Where should I place my explainer video?


An animated explainer video is a powerful feature for promoting goods, services, concepts, and companies. Explainer videos are an innovative marketing strategy that many forward-thinking companies actively include in their operations. The location of your explainer video and its incredible quality is another crucial consideration after it has been made.

7 best locations for your engaging product explainer video

1. Your homepage/ landing page

Your video’s placement on your homepage is crucial. Make it simple for your audience to access and play your video marketing campaign, whether you are utilizing your homepage or another landing page. Don’t be afraid to use visual elements to direct viewers to your video, such as arrows. To encourage people to click the “Play” button, make sure it is prominent and appears on your video preview image.

Use social media sharing buttons to encourage viewers to share and disseminate your video, and don’t forget to do so. It serves no purpose to tuck your expensive video into a dismal corner of your terms and conditions. The above fold is the ideal location for an explanatory video.

This refers to the area of the page that visitors can see right away after visiting your website without having to scroll. This will make your explainer video more prominent and attract users to it.

2. Social Media

Social media is essential to your video marketing plan since it is straightforward, affordable, and simple to manage. Use social media sites like YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Google+ to acquire extensive exposure because it’s free and can lead to word-of-mouth advertising and a viral buzz.

Nearly all social media platforms offer paid alternatives for you to share your video and advance your message. Spend some money to target your audience and gain new leads. Try to make an explanatory video for social media that is also effective without sound as a good piece of advice.

This can entail adding subtitles or creating an engaging animation communicating for itself. Just consider how frequently you use a cafe or a bus to check Facebook. It feels rude to start playing a video’s soundtrack aloud if you don’t have headphones.

3. Press Release

To promote your new explainer video, write a press release. Launch your new animated video across several media channels to increase initial exposure. You get people to talk about you by doing that.

If people are aware of the debut of your explainer video, there is a very good chance that they will visit your website and watch it. The most effective technique to inform the public about the debut of your explainer video is through press releases.

4. Blog

Animated video embed code for your blog. In addition to generating more curiosity than a standard text-only article, it will also help your page rank higher on search engines like Google.

This is because Google considers your page interesting when the time spent on a site with a video jumps from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. A video also has 53 times higher chances of getting discovered naturally than simple text.

You can write articles on subjects related to your video and include them to give the content more context and interaction. You can also look up related articles online, get in touch with the authors, and ask them to use your video since it perfectly complements their subject matter.

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5. Newsletter

You might include an animated video in your email to engage customers and improve business outcomes. The first thing to remember when including an explainer video in an email marketing campaign is that it is preferable not to incorporate the video directly inside the email.

Otherwise, as some email clients don’t support embedded visual content, it could lead to complications with the email. Put a static image with a Play button in place as an alternative to embedding a video. Utilizing a GIF file with a Play button is another choice.

Users will be more interested and encouraged to view a video longer. You should build a brief clip that instantly stimulates consumers’ interest in your material if you want to make an eye-catching animated GIF.

6. Paid Ads

The advantages of paid advertisements include immediate results. The completion of results can take months. Paid advertising allows you to test your marketing materials while getting immediate results. Pay-per-view, digital advertising, banners, and sponsored promotions on social media are all examples of paid media that enable you to concentrate on specific target markets and track consumer interactions to calculate your cost per lead.

It’s the best method for contacting your potential client! You may target your audience, in particular, on Facebook. Using “core audiences” enables you to select the target audience for your message. Using this tool, you can connect with people based on their hobbies, location, and demographics. You can target your current consumers with custom audiences.

Allowing you to promote connections and increase sales. Lookalike audiences aid in locating individuals that resemble your business. It improves your chances of connecting with the proper people by utilizing the knowledge you’ve gathered. So, the secret to success is using these targeted techniques and a well-made explanation video.

7. Get Creative

Make the most of every chance to distribute and advertise your new explainer. Make connections with powerful bloggers who are interested in your sector. Ask your company partners to promote your video on their blogs or social media pages. To come up with fresh ideas, brainstorm with your team. During the trade shows, you can always have an explainer video playing on a screen behind you.


In this article, we’ve listed the top sites where you should post your explainer videos in order to engage current viewers and draw in more potential leads. So, now that your video is prepared, you should consider submitting it to the appropriate platform in accordance with your company’s needs.

Hopefully, these suggestions will enable you to make your video a huge success and connect with your intended audience.

Top 8 explainer video trends for 2023


Explainer One of the best methods for describing goods or services is videos. Marketers favor utilizing video marketing techniques and focusing on current trends. If you run an explainer video company, you should research recent trends.

