What’s expected in animated video marketing for 2021?


Animated video marketing has become an essential component of the marketing sector, with brands utilizing video content to engage with their audience, convey information about their latest offerings, and more. Presently, animated video marketing is popular due to its versatility and diverse approaches. Various animation techniques can be employed to create engaging and informative content that appeals to the audience base.

The key focus lies in delivering what your targeted audience needs. With a strategically designed animated video marketing plan, any brand can enhance its visibility among the masses and attract a larger customer base. This article provides insights into the latest trends in animated video marketing along with relevant statistics.

In today’s fiercely competitive market, brands are employing innovative techniques to capture the attention of their target audience. As advertising saturates various platforms, viewers seek engaging content that provides relevant information about desired services or products. Over time, video marketing has proven to be increasingly effective. Modern buyers often seek specifications or features about a brand before making a purchase, prompting brands to offer personalized video experiences through animated video marketing and interactive videos. This article offers details about the emerging trends in video marketing for 2021.

Why is video marketing important?

Well, video marketing is indeed a powerful marketing tool. It allows brands to offer an effective engagement platform with a personalized experience to their viewers. Additionally, the videos provide better audience engagement as it use audio content, video content, and emotional touches together simultaneously. The benefits of animated video marketing are broad and multi-faced. Here are the top three reasons that tell the importance of video marketing with animation or augmented reality-

Your brand gained familiarity among the targeted audience
Your brand gained familiarity among the targeted audience -KrishaStudio

One of the main benefits of video marketing is that it offers you more exposure. With proper advertisement video, you can attract your audiences effectively, and also allows you to become familiar with them. With exciting animation, eye-grabbing GIFs, and a logo, you can easily attract your audiences as a brand. Furthermore, the brand image gets a boost, and your brand may even become a trending one.

With video marketing, you can tell them about your brand effectively
With video marketing, you can tell them about your brand effectively -KrishaStudio

Another benefit of video marketing is that it allows you to send your messages to your audience. Videos also have another part- audio. Audio components like sound effects, voice-overs, music, etc. in a video advertisement make your video more engaging. The formal elements are also useful in attracting the attention of your viewers. Slogans, catchphrases, and jingles, can make people hear about your brand’s message.

Video marketing is great for helping people understand your mission and vision
Video marketing is great to understand your mission and vision -KrishaStudio

As a brand, you must have a mission and some set goals. There is nothing better than video marketing to make people understand your vision and business goals and what you want to offer to your customers and your targeted customer base. Video marketing is entertaining and engaging. You can use videos to educate your audiences about your new offerings. The viewers often prefer videos with informative content and a dash of humor. With proper strategy, you can easily make people hear your message and open a communication channel with them.

Interesting video marketing statistics 2020

Interesting video marketing statistics  -KRishaStudio

Are you eager to use video marketing for your brand? Then you need to check the stats once. On the other hand, those who are still confused and need to know how animated video marketing can offer an advantage to your brand. Here are some vital stats that you need to check. These facts will compel you to try video marketing for brand promotion and general awareness-

  1. According to HubSpot, nearly 92% of brands and organizations have made video promotion an integral part of their marketing campaign. The number has increased from just 78% brands in 2015 to this stage. These stats indicate that video marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies which offer effective results.
  2. In the case of the B2B sector, short and educational video advertisements are on the rise. The video which is less than 1 minute long has a competition rate of 68% in 2019 against the 25% completion rate of videos that are very long(more than 20 minutes). Marketing charts reported these statistics.
  3. As per Google’s official source Think with Google, the advertising movies have been star performers. The watch time of such voices has increased by nearly 800% in the last year.
  4. As per Marketing Charts, an average person used to spend 84 minutes in a day to watch videos in 2019. The number will increase, and people will spend nearly 100 minutes per day watching the video.

Top five animated marketing trends in 2020-2021

Top five animated marketing trends -KrishaStudio

So, what do you think about animated videos? You might think that these are for children or young ones. But, the animated videos have a broader audience base. Adults also love animated videos if these are according to their preferred niche. So, it can be said that animated video marketing will be more prominent in 2021. Here are some more details about the trends that you need to watch out

Anime explainer videos: Explainer videos are becoming popular with brands. These are a kind of educational video that allows a brand or organization to offer information about their products or services creatively. The examiner videos are often short(on an average of 1 minute long) and allow a brand to use customized video illustrations, animations, etc. to make it creative and educational. The explainer videos can be simple and even complicated according to the audience base of the marketer. These videos are extremely popular with B2B companies. Multiple brands from different sectors like the healthcare, real estate, digital marketing, and financial sectors are using animated explainer videos to attract the attention of their audience.

