2D animation styles and techniques with examples

Discover the versatility of 2D animation through styles, techniques, and inspiring examples. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced animator, this guide will provide valuable insights and inspiration for your next project.

2D animation styles and techniques with examples
2D animation examples
2D animation styles and techniques - KrishaStudio

Whenever a customer requests animation, Creative Directors are confronted with one of their most dreaded scenarios: the blank canvas. This anxiety is compounded by the fact that animation offers virtually limitless options. Ultimately, all it takes is a little education to know what animation styles and kinds are appropriate for your project and how to discuss them with your client and the animation business.

There are a variety of methods used to produce the backdrops and characters. Incorporating all of this data into a single article would be practically impossible. Three more articles will be published in this multi-part series to provide a thorough understanding of the various 2D animation styles to remain faithful to the animators and their work.

When We Talk About Animation, We Mean Animation, by definition, is the art of animating drawings or the process of photographing and modifying a series of pictures, models, or puppets to seem like moving images.

There are some different kinds of animation styles.

The type of animation style that works best for your project will be determined by the goals you have for it. Moreover, the price and time requirements for various designs must be considered.

The following are some of the most popular animation techniques to pick from when creating your own 2D Animation Video, stop motion, and more.

Traditional / 2D Animation
Traditional / 2D Animation - KrishaStudio

For the most part, there isn’t much to say about 2D animation. It’s employed in the creation of 2D flat people and scenery. Because of its adaptability, this kind of animation is famous for a wide range of projects, from cartoons to promotional videos to explainer videos and more.

Traditional animation required precise hand-drawing of every frame, which took a long time. Digital tools and techniques are now available to animators, making the 2D animation process more efficient. As of right now, this is the most prevalent form of animation you’ll see on the internet. More detailed graphics and characters are used to tell stories in this manner. Given how many characters and aspects are employed to tell the story in the explainer videos I described earlier, they would also fall under this category.

2D animation is sometimes referred to as “more complex Motion Design” because it uses abstract pieces and transitions to construct a tale based on Motion Design. The addition of characters adds complexity to 2D animation. Because animating them can take a long time, the software can speed up and optimize the labor-intensive process, helping keep the production on schedule and within budget. Although this work might be time-consuming, even with technological assistance, you should always ask yourself whether or not animated characters are necessary for your project, both from a branding and narrative viewpoint, before you begin.

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Digital 2D Animation
Digital 2D Animation - KrishaStudio

2D house figures are animated using the Digital 2D animation technique. Traditional approaches, such as drawing frames and other non-digital fashions, have some similarities to this approach. There’s a lot of motion to a lot of animated pictures. Software like Adobe Flash helps creators by complementing their efforts and making their jobs easier. Changes can be made right away to things like body pricing, skin tones, and many other things.

Examples of 2D animation:
  1. Travel Portland: Hand-drawn style and real-world elements are combined in this grungy animation to significant effect. Using many animation techniques, this film was made for Travel Portland to showcase the city’s diverse attractions. Stop-motion, hand-drawn, and classic animation concepts are all evident in this After Effects-created video.
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole: This is a beautiful case study in experimental design and form organization. An animator’s timeline can quickly become disorganized if no pre-planning or organizing is done. Using shape layer keyframing and other 2D design techniques, the designer has created a truly mind-blowing piece of work. What if you keyframed everything in this video?
  3. Veteran’s Day: Gritty-style liquid animated video has never looked so good. In this commercial for NBC and Syfy, liquid animation is used with grungy design to significant effect. Toon shading in Cinema 4D is a standard 2D rendering simulator technique utilized in the video.
  4. 3D Animation: When 3D animation first came out, it was a huge deal. This technology not only makes animated experiences more realistic and immersive but 3D animation may also be used in fields like health and architecture because of its realism. Animated 3D films, interactive advertising, commercials, and other marketing materials are frequently employed in the entertainment industry nowadays. 3D animation, on the other hand, isn’t always the most excellent choice for small explainer videos and comparable projects because it’s time- and labor-intensive.
Stop-Motion Animation
Stop-Motion Animation - KrishaStudio

Stop motion animation, which has been around for more than a century, may be seen in many well-known animated films.

