Advantages of video-based eLearning 

Discover the advantages of incorporating video-based e-learning into your educational programs. From enhanced engagement to improved retention, explore the compelling reasons why video-based learning is becoming increasingly popular.

Advantages of video-based eLearning 

Scientists have proven the fact that Visual-aided learning is retained in memory for a much longer time than traditional learning patterns. The education industry has started to revolve around this concept of innovative and engaging educational techniques and video-based learning. 

However, technological innovation has burst through the barriers that have previously held education behind. Nowadays, E-Learning is a key source of obtaining a decent education. People may learn more about intriguing topics by using online services. If you are too busy to attend formal lectures, you can take online courses that you can listen to whenever you have free time.

Students may study at their own speed by interacting with professors through short, clear, engaging, and enlightening videos. Other advantages have contributed to an increase in demand for video-based learning in recent years. 

Why use animated videos for e-learning?

Videos are a fundamental component of e-learning. They boost learner performance by offering visual examples that allow students to interact with, study, and assimilate knowledge at their own speed. A paradigm change has occurred from traditional static information to a more fluid and dynamic visual display of the learning approach. Animation is extensively applied in the media and entertainment industries. 

However, with great growth, the globe is preparing for new educational reforms. And the youth are getting on as well. E-learning is no longer only about animated PowerPoint slide shows; it has developed to include whiteboard animations and much more. 

Animations may be extremely effectively used to create immersive scenes, which is very useful in the medical industry to demonstrate medical procedures and research.

People easily acquire and remember complicated information through visuals, which is one of the essential features of the rising usage of animation in e-learning. Learners pay attention and consequently absorb information well, which is why animations are utilised in areas other than teaching. 

Advantages of Video-based E-learning 

So now, let’s have a look at some of the most significant advantages of video-based learning. 

1. Learning made Convenient

Students who are unable to balance coaching and school find digital learning through videos to be an excellent alternative. Going to tuition and coaching classes can sometimes waste time due to lecture cancellations and travel. 

The online learning platform allows individuals to research study materials for competitive tests from the convenience of their own homes. Students who wish to learn at their own pace can view recorded video lectures whenever and wherever they desire.

2. More Interactive

Videos, with the correct combination of sight and sound, make it simpler for students to retain knowledge. Students prefer to learn by listening to study information through videos rather than reading traditional written material. 

Furthermore, the use of subtitles allows students to watch, listen, or read about the topics of their choice. Videos may be used to show techniques that can help with mastery learning. 

If your e-learning material is procedural in nature, such as product training, then videos are an excellent method to convey a series of procedures in a thorough manner that can be referred to repeatedly.

3. Ideal for Visual Learners

Majorly, there are 3 different learning styles of learning and each student retains information with a balance of all these styles. These are auditory, kinesthetic and visual. 

Visual learners absorb and remember information better when ideas, words, and concepts are connected with images and visuals. These students learn best by what they see, it may be a video. as you might expect, are an excellent medium for visual learning. 

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4. Empowers Flexibility

Tuition are at a fixed place, schools do not move for the students but the e-learning platform is free from geographic hustles. All you need is a good and stable internet connection and you have the whole world in your hands. E-learning’s best advantage is surely the freedom of movement. 

Children can study in vacation time when schools are shut, and students who prefer early morning or night time comfortable can learn in their own comfort zone. You can even opt for the combination of different ways of learning that best suit your personality. 

5. More Affordable

Students have an economical option with online video classes. It allows students to save money not just on tuition but also on travel expenses to attend coaching courses. The E-learning system operates to target a large mass of students so it is possible for them to provide high-quality education at very competitive rates, definitely much lesser than the offline coaching rates.

Basically, it is a one-time investment for organisations creating E-learning material. They do not have to recreate the educational material until and unless the syllabus is changed by the government. Hence, E-learning platforms are able to sell more affordable courses.

6. Easy Accessibility on Different Devices

One of the benefits of video-based learning is that it can be accessed from any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. You may also watch video lectures without an internet connection by enrolling in courses that include a download option in video lectures. 

There are many students who have to travel a lot. To make the most out of the time wasted during travel, they can download educational videos on phones or tablets and watch them whenever and wherever they want to learn at their own speed.

7. Focused

Psychologically, an average human being can focus on one thing for only up to 22 minutes. Children usually spend 4 to 5 hrs studying in a school and there is no escape. In a classroom, there are ample elements in the surrounding for a kid to get distracted from the teacher. 

Today, smartphones, and laptops can be programmed in such a manner that it disables all other apps when the child has to study thus it can maintain a distraction-free environment. Plus, the teaching method is innovative enough to maintain the attention span of students. 


With the growing demand for online courses, many educational institutions are offering a variety of possibilities. More and more businesses are using videos as part of their corporate training strategy. To get the most out of digital learning, seek a coaching school that offers high-quality study materials created by expert teachers. 

Whether you choose live online classes or recorded video lectures, be sure the study material is of high quality before enrolling in their courses. It’s hardly unexpected, given how advanced video technology has become over the previous few decades. They literally change the way employees learn in the workplace. They enrich the learning experience for both learners and teachers.


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