2D and 3D animated promotional videos: The 2D and 3D videos are becoming popular for brand promotion as well. A lot of brands are switching to animated videos to promote their brands. Animated commercials are versatile and engaging. You can use animation and illustrations in different ways to attract your targeted audience. Furthermore, the animated promo videos are ideal for different settings like trade fairs, online promotional campaigns, social media campaigns, web page advertisements, landing pages, and even for product demonstrations. Animated videos often allow the viewers to form an emotional bond with the advertisement and the advertiser. It may encourage the viewers to become loyal clients of the marketer.

Animation+ Live-motion: Augmented reality or combining animation with live-motion is also another trend that will become more prominent in 2021. Combining these two things can help you design an engaging video that offers a realistic experience to the viewers. These videos provide brands with attractive and unique videos.

Whiteboard marketing videos: whiteboard advertisements are here to stay. They will gain a lot of popularity in 2020. Such videos offer unique scope. The whiteboard animations involve hand-drawn, free-flowing animations that look like artists are drawing them. The whiteboard animations are more affordable than the 3D animations and offer a vast scope. Another advantage of the whiteboard animation advertisement is that it can be customized as per your objective. The illustrations are great for providing information concisely. These videos allow the viewers to grasp the information faster without any complications. Whiteboards are great for educational videos, promotional videos, and even short trailers and promos. You can use them in any way you like.

Integration in the marketing funnel: With the progression of video marketing, it is now an essential part of the whole marketing funnel. It has an active role in everything from the start to the end. Video marketing offers customer engagement and remains with the viewer till the end when the viewer becomes the customer of a particular brand. With video marketing, brands can offer useful tips and information to their audience base. If it is appropriately implemented, it can help a brand to reach more customers at once and also expand its horizon.


In the end, animated video marketing is here to stay. It is versatile, informative, and engaging. The videos allow any brand to send their messages to their audience base so that the audience can view, hear, and understand the letters from the video effectively. If a brand can design good video content, it can find better business opportunities and get more customers. So, if you want to allow your business to grow further in 2021, you need to embrace animated videos for marketing purposes.

About KrishaStudio

KrishaStudio is known for its video creation talents. Our organization has hardworking and talented experts who offer animated videos and illustrated videos of different genres for social media and brand promotion. We give a realistic look to your ideas to ensure that your video reaches your targeted audience without any obstacles. If you need to reach new heights with effective video marketing, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you.

Top explainer video trends to expect in 2021

explainer video trends

In the upcoming year 2021, explainer video trends are poised to play a significant role in shaping brands’ marketing strategies. These trends offer marketers a better opportunity for audience engagement. This article explores the top five explainer video trends expected in 2021 and how they will impact the advertising and promotional sectors.

Currently, explainer video services are highly popular. With evolving preferences, people now favor videos that concisely provide comprehensive information. Leveraging modern technologies such as 3D animation, 4D animation, liquid motion, augmented reality, and digital illustrations, videos are becoming more engaging and attention-grabbing. It’s evident that explainer videos are here to stay and will gain even more prominence in 2021. Below are details about the explainer video trends to watch out for:

 Mobile optimized videos

 Mobile optimized videos -KrishaStudio

Currently, the majority of internet users prefer browsing through their smartphones rather than PCs or laptops. Consequently, videos are primarily viewed on mobile devices. According to a report by HubSpot, nearly 99% of users watch videos on their smartphones.

Therefore, if a brand aims to capture customer attention or attract more viewers, it’s imperative to create mobile-optimized content. An explainer video can serve as an effective tool for businesses to reach their target audience. Hence, brands should prioritize creating videos that are mobile-friendly and cater to smartphone users.

Use of Augmented reality in

Use of Augmented reality in -KrishaStudio

Augmented reality transformed the technology sector to a great extent. With the proper implementation of augmented reality, viewers can get a realistic experience with computer-generated images and graphics. It allows them to find out more about what they can expect from a brand. AR can be of different forms- from a simple 3D bitmoji to computer-generated reality-bending graphics that offer real-life experience.

If you want to offer your audiences a more realistic experience through your videos, you need to include AR in your explainer video services. According to experts, AR videos will try to overlap real-life settings with computer-generated digital visual clips to offer a completely new experience.

 Liquid motion

 Liquid motion -Krishastudio

Another critical and emerging trend in the realm of explainer videos is the use of Liquid Motion. Liquid motion involves the fluid movement of objects, creating the illusion of continuous signals. This technique is often utilized to capture the viewer’s attention, providing seamless transitions between frames and enhancing engagement. As a result, videos incorporating liquid motion can effectively hold the viewer’s attention for longer durations.

However, due to its nature as a manually drawn animation technique, liquid motion is more complex and time-consuming compared to regular vector graphics. Additionally, these videos offer limited opportunities for adjustments and edits after creation. Nonetheless, the effort invested by animators and video designers in creating liquid motion videos is justified by the captivating end product.

Liquid motion is also employed to add psychedelic effects to videos, often combined with neon hues to create a vaporwave style with psychedelic elements within an explainer video.

