shadow animation. This method involves manipulating high-contrast images to create dynamic visuals. Typically, paper cutouts are used to cast shadows by positioning them between the light source and the surface where the shadows appear. This technique allows animators to craft engaging narratives and is essential for the success of the project.

Brickfilms with Lego animations
Brickfilms with Lego animations -Krishastudio

Brickfilms, featuring Lego animation, are also a popular animation technique. However, achieving similar results to professional movies may require computer graphics. Animators construct entire sets and characters using Lego bricks, allowing for dynamic on-screen movement between frames.

Get to know about the Sand Animation 
Get to know about the Sand Animation -KrishaStudio

The beauty of stop-motion animation lies in its versatility, as it can be created using various materials such as rice, sugar, flour, and sand. However, creating sand animation requires a flat surface and considerable patience. Each shot can take hours to produce, although professionals can complete an entire scene in just one hour. Despite its visual appeal, sand animations often lack a cohesive story and are primarily experimental.

Magic of Paint Animation
Magic of Paint Animation-KrishaStudio

Who doesn’t appreciate the enchantment of combining animation with painting? This magic is often recreated, to varying degrees, in software like TV Paint. Paint animation involves using oil paint on backlit glass, similar to cutout animation. A multiplane setup is typically used to provide variable focus and depth of field to the image. Oil paint is essential as it remains wet long enough to be manipulated for animation, especially under modern lights that don’t emit heat, such as LED lights.

Object Animation
Object Animation -KrishaStudio

You can use any object, from a pair of scissors to a toy, for object animation, as long as it fits the story you’re telling. This versatile animation technique is commonly used in commercials, tutorials, and various videos for a wide range of purposes. It’s particularly suitable for beginners, but professionals also utilize this technique to create tutorial videos.

Advantages of pixilation
Advantages of pixilation -KrishaStudio

The interesting aspect of this type of video is that it involves working with people, as you animate the movements of actors, or even just one actor, frame by frame. Pixilation works particularly well when combined with other forms of animation, such as object animation. However, it can also be quite effective when combined with regular videos or time-lapses.

Knowing about pinscreen/ pinboard animation

Among the many animation techniques, pinboard or pinscreen animation stands out as one of the most intriguing. This method was pioneered by Alexander Alexeieff and his wife Claire Parker. For novice animators interested in trying this technique, the first step is to acquire a mini pinboard. Next, the board should be placed on its side and lit from the side. Then, the animator can create images and patterns using the pins, and see if they can generate animation in this manner.

Wrapping it up

Stop motion animation is a magical process that allows animators to bring people, puppets, objects, and even light to life. It’s an ideal option for storytellers looking to narrate their tales excitingly and engagingly.

Why choose KrishaStudio?

At KrishaStudio, our team comprises skilled and experienced video creators dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your requirements. We prioritize delivering top-notch results without any hassle, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible outcome. As a leading animated video production company, we offer a wide range of services across various industry verticals. Whether you need a whiteboard video, explainer video, 2D animation, or motion graphics, we excel at creatively reflecting your brand’s identity.

What elements can make a promotional video successful?


A well-crafted promotional video can have a significant impact on reaching and effectively conveying the brand message to the target audience. Incorporating storytelling elements into the video can yield the best results.

Television advertisements have been around since the early 1940s, but their form has evolved. Modern marketing techniques now prioritize brand awareness and reaching a broader audience. By incorporating the right elements, businesses can enhance their growth trajectory.

Understanding how a brand can benefit from a high-quality promotional video is crucial. An engaging video is essential for staying competitive in today’s market. Providing compelling reasons for customers to choose your company’s services over others available in the market is imperative.

To achieve this, it’s vital to carefully select promotional video content that can easily capture the attention of the target audience. Through these efforts, viewers can learn about the brand in ways they may not encounter through other platforms. Let’s delve into the key elements to consider when creating a successful promotional video.

