Level up your marketing game with a digital content strategy for videos

Learn how to level up your marketing efforts by implementing a digital video content strategy. Explore the steps to create, optimize, and distribute video content that resonates with your audience and drives results for your business.

Level up your marketing game with a digital content strategy for videos

You’re not alone if you’re looking for a video marketing guide.  79% of marketers who aren’t using video aim to implement a video strategy. Furthermore, 99% of people who use video now intend to use it more in the future. 

When it comes to consumer conversion, lead generation, and education, nothing compares to video marketing.

Brands must embrace video marketing – this is not a novel concept. What has changed is the importance of video on every platform and channel. 

Videos are important and have been skyrocketing in popularity. But this just won’t happen out of nowhere. You need to have a result-driven digital content strategy in place. 

If you are looking for hands-up in creating a personalized video marketing strategy for your business, then keep scrolling.  

This blog will cover everything, from basics to getting started and some effective tips to create a video marketing strategy. 

What is video content strategy? 

A video content strategy is a plan you make that identifies the kinds of videos you should make to connect with your target audience and accomplish your objectives.

Your video content plan is a component of your overall digital content strategy. It specifies the videos you will make, as well as the types of videos you will make and the topics you will cover.

Creating high-quality material consistently while adhering to a sound video marketing strategy will help you improve your video views. Higher conversions will come from more views combined with appropriate calls to action.

Why is video content so important?

Unlike any other type of content, video content makes your brand come to life. Video streaming has become a common occurrence in daily life due to the expansion of the internet. In recent years, an increasing number of people have begun streaming video on their laptops and mobile devices. In reality, people spent more than 1.1 billion hours last year watching live-streaming videos.

As a result, several businesses have begun to in corporate video content into their marketing efforts.

The following are some advantages of video marketing for companies:

  • Makes your brand more personable and approachable.
  • People who prefer to receive information through video rather than reading will find this appealing.
  • Increases your control over your message.
  • has the ability to blend visuals with audio to provide the user with a more complete experience. 
  • Videos can easily be included in emails and blog posts to add dimension.
  • When uploaded with keyword-rich titles and descriptions, it is excellent for SEO.
  • You can use the video footage you shoot to make material for your social media profiles or even sponsored advertisements if you broadcast it straight from your website.  

It’s unquestionably a win-win situation.

Even if your content marketing plan does not revolve around video, it is a good idea to vary the mediums through which you share content. If you rely solely on a blog or a specific social media platform, you’re throwing money away. 

By including another type of content marketing, such as video material, you can reach even more potential prospects.

How to make a video marketing strategy? 

1. Setting the goals for videos

Setting the goals for videos - KrishaStudio

Setting goals for your video is the first step in developing a video marketing plan. A video should ideally be made for each level of the marketing funnel. However, leading from the front is usually effective.

Here are some common stages of the marketing funnel: 

  • Awareness: A challenge or opportunity is defined here, and the user recognizes they have a problem. At this point, your videos should draw viewers in and present your company to a fresh group of people with an awareness video about your brand and products or services. Awareness videos bring in new customers.
  • Consideration: The viewer is now contemplating how he or she will address the problem at hand. They are looking for affordable solutions, researching, getting advice, reading product reviews, and so on. Consideration stage videos engage the users and appeal to them to take action. 
  • Decision: You want to stay at the forefront of their minds since they are getting close to solving the problem. Show the prospective customers why they should choose your product or service above that of your rivals by presenting evidence of satisfied customers. Decision stage videos help in conversions. 

2. Know your audience well

Know your audience well - KrishaStudio

Having determined which level of the marketing funnel to target, the next step is to identify your target demographic. This is also a very important phase because a video that is made without a target audience in mind will probably not be well 


Here’s the tips on how you can identify your target audience: 

  • Who your service or product is intended for – this is your buyer persona.
  • What your video’s goal is will determine where viewers land in the marketing funnel.
  • Where you find your target audience will influence how you distribute your video.

With the answers to these three questions, you’ll know not just who your target audience is, but also how to contact them.

3. What’s the narrative you want to impart? 

 What’s the narrative you want - KrishaStudio

To truly connect with your audience, you must first determine what your story is, what their story is, and how you will blend the two.

Their story will include an issue for which you have a solution. Your story will provide you with the legitimacy and credibility to assist them with their situation.

As you write your story, consider what emotions you want it to evoke in the reader. 

  • Do you want them to laugh?
  • Should your video make them feel motivated or happy? 

Consider what emotion you want your audience to feel when you compose your script. Understanding and tapping into the emotions that your target audience associates with success can assist you in bringing things full circle.

Everything from the objects and location to the colors and clothing will communicate this, so consider each aspect carefully!