Grainy texture

Grainy texture -KrishaStudio

Grainy textures are now becoming extremely popular in videos. This graphics trend is becoming more prominent and will be one of the leading trends in the coming year. The grainy texture will become more apparent in explainer videos. It helps to enhance videos with animations or other kinds of digital illustrations. Suppose you can add a grainy texture to an image. It may make energy more engaging and realistic.

The grainy texture will also be combined with other techniques to enhance the over-video-watching experience. For example, adding consistent granny texture to a motion graphic video allows you to offer real-life surface effects in any simple vector images. The grainy texture also enhances the appearance of images, as the visual looks original and creates an illusion of motion.


 Storytelling -KrishaStudio

Well, storytelling will be another prominent addition to the Explainer Video Trends. Even in the modern times of the 21st century, stories have their everlasting appeal. People still love to hear stories. With visual stories, explainer videos can be more engaging and viewer-friendly. With an account, you can help the viewers grasp things quickly and offer them every piece of information without any problem. People will love to watch them gather knowledge about your brand if you can provide them with a storytelling video with engaging content and exciting visuals.

Furthermore, storytelling videos are great for brand endorsement and allow the brand to effectively connect with its audiences. It will help you to pass on any information to the audience without degrading their experience.


These are the top five explainer video trends of 2021. In a nutshell, mobile-friendly videos, videos with a grainy texture, augmented reality, liquid motion, or storytelling videos will rule the market. All these trends allow the brands to design videos that are pleasing to the eye and offer informative content.

About KrishaStudio

KrishaStudio is a modern video designing agency. This unique agency offers curated videos for social media platforms, offering your brand effective audience engagement. They have been working with sincerity for years and have some of the most skilled experts under their wing. Therefore, if you want to get the best video designing services, please connect to them for further details.

10 YouTube video marketing statistics you need for 2021

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube, the video streaming platform owned by Google, has emerged as one of the foremost video platforms. It has a user-friendly interface, diverse entertainment options, and a massive user base. However, there’s another facet of YouTube that often goes unnoticed: its effectiveness as a platform for brands and advertisers. Whether through paid advertisements, short promotions, or brand-centric videos, YouTube can significantly amplify brand presence. YouTube video marketing is gaining traction, with more brands recognizing its potential for brand awareness campaigns.

Numerous social media agencies now offer tailored video marketing strategies and services specifically for YouTube. This underscores YouTube’s growing importance among social media platforms. For those still unconvinced, here are some YouTube video marketing statistics for 2021.

People love YouTube

With a vast user base of 2 billion active users worldwide, YouTube stands as a pioneering video streaming platform. Sources reveal that nearly one billion videos are played on YouTube every day by its users. It has evolved into a new platform for emerging artists, business brands, entertainers, and news agencies alike. Additionally, it offers extensive educational content for those eager to learn. Therefore, if you aim to capture the attention of a diverse audience, YouTube remains unrivaled. Establishing a YouTube channel provides an additional online presence with a unique identity, making it ideal for brand promotion.

Furthermore, YouTube’s wide audience base is a significant advantage. The platform categorizes videos based on viewers’ interests, facilitating easier access to your targeted audience. With a robust algorithm and reliable analytics panel, you can optimize your content to be more viewer-friendly and monitor its performance effectively.

Users are increasingly active on YouTube

Users are increasingly active on YouTube -KrishaStudio

YouTube is consistently bustling with its users. According to sources, each YouTube user typically visits nine pages per day and spends an average of 16 minutes and 36 seconds browsing their favorite videos. Over time, YouTube has evolved into an active platform where any brand can achieve effective audience engagement through YouTube video marketing. As people increasingly seek information about their favorite brands, products, or services, YouTube provides an avenue to reach those in need.

However, this platform is highly competitive. Brands must compete with others, and numerous videos cover similar subjects. Therefore, it’s crucial to optimize your video and design it in a manner that effectively reaches your target audience. Connecting with a social media video agency can assist in optimizing keywords, tags, images, etc., to enhance the engagement of your video.

Mobile is the king on this platform

Mobile is the king on this platform -KrshaStudio

Like many other platforms, YouTube has witnessed a surge in mobile users. Currently, nearly 70% of users access YouTube via smartphones using the YouTube app for streaming. Additionally, a majority of users now prefer watching videos on their smartphones. According to trends, in 2021, the number of mobile users is expected to increase further, underscoring the importance of ensuring your content is optimized for mobile viewing. This holds for both paid advertisements and marketing videos.

For mobile users, thumbnail images play a crucial role. These images serve as a preview, helping users determine if a video is worth watching. Therefore, to capture their attention, it’s essential to use an appropriate thumbnail image that encapsulates the essence of your video. The thumbnail should be engaging and attractive, drawing viewers in instantly.

Similarly, video titles are significant for mobile users. Concise titles work best, as they are easier to read and comprehend on mobile screens.

Entertaining, educational content is a big hit on YouTube

Entertaining, educational content is a big hit on YouTube -KrishaStudio

YouTube offers a diverse array of content catering to various preferences. However, there is consistently high demand for comedy, music, entertainment, and educational videos.