Utilizing cutting-edge explainer video technology, such as augmented reality, 3D and 4D animation, and modernized digital illustrations. Having covered the introduction, let’s move on to the cutting-edge and stunning top 8 explainer trends for 2023.

What Is an Explainer Video?

A video clip that highlights a company’s product, service, and business idea effectively and appealingly is known as an explainer video. These videos are generally used for advertising or sales objectives. Explainer videos are typically hosted by businesses on their landing pages and displayed on the home page of their websites.

Some even use Facebook and other social media websites to promote their goods or services through these videos. Effective explainer videos are short, precise, and have one very clear goal: to quickly convey the value of your product. The explainer video format is designed to capture the viewers’ attention.

1. Educational Videos Trend

The learning video trend is certain to continue in 2023 because Coronavirus has taught us that companies need to have a presence online to succeed in today’s extremely unpredictable market. Additionally, since several natio ns were locked down, students and employees could learn the most effectively through online courses, lectures, and training sessions.

The explainer video will be utilized more frequently this year to simplify complex information, instruction, and lectures. They will be used to clearly and understandably explain more complex issues.

2. Mobile Optimized Video Trend

Another emerging explainer video trend for 2023 is optimizing your videos for mobile. Mobile users are constantly growing, significantly impacting the trend of watching videos on mobile devices.

Therefore, it stands to reason that optimizing your explainer or animated movies for smartphones will be wise, given the enormous number of smartphone video viewers.

3. Product advertising

A product video’s objective is to promote a good or service. Using the product video, you want to encourage potential buyers to take your call to action. Implies that you must target your advertising. Thus, there are an endless number of different kinds of product videos.

Of course, the location of the viewers is equally important in this situation. You can spend time at a trade exhibition, but not really on social media. Because there are constantly fresh trend-setters or just those with the appropriate sense, product advertising is also made fascinating by its diversity.

4. Augmented Reality Video Trend

The popularity of augmented reality videos is increasing, and they will undoubtedly become a new video sensation in 2023. Marketing professionals have created a cutting-edge method to interact with an audience as a result of the rising use of technology. The augmented reality video trend will benefit video marketers due to realistic environments and computer-generated real-world imagery.

Brands can give their clients a much more immersive and engaging experience by combining the trendy AR technology’s realistic features with explainer videos. You might have to spend a little money on AR videos, but the results could be incredible, making the cost eventually justified.

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5. Live Streaming

One of the trends in our explainer videos is undoubtedly live streaming. There are numerous subtypes accessible here, just like with personalized videos. Influencer unpacking’s have been a popular concept, particularly in the B2C market. As a business, you send an influencer a product, which he then opens in front of a live audience of watchers.

Or, as Apple has done for years, a product introduction is broadcast live on television. Many occasions—even artists—realized the power of live streaming during the Corona pandemic and took advantage of it. It’s difficult to predict if virtual events can continue on their own. Small, focused events may still happen, but major events won’t soon just take place virtually.

6. Whiteboard Video Trend

Some masterpieces simply will not disappear. More than ten years have passed since the whiteboard animation video trend began. This video trend’s simplicity, low cost, and high-yielding persona ensure its sustainability.

Additionally, these videos are fantastic at describing a good or service. This explainer video trend is set to enhance your sales by entertaining and converting your customers in 2023, from the hand that creates and writes to the whiteboard, which feels thrilling and fascinating.

7. Rotoscoping

Tracing an actual film shot is a part of the animation technique known as rotoscoping. However, thanks to modern technology, we can simplify life with the right tools and avoid tracking down every shot. We are seeing more movies or photographs that use this concept.

Thus, it has made this into our explainer video trends. As previously indicated, the route is prepared by tools that can instantly produce a rotoscoped video. We are interested in how rotoscoping will develop and whether it will be used commercially.

8. Storytelling Video Trend

Perhaps the most popular viral trend of all time is video storytelling. It aims to boost the impact of your marketing video by using storytelling to spread the word about your company.   Major corporations like Google and Unilever use it to produce memorable and compelling explainer videos.

By employing the storytelling trend, you can simplify complex ideas, give your films an amazing appearance, capture your audience’s attention, and develop a recognizable corporate identity. A compelling narrative will always spark the audience’s interest in your brand.

And when your audience is eager to learn more about your company, make sure you have a respectable and reliable online presence.

Final Words

The world around us is changing rapidly. The same is true of explainer videos. Many trends have been around for a while, whereas others are more recent. To ensure we don’t miss any trends, it’s crucial to remain engaged and open.

Whether or not we wish to employ a trend is another matter, but each trend needs to be identified and examined. Moreover, all you need to know right now is the comprehensive information about the video trends in this list. These trends will give you the tools to effectively and creatively captivate your audience with stunning images.

