How video marketing can help you generate leads

Video Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just a field that needs the brightest, freshest minds from campuses to take off. Marketing needs innovative solutions that can capture the interest of the average Internet denizen and keep them on the web page long enough to get hooked by attractive displays of the company’s services and products. Video Marketing goes a long way toward this end as it helps companies build up a large following in a few days.

When you’re trying to generate leads using video marketing, there are three primary stages to the process:

  1. Content Strategy: The design and style of the video content that needs to add value to your audience.
  2. Promotion: Make sure that your videos correctly promote your products and services.
  3. Acquisition: The final stage, acquisition, centers around the forms or sign-up pages to acquire the customer’s information.

There’s no big secret behind Video Marketing that makes it the best method of generating new leads and potential customers. Instead, Video Marketing Music, human faces, and even somebody telling us about the company’s products will always interest a person more than text will.

How Do Video Marketing Services Generate Lead? Methods and Processes of the Video Marketing Field

Gated Content: How Locked Content Generates Leads
How Locked Content Generates Leads - KrishaStudio

Gated content is probably the most straightforward marketing strategy. It involves requiring a user to enter information through methods like signing up for an account to access the locked Animation Video. It directly involves data from the user instead of more subtle ways where video marketing is supposed to help you acquire the user’s information.

Essentially, the video itself is hidden behind a form that users must fill out. It usually follows this procedure:

  1. After arriving at your website, the user sees a Call-to-Action (a marketing strategy that invites the user to take immediate action) or pop-up.
  2. This pop offers the Animation Video to the user if they fill out a form. Some companies choose to ask for contact details, whereas others settle for email addresses to add to their mailing list.

The goal of Gated Content is direct lead generation. It helps create a targeted audience for companies that need to establish their customer base. By its nature, hidden content doesn’t make for high traffic, so using gated content for brand awareness is usually a waste.

Something you have to make sure of is that your gated content is never locked behind a paywall. Cheap tactics like paywalls (that don’t even earn a lot of money in the long run!) create a terrible first impression, making potential customers never revisit your site.

Subscriptions: Video Marketing Utilizing YouTube
Subscriptions - KrishaStudio

Many companies choose to upload their videos to Youtube to have an easier time generating leads. Subscriptions are the main form of generating leads on youtube: when the company that owns the channel uploads a video, they get a notification about it. While using subscriptions to generate leads still has to catch on in the primary market, it’s become a regular Video Marketing Strategy for start-ups with fresh minds coordinating their marketing.

Follow some of the tips down below if you’re using Video Marketing to generate leads through YouTube subscriptions:

  1. Optimize Your Content: Even if your videos are spectacularly made, they can slip into oblivion if you don’t optimize them. To ensure that your video ranks high on search engine results, include frequently searched keywords on search engines like Google and Bing!.
  2. Organize Videos Into Playlists: If your company or agency provides many products and services, it’s generally a good idea to separate them by categories. This helps people find the video they’re looking for easier and makes your channel more attractive.
  3. Add YouTube Cards: YouTube Cards are interactive cards and pop-ups that allow the content creator to add links to other sources. The link can be to the company’s website, a poll, promotion of related content, or even charity links if you’re so inclined.
  4. Have An Active Comments Section: The comment section under the video is just as crucial to the overall video marketing strategy. Even if your company’s channel isn’t that well known, interacting with users can keep on generating leads long after you posted the video.
  5. Share Your Videos Widely: This is probably the most obvious tip. To maximize the efficiency of generating leads, make sure that your videos are shared as widely as possible across multiple social media platforms.

A significant advantage of using subscriptions to generate leads is that a regular channel allows you to retain a targeted audience over a long time. As long as you’re consistent in your uploads, people will show up to watch your videos, and your following will grow over time.

Lastly, The Call to Action: The Most Important Part of Video Marketing
Most Important Part of Video Marketing - KrishaStudio

Drawing people’s attention with flashy, well-made videos is fantastic. Keeping a regular, targeted audience for your products and services is even better. However, many people who don’t use a professional video marketing service are forgetting to include a way for potential customers to find more information about their company. Adding extra steps in the process is more than likely to discourage people, reducing the number of leads generated overall.

A CTA is meant to hook the target audience’s attention and give them an easy way to get more information about your product. The type of CTA depends on the kind of service you’re offering and what you want the potential client to do.

  1. Consume More Content: Some companies prefer to have their customers consume more of their content before contacting them. In this case, you can add cards and links to other videos.
  2. Book A Meeting: On the other hand, if your service revolves around booking a meeting, you might want to encourage the potential customer to book an appointment by providing your contact details.