Educational content, in particular, covering a range of topics such as arts, crafts, marketing, and examination coaching, remains highly popular. These instructional videos, teaching various skills and subjects, are among the most-watched on the platform. Sharing interesting educational videos related to your industry can attract more viewers to your brand, fostering greater customer engagement.

YouTube viewers also gravitate towards entertaining educational content, often referred to as “edutainment.” Therefore, it’s beneficial to upload original and creative educational content that offers both informative learning and entertainment value.

Moreover, YouTube is flexible in terms of content, meaning there is no fixed niche. As long as you provide engaging videos, you are likely to garner views and capture the interest of viewers.

YouTube’s premium ad boosts ad recall & purchase intent

YouTube’s premium ad boosts ad recall & purchase intent -KrishaStudio

According to a recent study, advertisements featured in high-performance videos, such as those included in the “YouTube Select” program, can achieve a minimum of 112% ad recall and significantly enhance advertising effectiveness. Additionally, premium advertisements within this program can generate 53% higher purchase intent.

YouTube Select, introduced by Google, has replaced the preferred ads section. This program includes “Lineups” where brands can align their content and videos with their marketing campaigns. Through YouTube Select, brands can tailor their video campaigns to display advertisements on relevant channels, videos, and content categories.

These statistics underscore the importance of considering these factors when allocating your YouTube campaign budget. Leveraging premium lineups can yield substantial benefits and deliver a higher return on investment compared to regular advertisements.

YouTube is becoming a powerful tool for brand discovery.

YouTube is becoming a powerful tool for brand discovery. -KrishaStudio

According to current metrics, over 90% of consumers utilize YouTube to explore new brands or businesses that provide quality service within their budget, as reported by YouTube’s official sources. Additionally, nearly 70% of online shoppers frequently turn to YouTube to research products, services, and brands by watching videos, often using them as an initial guide before making a purchase. With increasing viewer demand, this distinctive video streaming platform is evolving into a discovery platform for videos, featuring its algorithm to provide intelligent recommendations.

Advertising on YouTube can help you reach more potential customers and expand your audience base through various types of videos, including educational content, explainer videos, and other engaging material.

YouTube videos can influence purchase decisions

YouTube videos can influence purchase decisions -KrishaStudio

YouTube videos have a significant impact on influencing potential buyers’ decisions. Over 68% of users watch at least one video on YouTube before making a purchase, whether it’s for gadgets, apparel, or services like insurance policies or properties. Therefore, by effectively influencing your audience through engaging YouTube videos, you can attract more buyers.

Content such as product demos, unboxings, company stories, customer testimonials, and educational guides on products can effectively engage your audience and inspire them to become loyal buyers.

People respond better to relatable content

People respond better to relatable content -KrishaStudio

As evident, YouTube video marketing holds tremendous potential if you provide easily understandable and engaging content. Viewers prefer informative and unique videos, with nearly 60% expressing a preference for higher production quality. Therefore, it’s crucial to deliver crisp and captivating videos. Authentic content that viewers can relate to and feel connected with is now favored.

Understanding the preferences of your target audience on YouTube is essential. Statistics show that viewers respond more positively to videos that align with their values, and beliefs, and share relatable stories. Hence, brands should invest time and strategy in targeting their audience and understanding their expectations before producing video content.

This approach aids in crafting videos that resonate instantly with the masses. The benefits of such videos include gaining more organic views and achieving a broader reach. Moreover, such content helps in fostering trustworthy and meaningful relationships with the target audience.

By creating content that addresses relevant and human topics, and offers a deeper insight into your brand’s values, your brand becomes more familiar and relatable to audiences. Therefore, it’s advisable to focus on using topics that are relevant and human-centered to provide a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s essence.

YouTube users accept watching longer videos

YouTube users accept watching longer videos -KrishaStudio

YouTube videos don’t necessarily need to be short; if the content is relevant, users are inclined to watch longer videos as well. A concise video may not effectively deliver your message to the masses, while an excessively long one can become exhausting and tedious. Thus, finding the ideal length is crucial to attracting your customers.

According to a recent experiment, the ideal video length for YouTube is around 10 minutes. However, there’s no strict rule; you can opt for shorter or longer videos, depending on the subject matter. For instance, educational videos can be longer, as they provide viewers with detailed information. If the video is engaging and offers valuable knowledge, viewers are more likely to watch a longer video. Ultimately, it’s all about delivering engaging content.

Mobile ads have impressive performance

Mobile ads have impressive performance -KRishaStudio

Mobile advertisements should not be overlooked in your YouTube video marketing strategy. It’s important to consider these statistics: YouTube mobile ads can capture 84% more attention compared to traditional television advertisements.

Therefore, if your goal is to reach a larger audience and attract more clients, leveraging YouTube advertisements is highly effective.

