About Us corporate videos: How to make them interesting?

Learn how to create compelling About Us corporate videos that keep viewers engaged and interested. Explore strategies for showcasing your brand story authentically and effectively connecting with your audience through video content.

About Us corporate videos: How to make them interesting?
About Us Corporate Videos

Most individuals assume that potential customers are well-versed in your business, so they start talking about business right away. 

This is where people go wrong! Clearly stating the problem that your product or business will solve will boost likeability and emotional attachment, therefore, you should describe your team, business, product, and initiatives to your audience.

Consumers purchase goods from brands they are more familiar with and confident in. So, you need to build that connection. 

Did you know, that after the homepage, the “About Us” page receives the most visits? And, you need to make the most out of this opportunity. Additionally, putting a “about us” video on your website will make you instantly stand out from the competition. 

An effective About Us corporate video explains the brand’s history, offers essential details, fosters customer confidence, creates social proof, and demonstrates the core values of the company. 

Now the question is: How do create About Us videos that stand out? 

If you don’t know how to create an About Us video that is both real and appealing, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this article, we will walk you through the greatest tips for creating excellent About Us videos. 

Ways to make the video interesting

1. Tell a Story 

Tell a Story - KrishaStudio

We’re not sure why there’s a strong tendency to look at other videos and duplicate them. It’s fantastic if a cool video inspires you, but make sure you’re still narrating your own story.

We doubt that the number of employees you have or the year your business was started has anything to do with the reasons why customers are interested in purchasing from you. However, do they give a damn about how employees and customers feel and how your company has changed over time?  

Alternatively, if your company was created for a special reason or if you want to highlight a group of driven, fascinating employees who have been with your company for a long time, then your About Us corporate videos make a lot of sense. 

Since those tales are genuinely yours, they are intriguing. It facilitates emotional connections between customers and your company.

2. Explain the “Why” behind your business 

Explain the “Why” behind your business - KrishaStudio

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Conversing the “why” behind what you do is crucial in connecting with your audience. People are more than just customers; they’re drawn to the purpose and values behind a company. 

When crafting your message, focus on expressing not just what your organization does but, more importantly, why it does it. This “why” is your driving force, your mission, and it’s what resonates with people on a deeper level.

To convey this effectively in your About Us corporate videos, it’s essential to find someone who can clearly articulate the purpose and passion behind your organization. They should be able to connect with the audience, sharing the right information while delivering genuine enthusiasm that fuels your company’s existence. 

By emphasizing the “why,” you create a compelling narrative that goes beyond products or services, establishing a meaningful connection with your audience.

3. The blend of music & visuals will go a long way! 

The blend of music & visuals - KrishaStudio

Creating amazing “About Us” videos involves using awesome pictures and great sounds. Videos are not just about what you see; they’re also about what you hear. When you put together cool images with good music and a nice voice talking, it makes your video more interesting. This mix of visuals and sounds helps tell a story about your company in a way that people can connect with. 

So, why is this mix of visuals and sounds so important? Well, it turns a regular video into something special. Music and a friendly voice can turn a boring corporate video into something that people want to watch for a longer time. 

But here’s the trick: the sounds should match how the video looks and the story you want to tell about your company. It’s like creating a whole video that makes your “About Us” video stand out and connect with your audience.

Quick-Tip: Choose high-quality music, and voice-over and you need to ensure you have the license for it to avoid facing any problems.

4. Incorporate your business values 

Incorporate your business values - KrishaStudio

When you make your About Us corporate videos, don’t forget to talk about the things that are important to your business – your values. Values are like the guiding principles that show what your company believes in. In the video, be clear about what matters to you, like being honest, caring for customers, or maybe being environmentally friendly. 

Highlighting your business values through About Us videos helps build trust among your target audience, so they what’s important to the companies they support.  

Explain in simple terms how these values influence the everyday things your company does. Maybe it’s making decisions, treating customers well, or finding new ways to do things. Show real examples in the video to make it more than just words.

Remember, your audience isn’t just interested in what you sell; they also want to know if your values align with theirs. So, use your “About Us” videos to talk about these values. It’s not just introducing your company; it’s the start of a conversation about what matters to both you and your audience.

5. Don’t forget the social proof 

Don’t forget the social proof - KrishaStudio

In these highly competitive times, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and build that connection with your videos. Creating About Us corporate videos builds much-needed trust and loyalty among your customers. 

But, the question arises, how to add that social proof in About videos and build trust? 