Why does a product launch need an explainer video?


Your firm will be successful if your customers can understand your product. Communicating to them in the most straightforward manner possible is the best way to accomplish it. It’s not a good idea to create content-only, boring websites. It’s time for you to provide something new and improved. Audio-visual content is easier for the human brain to comprehend than text-only reading.

It is easy to prefer watching television to reading a newspaper or listening to the radio. According to several marketers, if you don’t consider explainer videos when maintaining your website, your website will suffer. But why does a does a product launch need an explainer video? In this post, we tried to discuss the advantages of the same.

8 reasons to launch a product with an explainer video

1. It Builds Trust and Brand Loyalty

Marketers use explainer videos to emotionally connect with their audience and demonstrate their concern for their consumers. Many companies believe that by showing customers how to utilize a solution or service, these videos can boost their brand loyalty and customer trust.

Businesses now use video to provide customer feedback or to demonstrate their trustworthiness as a brand and outstanding reputation. It is one of the best strategies to connect with potential customers and win their loyalty.

This approach will assist in demonstrating that your company is well-known among consumers and experts and offers the finest answer to their issues. It affects customer purchasing decisions, strengthens the reputation of your business, and boosts audience involvement.

2. Videos are more popular than any other type of content

In the digital age, customers prefer to access content through videos. According to research, 29.8% of internet users need instructional videos, while 31.3% want to see how-to videos.

Thanks to the rise of creative platforms, customers may now watch high-quality explainer videos on multiple platforms and gadgets. Customers can view these videos to study the qualities and features of goods and services in 3D. They can make quick purchasing selections because of it.

3. An Explainer Video Strengthens your Brand’s Image

Every business needs to build its brand image, and an animated video can help by telling your brand’s story and promoting its goods. The coolest thing regarding animated videos is that they educate the viewers with useful information.

It makes a big impression and makes customers desire to purchase your product more easily. Additionally, the artistic component of animation entertains the audience. Undoubtedly, explainer videos are now among the most efficient methods for enhancing the reputation and image of your company.

Due to this, most companies and startups think about employing it whenever they introduce a new good or service.

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4. It Portrays the Brand’s Empathy

Businesses sell feelings and emotions when they advertise a product. It implies that if your product meets their wants, they will be happy; if not, they won’t be. Additionally, you might survey a small sample of your customers to get their opinions and thoughts about your business.

You can gain insights to enhance the user experience for the product using these methods. Additionally, by doing this, you may make the necessary adjustments to your marketing approach.

Many companies utilize “empathetic marketing” to promote their goods, using individuals in the video to convey favorable feelings about the use of the product. 

5. Explainer videos make it easy to describe how a product or service works

Explainer films are perfect for showing how to utilize a product or highlighting the advantages of a service to a customer. Simple text is frequently not the best medium for instructions, and viewers will learn from the visual representation provided by videos.

It is challenging to thoroughly explain every product since some technological products, including software and specialized equipment, demand in-depth explanations. Users who know how to utilize a product are more likely to buy it.

For your brand, an animated explainer video is a great method to expose your character to everyday situations. Customers will like seeing how your characters use your service or product to solve difficulties.

6. An Explainer Video Increase your Conversions and Sales

An explainer film increases audience interest in your brand and helps to increase audience interaction. It improves user engagement and enables you to reach a larger audience across platforms.

Your conversions and sales will increase dramatically as a result. Publishing them on social media enables you to reach a large audience globally. Your sales channel is your explainer videos. Additionally, you must instruct your audience in the subsequent procedures.

7. Highlighting the ultimate advantages for the customer

One of the most important benefits of video content is the ability to view the product in its naturalistic way. To help the customer comprehend the product better, you can discuss all or some of its features.

These product descriptions connect the product’s features to its benefits for consumers by utilizing illustrations to show how effectively it can meet those needs.

8. Increase Web Traffic SEO 

Web traffic can be significantly increased by integrating videos. Google will enjoy your page if it has a high-quality video, and you will see an increase in organic traffic. Add a video of a new product’s launch to your content.

If the video is interesting, it will also persuade visitors to stay on your website longer. More positive signals will be sent to search engines, possibly boosting rankings and organic traffic.


It’s time to include explainer videos in your marketing strategy now that you know why they are so successful. Several methods exist, from using social media and video platforms to adding them to your website and landing pages.

Working with an experienced video marketing firm is also a wise move because they can not only assist you in creating a video of the highest caliber, but they can also advise you on the best platforms to display your videos on for maximum effect.

Overall, explainer videos can significantly influence you over time if you take the time to create them properly and professionally and share them where they will be most helpful to you.