Important ingredients of a successful promotional video

Have you ever thought about Why Promotional Video is vital when planning to launch your brand? Well, the promotional video is the gateway to reaching out to your target audience easily. For this, the following elements will help:

Incorporating brief content 
Incorporating brief content for  promotional video  -KrishaStudio

In the case of movies and books, we give full attention to going through a piece of writing. When it comes to a website, we often tend to skip information, and for this, it is important to upload brief and catchy content. Try to upload pointwise information that would be easy for the target group to know about the service that the company caters to. As users prefer watching short and promotional videos, try to create a storytelling video that is easy for the target group to understand. 

Having a suitable target group
Having a suitable target group  for promotional video-KrishaStudio

Before creating videos, it’s essential to understand the intended audience. Tailor the story based on insights about the target demographic. Highlight aspects that align with their interests. Crafting such videos can provide valuable insights into potential customers. Consider viewing your brand from an external perspective to gauge the potential impact of a promotional video.

Customers benefit from the videos
Customers benefit from the videos -KrishaStudio

Understand your customers’ interests to offer them a suitable service. The video should influence viewers’ decisions, prompting them to seek services from your company. Consider whether the video addresses a problem, the benefits customers will derive from it, and the product features highlighted in the video. This approach ensures the creation of a high-quality video that resonates with the target audience.

Create a storyboard video
Create a storyboard video -KrishaStudio

Including story elements in the promotional video sets it apart from others. When planning a product launch, craft a compelling story that resonates with the target audience. Understanding common customer interests facilitates the creation of a storytelling video. Aim to make the video entertaining and concise to appeal to a wider audience.

Open video with a personal bond 
Open video with a personal bond  -KrishaStudio

When creating your video, it’s crucial to speak directly to your audience, as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with each viewer. Begin by introducing yourself warmly, and establishing a personal connection right from the start. By being authentic and genuine, you’ll capture the audience’s attention and hold their interest. Show that you understand their needs and preferences, offering them something valuable and relevant. This approach will help viewers feel more engaged with the content and more inclined to learn about your brand. Remember to maintain this connection throughout the video, nurturing the bond with your audience and potentially turning them into loyal customers.

Offer something tempting to the audience 
Offer something tempting to the audience -Krishastudio

If the audience is trying to get hands-on with something expensive, they are unable to do it due to its cost. In this regard, try to offer alluring discounts that the audience cannot resist and wish to get the product or service. In this, you have to find out what exact problems your product can solve and explain the same to the audience in the video so that they find the product useful to invest in. 

Try to incorporate rhetorical elements 
Try to incorporate rhetorical elements -KrishaStudio

Give reasons to the audience so that they choose your product over others. You have to find enough reasons to be a unique one in the market. Give a bold argument and try to come up with a reason for the argument that justifies the investment that the customers are planning to make for the company product or service. 

Benefits of mass enemy 
Benefits of mass enemy -KrishaStudio

This shall add another level of personal connection with the target group. You have to position your brand in such a way that consumers find the solution worthy. Remember, you have to offer a solution that the audience has been waiting for so long. Only then will they find it suitable to get the service or product from your company.

Using a suitable call to action 
Using a suitable call to action -KrishaStudio

It shall help add value to your products and you have to offer enough reasons. By this, the customers should feel like they are benefiting by signing up with your brand. A suitable call to action like a click button, a message button, and others should be used along with the video that will be helpful to grab the attention of potential customers better.

Choose a memorable tagline
Choose a memorable tagline -KrishaStudio

Try to incorporate something like ‘save money,’ or ‘save time’ as the tagline as it will catch the attention of the audience better. Come up with a memorable line that will define what your products shall offer. Try to convey how the product can benefit you through the tagline that shall help you better.

The video should interest the audience
The video should interest the audience -KrishaStudio

With a simple piece of writing, try to create interest among the target audience. This will make them watch the promotional video and look for a solution that they have been waiting for. Use a question in the video aimed at the audience and then try to answer it yourself. In this way, it is possible to arouse curiosity among the audience toward your company’s products. 

The Concluding part 

By having these elements in the promotional video, it is easy to reach out to the target group easily. In addition, the video should be edited correctly before it is posted. For this, you can seek help from a video production company to get a professional touch on the video. In this relationship, you can contact the experts of a reputed and trusted video production company for suitable results.