Guide to the top explainer videos trends in 2021

explainer video trends

Trends in marketing always keep on evolving with the passing of time. Explainer videos have been gaining importance in recent times among the marketers worldwide. In this article, we have compiled a list of Explainer Video Trends in 2021 that one must know about.


This is the age of digitalization. Since people have a shorter attention span and less time on their hands, it is very difficult to catch the attention of the target customers. Explainer videos have evolved in this situation as they can promote complex information in a very simple manner. This attracts the attention of the target group and the customers can retain them in their memory for a long time. Read on to know about the Explainer Videos Trends that will be coming up shortly. 

Optimized for mobile

Optimized for mobile -KrishaStudio

It is nearly impossible to think about life without a smartphone. For this very reason, the animation video trends that have developed have shown videos that are user-friendly and optimized for a particular social networking platform. Video content on social media platforms is a major way for engaging the audience. This is one of the Explainer Video Trends that can make the people aware of the products and also gain new customers.  


Personalization -Krishastudio

The attention span of the audience has dropped much in today’s times. Hence, this has led to the growth in the importance of interactive elements. This helps to motivate the customers and they participate actively. Some videos contain direct links to the products of a company. They are known as shoppable videos. The interactive videos are helpful as details about the consumers can be collected with the help of tracking tools. 

The Mix of 2D & 3D Animations

 2D & 3D Animations -KrishaStudio

The most popular Explainer Video Trends in 2021 is 2D and 3D animated videos. Combining them will lead to a boom in the field of video marketing. 2D animation means creating a movement in a two-dimensional area. 3D animation means combining the 3D models of different objects in a 3D environment. The objects can be spun or turned around. This is impossible in 2D animation. 

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation -KrishaStudio

Another popular animation video trend is whiteboard explainer video or whiteboard animation. Tin this type of animation, the author draws the story physically. Then he records it by using a whiteboard and marker pens. This is a top-rated Explainer video trends and its popularity will soar in 2021. The reason why they have become so popular is that they are less costly than 3D animation.

Another benefit is that this is a versatile animation style and suits all industries. You can make the video funny or serious. This depends on how you want to position the brand in front of the customers.

Animated Onboarding Videos

Animated Onboarding Videos -KrishaStudio

The animated explainer videos are used in onboarding jobs for websites, mobile apps, and digital tools. They help an individual to transmit the essence and functionality of a product in a span of a few minutes. These kinds of videos can be easily understood and remembered by an individual. Hence, this has become one of the important animated video trends in 2021.

Animated Videos For Website Background

Animated Videos For Website Background -KrishaStudio

For website backgrounds, animated videos are used rampantly. Using these videos adds innovativeness and dynamics to the layout of a site. Different businesses use such videos to show the way their products work, narrate brand stories, values, and so on. These kinds of explainer videos are found often on the landing pages of the websites. This helps to drive the buying decisions of the customers.

Animated Explainers in Email Marketing

Animated Explainers in Email Marketing -KrishaStudio

When you add animation to an e-mail, it spices it up considerably. For introducing new features of existing products or for introducing new features, businesses use animated videos. These are also helpful during holiday seasons. They can grow loyalty with fun and engaging animation. 

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography -KrishaStudio

Animated texts are growing in importance. They are more affordable than explainer videos. They rely on the magic evoked by visual experiences. This typography is helpful in situations where a lot of statistics are narrated. 

Better SEO optimization

seo optimization -KrishaStudio

This is very true that if you want to be found on the World Wide Web (WWW), the video must be SEO optimized. Descriptions of videos along with the apt keywords and ALT tags must accompany the videos. 


These are some of the top Explainer video trends in 2021 that you must know about. Having an extensive idea about these video trends will help you to use them as per the needs and budget of your business accordingly. Also here are few explainer video examples that you must know about.