Even if you have a limited budget for YouTube advertising, you can still benefit from mobile advertisements. YouTube mobile ads offer numerous advantages and can help you reach a wide audience without hefty expenses. By creating a well-designed video, you can reach many people at once, ultimately leading to a better return on investment and enhanced brand engagement.


YouTube provides significant advantages as a video-watching platform. It offers an engaging and interactive environment where you can connect with your users through video content, fostering meaningful engagement and encouraging them to become loyal customers. This article highlights how YouTube can serve as a strong foundation for your next video campaign and provides insights into designing an effective campaign strategy.

 About KrishaStudio

 KrishaStudio is a well-regarded social media video creation agency that provides tailored services to its clients. They specialize in offering curated video marketing strategies and content for brands. With their services, you can craft YouTube video marketing campaigns, as well as campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, featuring unique and engaging content.

10 Facebook Video Marketing Stats to Know in 2021

Facebook Marketing Statistics

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, revolutionized social media, emerging as one of the most popular platforms worldwide. Beyond serving as a social networking hub, Facebook provides ample opportunities for brands to connect with their audience. Its extensive reach and vast user base make it an ideal platform for businesses to engage with potential customers.

Using Facebook effectively can help brands reach many people and build long-term relationships with possible customers. By using the platform well, businesses can grow a group of loyal customers and increase their success.

Facebook is a platform where videos can engage customers and endorse brands effectively. Offering selected videos and short clips to your intended audience can attract them to your services. However, Facebook is competitive, with many brands vying for potential buyers’ attention. To succeed, you must employ a smart and effective Facebook video marketing strategy that helps you connect with your target audience easily.

In this blog, you’ll discover some important Facebook video marketing statistics for 2021 that can guide your next social media campaign strategy.

Facebook users prefer mobile over desktop

Facebook users prefer mobile or desktop? -KrishaStudio

Facebook is widely cherished as a social media platform because it’s easy to use on mobile devices. Whether through its app or a mobile-optimized web browser, Facebook accommodates mobile users well. This convenience leads to nearly 98% of Facebook users accessing the platform from their smartphones.

Therefore, if you’re considering Facebook video marketing, it’s crucial to optimize your videos for mobile devices. This means investing in mobile-friendly thumbnail designs, ensuring the video length is suitable, and adjusting the aspect ratio for optimal viewing on mobile screens.

Crafting content tailored for mobile devices allows you to develop a social media campaign that aligns with viewers’ expectations, ultimately driving up organic views and responses.

People spend a lot of time browsing on Facebook

People spend a lot of time browsing on Facebook -KrishaStudio

Facebook is one of the top brands with a large number of users. People spend a lot of time on Facebook every day. Reports say a user spends 58.5 minutes on Facebook each day. They visit their profile and connect with others several times daily. Users often use Facebook to discover various things, like services and new gadgets.

Therefore, in 2021, Facebook will remain a strong platform where people can learn more about any brand and try to connect with their favorite brands for a meaningful relationship.

Stories are ideal for sparking up meaningful interactions

Stories are ideal for sparking up meaningful interactions -KrishaStudio

For any brand, engaging the audience is the main goal of video promotion. If you want to grab more attention, you can use a social media marketing video service to create an engaging video. Each day, Facebook gets nearly 300 million active users posting their stories. The Facebook story, a small video or image sharing section, has been popular since its launch in 2017. It automatically deletes after 24 hours. Stories provide an opportunity to upload engaging, creative, and authentic videos that can easily attract your users. You can use texts, filters, stickers, and even animations and animated videos in Facebook stories.

A story can be a great way to attract more audiences to your website or brand. So, you can always use stories to announce a new product launch, outstanding achievements, or your new marketing efforts.

Facebook easily attracts new prospects  

Facebook easily attracts new prospects  -KrishaStudio

If you’re aiming to attract more customers or clients, investing in a Facebook video marketing campaign is essential. As a social media platform, Facebook holds significant sway over people. About 78% of individuals use Facebook to discover new items, products, and brands to purchase or avail services from.

Moreover, Facebook provides valuable metrics that enable brands to assess the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Through these metrics, you can gauge how your video content impacts people and measure audience reactions. Thanks to Facebook’s optimized ecosystem, you can give your business a boost and easily build brand awareness.

Video is increasingly popular on Facebook

Video is increasingly popular on Facebook -KrishaStudio

Facebook Video Marketing campaigns are diverse, and multifaceted, and offer numerous options for any brand. You can utilize Facebook stories, live streams, video uploads, video advertisements, etc., according to your preference. Many of these video contents can garner an average of 8 million views per day. Additionally, videos are among the most liked and watched content on Facebook.

In the upcoming year, Facebook will provide brands with more opportunities to conduct meaningful brand campaigns through videos. Since Facebook doesn’t categorize videos based on their content types, you can upload any video content here. Whether it’s an educational video, a promotional brand campaign, behind-the-scenes insights, or even live-streaming, you have the flexibility to choose. Consulting a social media video agency is the best option as they can provide you with more details on this matter. With the help of engaging social media videos, you can capture the attention of your audience.