A call to action must always be present at the end of the video. These can be as simple as an annotation during an appropriate time that leads to the web page for your new product. Or, when you mention the advantages of a particular service, you can use YouTube Cards to point out the page for that specific service.

Of course, if you prefer to do things simply, you could also just include your company’s email address and phone number in the video description. It might be a barebones measure, but having some form of a CTA present is paramount.

A Conclusion: What Makes Video Marketing A Perfect Opportunity for Generating Leads?

The online business world has almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to video marketing content. There are hundreds, if not more, of topics to choose from in every industry. You could focus on the products and services of the company and what features make them superior to the same type of product from rival companies. This is often useful for generating leads and finding people looking for a reliable brand of that type of product. Long, boring text blogs are a thing of the past. Today, there’s a better way to present your product: a small, concise video that can explain the product and hook your attention simultaneously. Marketers worldwide agree that people can understand your product better when it’s delivered through video marketing.

Get the services of a reputed Video Marketing Agency today if you want to make sure you can market your products to the largest target audience possible!

Top 5 Industries that benefit from animation videos

Animation Videos: Essential for These 5 Industries

Marketing in the 21st century is a complicated process. Blogs, SEO services, and other types of marketing will always retain their particular benefits. Still, if you want your website to have that extra zest to it, there’s nothing better than an animation video.

Initially, explainer videos were essential for businesses with complicated service models, like tech startups and SaaS firms. Often presenting complex, modern solutions to different problems, these companies could use explainer videos to explain the scope of their services easily.

Today, however, Animation Video choices have become one of the best steps to reach a larger audience in the current marketing scene. After all, the reason for their popularity is simple but effective: most people would rather watch a short informational video than read a lengthy blog.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Explainer Videos

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Explainer Videos - KrishaStudio

Everybody from Architects to Chemical Engineers and even private medical practices can use explainer videos to make clients understand what separates them from their peers in the field. While having an animated video made can sometimes be expensive, it’s well worth the investment most of the time since it’s made directly to reach more customers.

A lot of people end up asking what makes explainer videos one of the best outreach methods. Consult the list below to know more about the best reasons to use explainer videos:

  1. Users Can Easily share videos: Regardless of how well-marketed a website is, users will always share a video faster. A video also interests more people than a long piece of text, like a blog.
  2. Most Explainer Videos Get to The Point: A brief, thorough explanation of the company’s products and services are all you need, and that’s precisely what an Animation Video provides.
  3. Animated Video Services Are Cost-Effective: Having a startup or marketing professional make an animated explainer video won’t stretch your budget all that much.
  4. Explainer Videos Can Improve Rankings on Search Engine Results: Explainer videos can be titled with common google searches related to the product or type of service, which makes it rank much higher on search engine results.

Industries That Need Animated Explainer Videos Today: A Deeper Dive

It’s no secret that eventually, every single industry will have to adapt to online marketing. Industries that haven’t adopted practices like Explainer Videos can use them to provide a better overview of their products and services.

The true extent of the utility of Animated Video often goes unrealized by a lot of people. These videos aren’t just good at explaining what tech services are but can be used by doctors to showcase their services or even real estate agents to showcase their best deals on properties. Look at the guide below to know more about 5 industries that must have animation video:

The Finance Industry

The Finance Industry - KrishaStudio

It’s common for clients and customers to feel like they don’t know what’s happening to their money once they deposit it at the bank and make the appropriate choices. Transparency problems can prevent people from reaching out to different banking institutions that don’t provide in-depth explanations about what’s happening with their money. But, in reality, investment and banking processes aren’t that easy to explain in words.

This is where explainer videos come in. These inexpensive, easy-to-acquire videos can tell a meaningful story within minutes and give clients a basic understanding of the different ways you can manage their money. The videos themselves can be on many other topics, like the different types of accounts one can make, or even an introduction to the various people dealing with the customer’s money.

Explainer Videos even build a fundamental emotional investment with the client, making them interested past the welfare of their money.

Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate Agencies - KrishaStudio

The online marketplace is not only the most extensive customer base that you can reach; it’s also the easiest. This stands even truer for real estate. Instead of going on a day-long tour of houses, you can check out hundreds of properties from the comfort of your house.

