9 Unforgettable About Us videos by leading brands

Explore 9 unforgettable About Us videos created by leading brands. From captivating storytelling to unique visuals, these videos showcase how top brands effectively communicate their values and connect with audiences through compelling About Us content.

9 Unforgettable About Us videos by leading brands

We’ve all seen horrible corporate video examples: a formal office setting with someone awkwardly delivering a script appreciating their great firm line by line.

It almost feels like they’re attempting to persuade themselves of the film’s awesomeness rather than the viewer. 

However, for every terrible corporate video, there are a slew of good ones that inspire, educate, and excite. And, as the saying goes, always look on the bright side of things. 

An effective “About Us” video explains the company’s story, offers the information that’s needed, creates strong social proof, and makes it obvious what the brand stands for.

But this is a basic idea and the audience has seen a lot of these. So, apart from adding all the details, make sure to be unique and showcase what makes your brand different. 

If you are looking for the much-needed inspiration to create an engaging and targeted video – this blog is all you need. We will be covering some of the excellent corporate videos from some of the leading brands. Let’s get into it and create the best one for your brand. 

Also, boost your conversions and make your audience admire your business with compelling About Us videos. Let’s dig in and find out the best examples! 

What are corporate About Us videos, and why are they growing in popularity? 

A corporate “About Us” video is a visual and narrative representation of a company’s story, values, mission, and culture. It is a promotional video created to introduce the company to its audience, which could include customers, clients, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. 

The corporate “About Us” video has surged in popularity as a dynamic and effective tool for companies to convey their identity, values, and mission.

Instead of just reading about a company, you can watch a video that shows the people who work there, what they do, and why they love it. These videos often include interviews, scenes from the company, and stories from customers or employees. 

They’re also easy to share on the internet, making it a great way for companies to show off and get noticed. Overall, these videos are a cool and effective way for companies to share their story and make a good impression on everyone watching.

10 Creative About Us video examples that you should know about! 

1. HubSpot: About Us

Until now, you may have seen a lot of employee-focused About Us movies. However, this HubSpot video demonstrates that the company’s driving force—the owners, CEO, CTO, etc.—is what keeps the entire team focused and contributes significantly to the company’s growth. 

When we talk about the video, contains the interview as well as b-roll material from HubSpot offices and events. It contains unique animation, which makes the numbers appear more optimistic and appealing to the audience. It fosters brand loyalty and audience alignment while enhancing confidence in the company’s fundamental values. 

The video also demonstrates HubSpot’s belief in empowering individuals to learn and improve themselves, a mission that the company’s founders have instilled in every employee. 

2. Eagle Builders

Eagle Builders, a construction company, stands out as a compelling example of how a company video can go beyond showcasing specific projects and instead emphasize the company’s story and values. 

Unlike many construction companies that often highlight their completed projects, Eagle Builders takes a different approach by weaving their narrative into the forefront. The video cleverly incorporates elements of their family ties, emphasizing a strong sense of connection and shared values within the company – leading to increased honesty and transparency among the audience. 

Throughout the video, the emphasis is not just on the magnitude of their construction projects but also on maintaining the ethos of a family-oriented company. 

They have effectively communicated their message through interviews and behind-the-scenes shots that feature the people working collaboratively. The deliberate inclusion of these scenes showcases the scale of their construction endeavors while also humanizing the company, creating a relatable image.

3. This is Zendesk

In an about us video, a sense of humor may go a long way, especially if, like Zendesk, you deliver primarily digital services from a very normal office location.

As a Silicon Valley-based software company, one could reasonably assume that the main focus of Zendesk’s “About Us” film would be on experts striving to accomplish the intended goals. Instead, they show themselves to be a pleasant, enjoyable team that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the strategy works.

This video has subtle humorous elements that make it highly engaging. Without boring the audience, the organization conveys information about its scope, location, culture, history, volunteerism, after-hours events, and much more.  

That’s amazing on its own, but the Zendesk video’s greatest achievement is how realistic it feels, which is the result of the combined impact of a lot of small details. These entertaining, captivating, and lively videos foster a closer connection between the audience and the company. 

4. Work/Life Balance at BambooHR

Among the top businesses, Bamboo consistently produces thought-provoking articles and videos.  

What’s the reason? 

The dynamic workplace environment that is difficult to find in other firms is the reason for their rising appeal.

BambooHR is a company that has turned its workplace into a happy place for both clients and staff. Additionally, they have flawlessly portrayed everything in their about video. This film differs from the traditional tone of the About Us video by providing cheerful non-work-related footage of staff members and highlighting them in the video.