Video gets more engagement than other types of posts

Video gets more engagement -KrishaStudio

To enhance customer engagement on Facebook, consider implementing video campaigns. Official statistics reveal that Facebook Videos receive 59% more engagement than any other type of post. Moreover, Facebook videos provide an interactive platform where viewers can share and comment to express their opinions.

Therefore, designing video content can facilitate meaningful engagement with your target audience. You can also gain insights into video performance by tracking metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. Additionally, analyzing negative reactions can provide valuable feedback on why viewers find your video relevant.

Understanding how viewers respond to your videos enables you to tailor your video campaign strategy to meet your audience’s expectations effectively.

Most Facebook users watch the video without sound

Most Facebook users watch the video without sound -KrishaStudio

Based on a survey, almost 85% of Facebook users prefer watching videos without sound. This preference stems from the fact that people often use Facebook in public places, where watching videos without sound is more convenient. Therefore, it’s crucial to rely on imagery and texts to convey your message effectively, with sound being optional.

If you plan to include narration or voiceover, it’s advisable to incorporate dialogue or subtitles to ensure viewers understand the video’s message. Adding subtitles and dialogues can increase view time by nearly 12%. Additionally, including dialogue makes videos easier to comprehend and accessible to a broader audience of Facebook users.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your video is designed to support silent streaming effectively. This means creating visually engaging and attractive content to capture viewers’ interest and potentially convert them into clients.

Format plays a massive role in driving engagement

Format plays a massive role in driving engagement -KrishaStudio

In addition to visuals, it’s crucial to consider the format of your video. Since the majority of Facebook users own smartphones, ensuring that your video format is mobile-friendly is essential. Recent studies indicate that vertical videos are preferred over landscape videos. Vertical videos tend to garner more viewer engagement, including higher views, likes, comments, and shares. In summary, vertical videos can yield 355 more views compared to landscape videos.

Given this trend, Facebook itself is encouraging brands to post videos in vertical mode. As more people become comfortable using the Facebook app, vertical videos are becoming their top choice due to their ease of viewing and comfort.

According to Facebook’s official sources, there are various ways to utilize the vertical screen to attract viewers. For instance, you can split the screen in half and showcase your products or services from different angles or perspectives. By doing so, you can create a fun, delightful, and engaging video that entertains viewers. The result? Increased customer and audience engagement, along with more prospects for your brand.

Therefore, it’s essential to optimize your Facebook videos effectively to capture viewers’ attention. If you’re unsure how to do this, consider seeking assistance from a social media marketing video service agency. With proper optimization and presentation, your video has the potential to become a viral trend on Facebook, providing your brand with more exposure.

Mobile-first video ads improve brand awareness

Mobile-first video ads improve brand awareness -KrishaStudio

In the present scenario, you cannot ignore smartphones. The dame is proper for Facebook also. Mobile-friendly advertisements or video campaigns provide 275 more brand life than regular video advertisement campaigns.

If your brand gets a better brand lift, it positively impacts brand engagement. Besides that, Facebook also offers you multiple metrics to measure how your brand is performing on its platform. You can check the brand awareness. As a recall, the tendency of commenting and purchase intent from the viewers. It helps you to find if your brand is becoming popular among the ass and how to optimize the video ad campaign so that it gains mass popularity.

Hence, brands now have to design mobile-friendly Facebook video advertisements that offer mobile users an optimized view. In these ways, you can create a positive buzz for your brand and can also increase brand engagement.

Facebook also understands this trend and has decided to extend its hand to brands interested in exploring the versatile platform of Facebook. They are offering multiple tools and even pre-set video templates so that a brand can quickly start their campaign to get the best results. Having a visually engaging video in vertical mode, along with a feature of disabling the sound and dialogue, can quickly help a brand to reach more people at once.

Facebook users prefer short and snackable video ads

Facebook users prefer short and snackable video ads -KrishaStudio

The length of the video is also crucial. A lengthy video can be exhausting and boring. If you upload a long video on Facebook, your viewers might lose interest and may not engage further.

Facebook users prefer short and exciting video ads that are concise and deliver everything quickly. The ideal length for Facebook videos is 15 seconds. Each second is valuable and this remains true in 2021.

Therefore, as a brand, it’s essential to create a concise and impactful video for your Facebook marketing. Include only necessary information with a blend of fun, creativity, and compelling content. This approach ensures that a large portion of the audience enjoys your video. Additionally, short videos are sufficient to attract your audience and potentially convert them into customers.


In conclusion, Facebook will become a vital platform for brands seeking meaningful engagement with their audience base. With the Facebook statistics provided in this article, you now have a clear idea of which videos to upload on Facebook to ensure they resonate with your audience. It’s essential to closely monitor your video’s metrics and performance to tailor your video marketing strategy according to current trends.