4. Plan the content creation

Plan the content creation - KrishaStudio

Over time, a well-thought-out content production plan will save you both money and time. Examine your content creation and post-production alternatives. 

This consists of, but is not restricted to:

  • Determining the necessary props and equipment
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing the script
  • Making a video storyboard
  • Making preparations for the shoot 
  • Recruiting and fostering talent (the persons depicted in the video)
  • Verifying if the music you’re using has the appropriate licensing. 

You’ll discover areas for improvement or things you overlooked the first time around as you work through the digital content strategy. Once a well-thought-out plan has been implemented, post-production can begin.

5. Post-video planning is as important! 

Post-video planning is as important! - KrishaStudio

In the realm of video marketing, post-production planning plays a pivotal role in maximizing the impact of your content. After content planning, consider the most effective distribution channels to reach your target audience. Whether it’s YouTube, social media platforms, or your website, strategic placement is key. 

Quick Tip: Optimize your video content for each platform by understanding the specific preferences and requirements of your audience on different channels. 

Additionally, have a well-thought-out promotion strategy in place. Utilize social media, email newsletters, and collaborations to amplify your video’s reach. By incorporating these elements into your post-product planning, you can enhance the visibility of your videos while creating a more interactive and connected experience for your viewers.

Additional Read


Here are 6 ways you can attract your audience with Video Content! 

1. How-to videos to better guide customers! 

How-to videos can be an excellent technique to better guide your people when it comes to using or consuming your product or service. How-to videos are a great approach to draw in potential consumers as many people use the internet these days to explore things they are interested in and gain knowledge. 

Since you are the one who knows your product the best, tell potential customers personally and increase their level of happiness. 

2. Utilize Client Testimonials to Build Trust 

Utilize Client Testimonials to Build Trust - KrishaStudio

Customer testimonial videos foster confidence among your customers. It is a type of video in which your previous customers discuss the effectiveness of your product, the benefits it provides, and its general quality.

Establishing trust and credibility among your customers is critical in this digital age, and testimonial videos do just that. 

Use storytelling strategies in your testimonial videos to talk about the customer’s individual experience with your product, the issue they were having previously, and how it helped them resolve it.

3. Create Awareness with Explainer Videos

Create Awareness KrishaStudio

Explainer videos serve as powerful tools for creating awareness by simplifying complex concepts and presenting information in an easily digestible format. Through a combination of visuals, concise narration, and often animation, these videos break down intricate ideas, products, or services into clear and engaging content. 

This type of content is particularly effective in introducing new products, demonstrating how a service works, or educating the audience about your brand’s unique value proposition. It enhances brand visibility and fosters a better understanding of what your brand has to offer.

4. Educate with Case Studies

 Educate with Case Studies - KrishaStudio

Case study videos serve as powerful educational tools by presenting real-world examples of your product or service in action. These videos provide a deep dive into specific scenarios, showcasing the challenges faced by your customers and how your brand effectively addressed those challenges. 

By featuring success stories and tangible results, case study videos offer valuable insights into the practical applications of your offerings. Case studies include the problem-solving process, making it an impactful way to educate your audience on the practical impact and value your products or services can bring to them.

5. Form Great Customer Relationships with Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-Scenes Videos - KrishaStudio

Behind-the-scenes videos help you better connect with your customers. This transparency builds trust and relatability, as audiences appreciate the genuine, unscripted moments. 

Whether it’s a peek into your office culture, the creative process, or day-to-day operations, behind-the-scenes content creates a sense of familiarity and emotional attachment. This personal connection fosters a more loyal and engaged audience, as people feel a part of your brand’s journey and story.

6. Increase Retention with Product Videos  

Increase Retention with Product Videos  - KrishaStudio

These videos show off your product or service in action through demos. This kind of video is essential if you want to introduce your products to viewers and showcase the various qualities they have to offer. This is not to say that product videos should only be used at the beginning of the conversion funnel.

To improve retention, you can even incorporate them into your digital content marketing tactics. You can utilize a product introduction video to showcase its key characteristics and demonstrate how they solve the problems of your target market. 


Video marketing can be intimidating at first, but with a little effort and diligence, you can quickly develop high-quality video content that is unique to your business. Take one step at a time and continue to learn. You never know how a fresh approach or concept will enable you to achieve your objectives.

Now that you have a better knowledge of the objective and process of developing a video marketing plan, you are prepared to create your own. It’s critical to put your audience at the forefront of anything you do, from goal-setting to content development. 

We hope that this guide and a few pointers on digital content strategy will help you improve your consumer connections and step up your marketing game. 

However, if you are looking for professional assistance with video marketing strategy and creation, then Krisha Studio can help you out. 


KrishaStudio is a creative video production agency, crafting captivating and compelling videos. With our team of passionate storytellers and video experts, we bring your vision to life, helping you achieve your marketing goals through the power of video.

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