Rather than presenting what employees do during their eight hours of office time, BambooHR chose to broadcast real-life videos of employees swimming, running, dining, and other activities.

It is undoubtedly a wonderful approach to entice individuals to join your firm rather than just work for it, because people want locations that offer more than just a workplace.

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5. Microsoft

Corporate videos can be used to talk about your principles, but they can also be used to address changes that have occurred inside the company, particularly significant ones. It allows you to engage with your brand on a deeper level. This Microsoft rebranding is the greatest example if you’re searching for one. 

In their captivating corporate video, Microsoft discusses the rebranding they undertook for their Los Angeles office. Microsoft also includes interviews with the branding agency that assisted with the revamp, which is an interesting addition. It’s one of the best ways to verify the video and establish a deeper connection with them. 

Here’s a simple tip: If using outside testimony strengthens the point you want your audience to take away, feel free to use it in your corporate videos.

6. Apple – Inclusion & Diversity – Open

Apple should not be overlooked when discussing workplace cultures and companies. In addition to the unique “about us” video, Apple has an employee portrait video in which the staff members discuss their identities and values as Apple workers.

This is exactly what Apple accomplished in its video when the corporation discusses how its diverse workforce contributes to its unity.

Apple has created a touching film in which 68 employees from many nations, religions, personalities, and ideas come together to serve humanity. This is incredibly diversified, and insightful, and links the audience from many cultures, locations, personalities, and viewpoints. 

To put it briefly, Apple has established a global community to promote inclusivity within the corporation and a diversified workforce to cater to a range of groups. This touching video encourages viewers to join the Apple community to improve service, in addition to purchasing Apple products. 

7. Founders Brewing Co.: The Story

Some firms simply have more fascinating procedures, technology, and intimate knowledge to showcase behind the scenes. One of them is Founders Brewing Company.

Similar to a good beer, the honesty is also soothing. In this “about us” video, the team describes how they nearly closed the company before realizing what was best for them. Their excitement and dedication come across loud and clear, and it’s engaging. The video is far more interesting for the intended audience because of its strong storytelling. 

They’ve coupled simple authenticity with footage of their beer being created, stored, and distributed. The final product is a video that represents the company’s core principles of tradition, innovation, and friendship. 

8. Atlassian 

The business has a new video out discussing what makes its staff special and what sets it apart from the competition.

This film could easily get monotonous, but because of the contribution of so many enthusiastic employees, it’s gratifyingly direct. Swearing, laughing, hard effort, and relaxed play are all present in the video. The foundation is built on real people and what the company values mean to them.

This video demonstrates that the brand is confident enough to speak about it in depth, and how it affects how they work every day, which goes a long way toward generating trust in potential customers. It only goes to demonstrate that values are meaningless unless you can demonstrate how they impact your company.

9. DropBox 

We’ll begin with an example from Dropbox, which has one of the greatest about us videos for their company. 

Before you watch a video, keep the following disclaimer in mind: When you watch with an open mind, you’ll understand why doing something novel and unconventional can be so successful for any brand.

No, this video doesn’t feature any of the “real” Dropbox employees, but it does feature their voices over cute puppets in the vein of Muppets, giving viewers a very candid look at the team and their methods.

Although it may seem unique, this strategy helps bring out the best in each team member’s personality. Ironically, despite being puppets, they manage to come across as more real than the people in a ton of other dull corporate videos for brands.

Employee interview characteristics, tales, and asides are made into amusing depictions of what it’s like to work at Dropbox. It’s a very innovative one, and we loved watching it. 

To Conclude 

In conclusion, we have added the best examples of the 10 best companies with their remarkable “About Us” videos that demonstrate the power of visual storytelling in conveying a brand’s vision, mission, and offerings. 

These companies have successfully crafted narratives that go beyond the traditional, engaging their target audience on a deeper level. The key takeaway is the importance of relevance and connection with the audience, as an effective “About Us” video should resonate emotionally and authentically. 

For those seeking assurance and professional expertise in bringing their vision to life through compelling videos, connecting with a leading video production company can help you out. And, if you are looking for one – Krisha Studio can be your partner.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, Krisha Studio can help you transform visions into captivating “About Us” videos that leave a lasting impression and develop meaningful connections with the intended audience. Remember, a well-crafted “About Us” video that tells a story while creating a memorable experience that resonates with those who watch it.


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