About KrishaStudio:

KrishaStudio is a social media video creation service specializing in videos designed for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, reels, etc. With their services and expert strategists, you can discover the best video content that resonates with your audience. KrishaStudio offers curated video services, providing engaging content that is unique, easy to understand, and optimized for seamless viewing. With their assistance, you can give your brand a boost and ensure you attract more customers in the future.

What are the 10 aspects of motion graphics?

Motion Graphic Video Production

Motion graphic design has gained significant popularity in recent times, being utilized in television commercials, movies, and various forms of entertainment. For individuals unsure about the type of video to effectively convey their message to their audience, leveraging motion graphics can be an excellent idea. Video formats incorporating motion graphics are not only visually entertaining and captivating but also hold considerable marketing potential. Through motion graphics, complex concepts can be easily conveyed and memorably presented to the audience.

What is motion graphics?

What is motion graphics -KrishaStudio

Video content is a powerful tool for any marketing strategy, regardless of the type or size of the business. If you aim to effectively convey your message to a wide audience, videos offer the most engaging platform. Among the various types of video animations available, motion graphics stand out as the most popular due to their formal style.

This animation technique allows for easy manipulation of images, transforming static elements into dynamic visual content. Motion graphics excel in both entertainment and informational contexts, offering an elegant approach to presenting content. They can transform dull information into captivating content, especially when accompanied by supporting figures or statistics. Motion graphics keep viewers engaged and offer an effective means of communication.

Role of a Motion Graphic Artist

Role of a Motion Graphic Artist -KrishaStudio

To pursue a career in motion graphic design, it’s crucial to grasp the responsibilities of a motion graphic designer. These professionals are tasked with crafting various digital artworks for television, films, and the web. They create commercials, trailers, explanatory videos for products or services, marketing pitches, and more. By infusing motion into graphics, they breathe life into films, making them cost-effective and resonant with the audience. Given that motion graphics require less time than traditional animation, they have become a popular choice for visual storytelling.

Experienced designers possess extensive expertise in crafting captivating videos that resonate with audiences. They leverage various aspects of motion graphics to enhance the visual appeal of videos. Motion designers excel in creating compelling layouts and implementing diverse typography to effectively showcase a client’s product or service. Moreover, there’s a growing trend among marketers and filmmakers to allocate larger budgets for integrating cutting-edge technology into their animations.

Choosing Graphic design as a career

Choosing Graphic design as a career -KrishaStudio

The field of motion graphics is experiencing significant growth, with a rising demand for graphic artists. As more individuals recognize the potential of this career path, there is a notable increase in people pursuing it seriously. Despite being a relatively new profession, the opportunities for growth and advancement are tremendous.

There is a wide array of graphic design software available for various purposes, making it easy to create high-quality animations. As IT and other technologies continue to advance, the field of graphic design is experiencing growth. There is an increasing demand for graphic designers capable of enhancing the appeal of movies, websites, TV shows, and other media to captivate audiences.

Becoming a motion graphic designer is a good career option for many individuals who have an interest in this field. This job gives you to challenge your creativity and provides you with ample opportunities too.

10 Aspects of Motion Graphic Video

Are you considering a career in motion graphic design? If so, it’s essential to understand some fundamental aspects of this video format. Here are 10 key aspects of motion graphic videos that you should be aware of. Read on to learn more about them.

Knowledge of the Creative Arts
Knowledge of the Creative Arts -KrishaStudio

For individuals looking to begin a career in motion graphics, understanding the basic principles of art is essential. This forms the foundation for a motion graphics artist. Having a strong grasp of traditional art is crucial as it fosters creativity in your work. Before transitioning to digital tools and software, it’s important to sketch your ideas on paper. While utilizing software is advantageous, mastering fundamental art skills is paramount.

Sense of Motion and Animation
Sense of Motion and Animation -KrishaStudio

Motion graphics is more than just a form of 2D animation. It involves animating graphics with a keen eye for attractive motion. As an artist, you have to animate the graphics, requiring a distinctive understanding of animation and how to create appealing motion.

In character animation, human characters aid in the audience’s comprehension of the video content. However, in motion graphics, the artist must achieve everything using various graphic elements. The artist is responsible for determining where the video should fade in or out, or where it should ease, among other considerations. Even if the storyboard has excellent design, if it doesn’t translate well into the video, the artist’s efforts will be wasted.

3D Modeling and Design Skills
3D Modeling and Design Skills -krishaStudio

While motion graphics is commonly associated with 2D video formats, it shouldn’t be limited to just that. The field is evolving, and motion designers may incorporate new techniques to enhance content appeal. In such cases, having 3D design skills can be highly advantageous. 3D art is extensively utilized in various domains such as commercials, movies, and brand logos. It’s projected that the future of motion graphics will heavily feature 3D animations.

Understanding interconnected lines or points in 3D space is one of the fundamental aspects of 3D modeling programs. Mastering these skills can lead to greater professional success.