Animated video isn’t just a good idea for real estate agencies. It’s almost a necessity. Most of the time, people will prefer accessibility and ease of use to details, meaning an explainer video that can get them invested in your agency is a much better choice. Content choices are almost unlimited since many people don’t know a lot about the real estate field. You can have videos on topics like:

Medical Services

Medical Services - KrishaStudio

Possibly one of the biggest unexplored opportunities for animated video applications on the Internet, the Medical Services field is perfectly set up to take full advantage of the need of the hour: transparency. People worldwide demand more transparency in their services, and even the most straightforward medical procedures have hundreds of content applications.

A popular option would be making a short Animation Video about individual procedures and operations. These would need to be kept short to retain cost efficiency but can be long enough to explain both the benefits and risks behind the medical procedure. On the other hand, you could also take advantage of the need for comfort. People want to be assured that their doctor cares about their well-being, and you can accomplish this with an introductory video to the professionals handling their care.

The Industrial Manufacturing Sector

The Industrial Manufacturing Sector - Krishastudio

Suppose you’re an industrial manufacturer that makes…say, processed fossil fuels, or maybe you deal in natural gas, a fuel source that a majority of the world doesn’t trust. You can have blog after blog out on your website, but in reality, people aren’t going to take the time to read a lengthy blog when they’re already biased against you. Instead, take advantage of the methods available today and get an animated video up on your website.

Content options range from dispelling common myths about the industry to introducing your product and even educating people about why your product is superior or more environmentally friendly when compared to the competition!

The intuitive idea is to take a guided tour of non-secret areas of your factories. Familiarity and transparency are the two key factors that help dispel personal bias against something we don’t know a lot about.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations - Krishastudio

Non-Profit Organizations always set out to do things, but a large number end up short of their goal because of one key fact: a lack of attention paid to them. Your goal could be something as immediate as helping starving people get something to eat or something long-term like saving the planet from pollution. Regardless of your goal, the fact stands that you have an audience ready and waiting to listen, making it all the more important to have a message that makes an impact. And what better way to impress your audience than a clear, concise video that talks about your specific goals and the steps you’re taking to achieve them?

Using Animated Video for Industries Need to Adapt to Them: A Conclusion

Using animated video to make your business thrive is a good idea if you want to increase your customer outreach and educate people about your products and services. These 5 industries were simple examples of the different applications that Explainer Videos can have for today’s companies. If you hire a reliable Animation Video Service to make your explainer videos, you can easily reach thousands of people worldwide with the message in your animated video choice!

12 types of video content are best for your marketing funnel

types of video content

According to various studies, it is clear that visual language is more impactful on human psychology than verbal language. For example, you will see how amazed children feel when watching a story video rather than listening to it. Well, the concept of video content is very useful for business marketing.

While talking about the marketing of products, you can picture several brands and their ads. A study shows that around 90% of people are watching videos online. This could be a mammoth platform for marketers to market their products.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a renowned approach for marketers to promote and sell their products and services by filming them in a product content video—the video launched on digital and social platforms. The primary purpose of the video is to promote the product and compel the customer to invest in it. The video can become more attractive by adding several valuable customized concepts, like videography, video content, props, and idol faces. It will attract the audience, inform them about your brand, trust your product, and be willing to invest in it.

Video marketing - KrishaStudio

Types of Video Contents

Types of Video Contents - KrishaStudio

Before heading to make a marketing video, you should consider what type of marketing content you are picking out. The main aim of your video should be to provide clear-cut and short informative lessons regarding your products or services so that they will quickly identify your motive. In video content marketing, it is essential to specify the video’s aim, concept, and objective. These 3 stages built up with the idea of the video.

  1. The stage of awareness: The stage of awareness is the first stage that will make your customer relate their problems with your video and analyze how your product and service will help you overcome them. This concept will focus on the daily life challenges of the customers that will imitate them to search for your product or services. Let’s consider that your marketing is about providing organic vegetables. As it is well known to all, nowadays people are very much into using organic products to keep them healthy and disease-free if you focus on the main issue and film a video that creates immediate attention to your service.
  2. The stage of consideration: In the awareness stage, you grab the attention of your customers, and they get a piece of introductory information about your product. In the second stage, i.e., the step of consideration, you should make some content to foster your company’s relationship.
  3. The stage of decision: As you have got all the attention and built a good relationship with your customers, you did a great job. In the third stage, i.e., the decision stage, you are very close to making your customer purchase your products or services. Your content has to be appealing so that a customer can see and buy your product right away.

Here are 12 types of video content ideas that are divided based on the three stages mentioned above.

