9 Industries that can supercharge their marketing with explainer videos

Learn about the transformative impact of explainer videos on marketing efforts in 9 different industries. Explore real-world examples and discover how businesses in healthcare, finance, education, and more are harnessing the power of explainer videos to reach their marketing goals.

9 Industries that can supercharge their marketing with explainer videos

The explainer videos are short (1-2 minutes long) videos made using motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, or stop-motion animation. These videos are very beneficial for marketing as they to explain your customers the need for your product or service in their lives.

Businesses of all sizes and different industries also benefit from making the explainer videos a part of their online marketing strategy. They can be used to explain the features of products or services as well as various ideas in an engaging manner.

Online videos are expected to gain more popularity than social networking in less than 3 years. Therefore, many industries have started using the power of online videos to effectively market their products and services.

Industries that should use explainer videos

1. Tech and SaaS Companies

SaaS companies and tech startups brought the explainer videos into the spotlight by using them for digital marketing.

These short videos can advertise or promote brands, products, or services engagingly. Their power to influence the viewers is believed to be more than the other tools used for online marketing. The explainer videos can be used by these industries in the following manner.

  • To advertise the unique value proposition of their products
  • On their social media channels or websites
  • To attract new customers during e-mail campaigns
  • To distinguish the products or services of a business from competitors during e-mail campaigns
  • To highlight a company’s values, culture, and proficiency

2. Healthcare

The healthcare industry may use the explainer videos to their benefit in different ways.

  • These videos can be used to educate patients who want to know in detail about their health condition and treatment options from doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • Hospitals and healthcare institutions may use the explainer videos
  • For continuous education of the personnel
  • To market the facility using patients’ testimonials, doctors’ bios, etc.
  • To educate people on different types of medical conditions and procedures
  • To create instruction videos for patients

3. Real Estate

In the real-estate industry, the listings with explainer videos receive more inquiries from prospective buyers or sellers in comparison to the listings with no video. These days, many buyers and sellers are interested in working with agents who use explainer videos to market a property.

The explainer videos can be used to educate potential customers about the main features of a property, a neighborhood, and other important factors.

4. eCommerce Companies

ECommerce companies always search for innovative ways to market their products or facilities to the target customer. They can use the explainer videos on the landing page of their websites too.

  • Highlight the benefits of using their products
  • Explain how to use these products
  • Motivate customers to complete the purchase

5. Nonprofit

The fundraising and communication department of a non-profit organization benefits from the storytelling and an explainer video can be used for this task.

These videos can be used to influence people to support the work of a non-profit organization with their time, goodwill, and money.

It is possible to tell the story of an organization with heart using explainer videos. It is also possible to use an explainer video to narrate the mission and vision of a non-profit organization.

6. Finance

Financial institutions may use explainer videos to connect to customers and earn their trust. A financial institution can use the explainer videos to inform consumers.

  • About what is happening to their funds
  • How to help the consumers with their services etc.

Thus, financial institutions can connect with the clients and earn their trust. The number of clients increases once people believe that their money is in safe hands.

The explainer videos can help consumers in making judicious financial decisions. They can be used to break down the basics of personal finance and simplify the complicated financial facts for consumers.

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7. Education Companies

All types of educational institutions may use the explainer videos to their benefit. These videos can be used to promote the courses and programs of an educational institution to the tutors and individuals who are interested in taking admission into an educational institution.

8. Manufacturing/Industrial

The explainer videos can be used by manufacturing companies or other industrial organizations to gain investors and the public’s trust. These videos can be used to show.

  • What happens inside a factory
  • Introduce the workers or employees of a company to the public
  • Educate people on the potential benefits of the tasks being carried out by an organization

9. HR & Recruiting

The HR department plays an important role in any organization. This department may use the explainer videos as recruiting videos or to connect with the employees. They can be used to.

  • Transfer information to new employees
  • Improve the onboarding processes etc.

Explainer videos can be used in the internal communication plan of an organization. They can be used to declare new policies, for important announcements, or to raise the morale of employees.


Explainer videos can be included in the marketing strategy of any business. They can be used to educate, inform, and entertain the audience on different topics or issues. A business can use one explainer video on multiple marketing channels.

For example, an explainer video can be used on the landing page of a company’s website alongside being used on a website’s home page and product page. They can be shared via social media and other online platforms for maximum coverage.

Therefore, you may use an explainer video for online marketing to increase the conversion rates and sales of your business. The use of explainer videos has been found to boost the search engine results.


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