Understands Color Psychology and Theory of Shades
Understands Color Psychology and Theory of Shades -KrishaStudio

Having a good understanding of color psychology and how different colors affect the human mind is very important for a motion graphics artist. Motion graphics involve adding motion to static graphic content. Hence, if the color scheme is not ideal, the audience will not engage much with the video. Having an idea of how colors affect humans both positively and negatively is very helpful. The aim of the artist must be to catch the attention of the audience with the video. If there is any unwanted color, then the concentration might be interrupted, distracting the audience and reducing engagement with the video.

Good Understanding of Surfacing, Texturing, and Lighting
Good Understanding of Surfacing, Texturing, and Lighting -KrishaStudio

The target audience who will see your video will just see moving images and shapes in the video. However, for the motion artist, this is not so simple. The artist must go beyond the shapes and also get the texturing correct. If the texture is not of good quality, the graphic will have a bland look. Having a good understanding of texture is a must-have quality for a motion artist. The artist must also understand surfacing, as this enables the 3D graphic image to look realistic. As an artist, one must possess the skills of proper surfacing, which include shine, refractive, transparent, rough, reflective, and translucent.

Having a good knowledge of lighting effects is also a valuable skill. Without proper knowledge of lighting, you will create an illusion for your audience. However, with proper lighting, the graphics will be vibrant and realistic.

Mastery in Anticipation
Mastery in Anticipation -KrishaStudio

This is another aspect of motion graphics that must be taken into account by an artist in this field. With this technique, one can make movements look realistic and also prepare the audience for that particular movement. If there is no anticipation behind the action, then it will lack force. So the artist must have a good understanding of the level of anticipation and how much they can use in their videos. One can determine the correct amount of anticipation only after considering the speed that follows it. Anticipation is lessened when the subsequent action is not as swift as expected.

Knowing your level of anticipation will help you make the video outstanding and also convey it effectively. This is especially true when you have to use text and typography in the video.

Sound Knowledge of Typography
Sound Knowledge of Typography -KrishaStudio

With the help of Typography, a good motion graphic design is built by an artist. This is one of the important elements utilized by motion graphic artists. These are employed in videos where statistics are displayed or brand messages are conveyed, among other purposes. Such texts are fundamental to any video that promotes a product, or brand or explains a concept. A thorough understanding of typography ensures the success of the video and makes it easy for the target audience to comprehend the video’s purpose.

Importance of Establishing Interpersonal Communication
Importance of Establishing Interpersonal Communication -KrishaStudio

Interpersonal communication is also crucial when it comes to motion graphics. A successful video establishes a connection with the audience. Without this connection, the video will not be effective. Your task is accomplished when the message resonates well with the target audience. As a motion graphic designer, your role extends beyond creating animations and graphics; you must also effectively convey the message to the audience. This is where interpersonal communication skills come into play. Mechanical communication will not engage the audience, even if the animation is remarkable.

Good Knowledge of Staging
Good Knowledge of Staging -KrishaStudio

Staging involves directing the audience’s attention to the focal point of the video. In any motion video, the artist must discern which element requires the most emphasis. It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of these elements to guide the audience’s vision towards the intended focal point. Otherwise, viewers may focus on the wrong element and miss the intended message of the video.

Staging also entails presenting ideas clearly and comprehensibly to the audience. This is essential for motion artists as it gauges the quality of the video from the audience’s perspective.

Various factors, such as lighting, object placement within the frame, and camera positioning, contribute to the staging process. It’s imperative to understand the purpose behind each shot and what message it aims to convey. Once the artist comprehends this, staging can be executed effectively, ensuring that the audience perceives what is intended in the video.

Creative and Innovative Thinking Capabilities
Creative and Innovative Thinking Capabilities -KrishaStudio

Creativity and innovation are fundamental qualities for a motion graphic designer. These qualities set them apart and define their role as the creators of visual experiences for the audience. As the showman, the motion graphic artist determines what the audience sees, making creativity indispensable.

Clients often provide basic concepts, leaving it to the motion graphic artist to expand and enhance them into captivating visuals. Breathing life into graphics requires skill and imagination, enabling the artist to tackle complex concepts and produce remarkable results.

Therefore, these are some of the crucial aspects of motion graphics that every artist in this field must be acquainted with. These skills serve as the foundation for distinguishing oneself and producing exceptional videos.

Motion graphics professionals has the freedom to unleash their imagination, making this profession not only creatively fulfilling but also financially rewarding. With approximately 87% of online marketing conducted through videos in recent times, and an anticipated 80 percent of internet traffic projected to be via video content by 2021, the demand for motion graphics continues to surge.

Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, it is very imperative for a motion graphic video creator to continually keep pace with the times and evolve with the times. In that way, they will be able to understand what trends are going on and incorporate them into the videos to make them very successful. Without noticing the changes happening in this field, the artist will lag behind the others. Hence, it is advisable to keep track of the technological advancements happening in the field.