It is possible to make stop motion animations by taking photographs in a specific sequence of static objects and then stringing these photographs together to give the impression of movement. Due to the lack of expensive equipment and facilities, stop motion animation is also a cost-effective animation approach.

Rotoscope Animation

Rotoscope Animation - KrishaStudio

It is similar to traditional animation approaches in that live-action footage provides the background for a rotoscoping tool to trace over.

Rotoscoping is frequently utilized when the animated character interacts realistically with the surrounding environment, such as in science fiction films. It is ideal for advertisements and movies because it is less expensive than 3D animation.

Motion-capture - KrishaStudio

Motion capture is a cutting-edge 3D animation technique that lets artists generate incredibly lifelike animations from real-world footage. To produce realistic character motions and authentic facial expressions, game developers typically use motion capture.

Animation with motion capture entails putting on motion-tracking suits on actors, which records every move and interaction to be used to create new computer images.

Typography Animation
Typography Animation - KrishaStudio

Typography animation refers to the process of animating typography using computer programs. This form of animation is frequently employed in films to produce visually stimulating titles and credit sequences. It is possible to build engaging explainer movies, interactive statistical models, and presentations by using typography animation in the business world. One of the most cost-effective animation approaches is stop-motion.

Mechanical Animation

Mechanical Animation - KrishaStudio

Mechanical animation is a technique used to show how mechanical products work and how they can be configured. To produce an educational visualization, drawing and animating each component and mechanism in great detail is necessary. Engineers can utilize this animation technique to make changes to things before they are built, which is helpful in the industry. Product demonstrations benefit greatly from mechanical animation.


Claymation - KrishaStudio

Traditional stop-motion animation techniques such as clay animation, also known as Claymation, use clay to create characters and then photograph their movements in sequences. Children love the unique, whimsical form of Claymation, which has been employed in classic children’s films like Chicken Run. In addition, it can be used to produce original advertisements and short films. Claymation takes a long time to complete; therefore, it’s best reserved for smaller tasks.

Cut-Out Animation
Cut-Out Animation - KrishaStudio

Cut-out animation, a type of stop-motion animation, can be most readily associated with the hit cartoon series South Park. For creating a cut-out animation, animators use characters cut out of paper and place them over animated backgrounds. Modern cut-out animation uses scanned paper cut-outs to expedite the process rather than traditional shadow puppets. Cartoons, storytelling videos, and explainer videos benefit greatly from cut-out animation.

Audio-Animatronics - KrishaStudio

Robotic animation is known as Audio-Animatronics (AAA) or Mickey Mouse Animatronics. Walt Disney Imagineering came up with the concept. Visitors to Disney theme parks will be entertained by this robot (say hello to Otto!). It wasn’t long before other businesses began to use this animation style to achieve their business goals. In this animation, robots can move and make sounds. They can even sense a person in a room, and they can chat with them and tell if they are happy or sad.

Using cameras and sensors, Otto can decide what to say or do based on what he sees and hears. For the show to be repeated indefinitely, the entire process is pre-planned. Other than Disney, the term “Animatronics” is now used to describe all similar robots.

About KrishaStudio
About KrishaStudio - KrishaStudio

The pool of available talent is deep, and we have talented animators as well as world-class infrastructure. Outsourcing 2D Animation Production is shared among numerous firms. By doing so, we have succeeded in finding our own niche in the market. When it comes to writing scripts, creating animated characters, VFX, and motion graphics, our experienced production team uses a flexible approach. With us, agencies and studios know they can outsource large or small tasks with confidence.


For the most part, 2D, 3D, and motion graphics animation are the best options for business marketing, but you may choose one of the other forms if your project calls for it. If you’re unsure about which animation style is suitable for your project, an expert in the field may guide you through the process of selecting the right one.

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