Filming About your Brand and Company

Filming About your Brand and Company - KrishaStudio

Firstly, your video should be based on introducing your company or brand. As you must have a clear vision or aim about your service or product, the video should film the thought and ultimate goal. This will inspire or grab some attention from your customer about your service. You can start your video with an inspiring quote that will represent your service or a story that tells about the vision and goal of your brand. The video’s opening should have a nice picturization that attracts the audience to give an interest in your video.

Video with Animation

Video with Animation - KrishaStudio

Nowadays, animation video production is the pick of all video formats. The lip-smacking visualization and the psychic impassion of the video make the audience stick to the video to know more and enjoying the content. Here is the point you can add some visuals of your product that attract them to think about it and want to know more about it.

Video with Educational Content

Video with Educational Content - KrishaStudio

There is no age for learning new things. People are always amazed when they find new things or understand a new concept. This is an excellent idea to promote your service. In the future to adding some quick, fun, learning factors to your video will attract the audience to stick to the video and learn the things by knowing about your product.

Teaching Video

Teaching Video - KrishaStudio

This concept is the same as the educational video, but you have to attract your audience by adding a game or particular lesson. Like there is an easy hack that your video is showing by using your product. It will make people learn the trick and perform the same. In this way, you might promote your brand and drive the customer to buy your product.

Documentary Video

Documentary Video - KrishaStudio

Documentary video making might be a little expensive, but it provides a profound impact on the audience. By going with documentation, you have to film a real video related to real-life situations. It is where you can add your brand or product as a lifesaver. It will emotionally attract and keep your audience to trust your services.

All the above five video-making ideas can go with the first stage, i.e., the awareness stage. These will provide awareness among your customers about your brand and service.

Email Videos

Email Videos - KrishaStudio

Video emails are a personalized yet fantastic idea to keep a good relation with your customers. Suppose your customer signed up to your marketing portal to know more about your service and products. In that case, you could keep them by giving them personal attention and designing a video that imitates the customer that how the brand care for them and will attract more into your providence.

Videography on your Product

Videography on your Product - Krishastudio

After building a good relationship with the audience through your introductory videos, you can go for videography to review your product and its benefits. The clear-cut concept and presentation of your video can make your product more attractive and customer’s attention.

Public Service Announcement Videos

Public Service Announcement Videos - KrishaStudio

Nowadays, social media is having a significant impact on day-to-day life. Using the social media platform and some known social media icons, you can promote your marketing videos. You arrange a product review stall and provide some public announcements, where people personally attend the event and experience the product. It will be a great idea to promote the product and service.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos - KrishaStudio

Sometimes it is not wrong to go reverse. According to studies, reverse psychology has a significant impact on human life. To building reliability and trust in your brand, you can go with testimonial videos. It can be possible by comparing your product with other products or simply picturizing your product relating to the audience’s life-threatening emotions. It will not be harmful, but it will attract them emotionally.

All these four video ideas will go under the second stage, i.e., the stage of consideration. It will be focused on your product or service directly and make the audience consider it.

Video on Frequently Asked Questions

Video on Frequently Asked Questions - KrishaStudio

After making a good preach on marketing the product now, it’s time to make a FAQ video. This video will be based on solving the general queries of the customers. By giving a reliable answer about the service and product, you can get a good customer impact for your product.

Videos on Personalization

Nowadays, personalization making people attract more to the service. There are a lot of occasions that need personalization. If you made a short announcement on the limited personalized product, that would attract the customer more to purchase the product.

Thanksgiving Videos

Thanksgiving Videos - KrishaStudio

It would be best to always be grateful to your customers for being a part of your journey. Being grateful and appreciating your customer will make your customer believe in your service and get a little attached to you emotionally.

The above three videos are based on the last stage, i.e., the stage of decision that will influence the customer to decide to buy your product and trust your service.


It might be easier to make content and videos to promote brands and products with different ideas and content. It will attract the audience to create an interest in your product or services, and they might pay some attention to it. But the hardest and most crucial stage is decision-making. Here is what comes from customers, and you don’t have any power to change it. It is the stage that most customers vanish, and you have a big chance of losing them.

So proper arrangement and proper contents to make them stick to your service or product are very important. It depends on you to make such content that will keep your audience to the end to purchase your product or service, and the most important thing is they should be happy with your service. Making a marketing video takes a lot of effort, analysis, ideas, and hardships. This will show the effect on your videos, and all your hard work will be fruitful at the end when customers will come to you happily and give a good review on your product and your services.