  • Incorporate positive snippets from customer reviews and showcase numerical ratings or stars to highlight customer satisfaction. 
  • Tell success stories from specific projects or clients. Ask your customers to share details on challenges, solutions, and positive outcomes.
  • Showcase any collaborations that add credibility to your brand and demonstrate your industry standing.
  • Include logos or snippets from news articles and interviews to establish your brand as recognized and trusted by external sources.
  • Feature user-generated social media content in your video to engage with your community but also provide authentic testimonials from real users.
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6. Get your customer on camera

Get your customer on camera - KrishaStudio

Creating highly relevant and high-quality “About Us” videos is crucial to making a meaningful connection with your audience. Start by understanding your target audience, and tailoring your message to address their interests and values. 

Keep your core messages focused on the most important aspects of your brand, ensuring clarity and alignment with your overall identity.   

Invest in professional production quality, using top-notch equipment for a polished and visually appealing video. Structure your video as a compelling story, grabbing attention from the start, sharing the journey of your brand, and concluding with a strong call to action. 

Humanize your brand by introducing the people behind it, and showcasing your team’s stories and passion to make your brand more relatable. Addressing customer pain points and demonstrating how your brand provides solutions adds authenticity and positions your company as a problem solver. 

7. Pick someone who can bring energy 

Pick who can bring energy - KrishaStudio

To make your About Us corporate videos interesting, find someone full of energy who can share that excitement on camera. Think of it like this: when you’re on video, you need to be twice as enthusiastic to make sure your energy comes through to the viewers. So, it’s all about bringing double the excitement during filming to bring that half effect.

Now, when we say “interesting,” we’re not just talking about looks. Sure, looking good can help, but the real magic happens when the person on camera has that special spark—charisma, passion, and confidence. Many people might not be considered traditionally attractive but grab your attention because of their energy and enthusiasm.

So, when picking someone for your video, go for someone who can deliver the energy and trust through videos. This way, your “About Us” video won’t just look nice; it’ll be genuinely interesting and stick in the minds of your audience.

8. Add a bit of everything! 

Add a bit of everything! - KrishaStudio

Creating you’re About Us corporate video is like giving your friends a sneak peek into the most exciting aspects of your company. It’s not about showcasing every product or detailing every service; instead, it’s about crafting an engaging elevator pitch that leaves a lasting impression. 

Think of the key elements that make your company unique, whether it’s your mission, values, or a particular approach that sets you apart. Share the passion and personality behind your brand, letting viewers see the people and culture that make your company special. 

Feature your top products or services, giving a taste of what makes them stand out. Keep it dynamic, avoid overly detailed product discussions, and use visuals effectively to enhance the storytelling aspect. The goal is to create an intriguing introduction that sparks curiosity, inviting viewers to explore more about your business.

9. Diversify Your Content

Diversify Your Content - KrishaStudio

In this highly competitive, sticking to normal and basic is easy but you can’t be able to stand out from the crowd. So, adding variety to the content in your About Us corporate videos is a smart move. Instead of sticking to just one type of information, mix it up to keep things interesting and engaging for your audience. 

You can share not only the history and mission of your company but also highlight the people who make it happen—introduce your team members, showcase your workspace, or give a behind-the-scenes look. Throw in some snippets of customer testimonials or success stories to add a personal touch. 

By diversifying your content, you create a more comprehensive and captivating picture of your brand, making your “About Us” videos more memorable for viewers. It helps you connect with your broad target market and attract customers, sales, and revenue. 

10. Don’t talk (just) business 

Don’t talk (just) business - KrishaStudio

People are interested in getting to know you rather than hearing you give the “business talk.”  Thus, avoid using such technical jargon in business conversations. Make the language understandable, engaging, and easy for your intended audience. 

Customers’ message to be clear and relatable to a wide audience, including those who may not be familiar with specific terms or concepts. Give your prospects something that feels relevant and like the work of your team instead. 

By keeping your language straightforward, you can make it easy for everyone to connect with our brand and understand what it’s all about. This helps build trust and makes our company more friendly and approachable. 

To Conclude 

So, here’s the comprehensive guide on making creative and out-of-the-box “About Us” videos for your business. We’ve covered 10 top tips, all designed to help you connect with your audience. 

Whether it’s understanding your audience, keeping things interesting with engaging visuals and cool sounds, or telling your unique story, these tips are like your secret recipe for creating standout videos. 

Remember to humanize your brand by showing off the people behind it, and don’t forget the power of happy customer testimonials. By following these tips, you’re not just making intros; you’re crafting videos that truly speak to your viewers, building trust, and leaving a lasting impact. So get started, use these insights, and create the best About Us corporate videos that tell your story in a way that clicks with your audience!

If you are looking for professional guidance who can help you in creating the best and one-of-a-kind About Us videos, then reach out to Krisha Studio. Our team of industry professionals will understand your needs and offer personalized solutions accordingly. 

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