Explainer video: Drive ROI and win your audience’s hearts

Discover how explainer videos elevate ROI and capture audience hearts. Harness the power of storytelling, communicate value effectively, and drive measurable results for your brand!

Explainer video: Drive ROI and win your audience’s hearts

Some websites feature impressive explainer videos on their landing pages, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Business experts regard these videos as an effective method to provide customers with a detailed understanding of their products. They consider explainer videos as extensions of the brand, capable of driving sales stunningly. Even a small addition to these videos can make a business stand out from the crowd, helping potential customers better understand the products and services offered.

According to Cisco’s prediction, over 82% of total internet traffic will come from videos by 2022. A concise video with the right content is sufficient to showcase who you are and what miracles you can achieve. This is why explainer video production is becoming an industry in itself.

What is an explainer video?

According to numerous SEO experts, incorporating an explainer video can significantly enhance SEO outcomes. It contributes to bolstering SEO strategies and expanding visibility prospects. Explainer videos are adept at swiftly garnering popularity, with Google’s algorithm exerting influence in this regard. Consider these videos akin to contemporary commercials—they’re not just captivating but also engrossing.

With minimal effort, like crafting a compelling headline and designing an attention-grabbing video thumbnail, you can witness increased views and elevated rankings in search results. It’s a well-established fact that websites featuring videos rank on Google 50 times more frequently than those lacking such content.

Benefits of Explainer video

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Offers good SEO result

Adding an explainer video can significantly improve SEO results, according to many SEO experts. It helps boost your SEO efforts and opens up new opportunities for visibility. Explainer videos are effective in quickly gaining popularity, and Google’s algorithm plays a role in this. Think of these videos as modern commercials—they’re not only interesting but also engaging.

With minimal effort, such as creating a catchy headline and an eye-catching video thumbnail, you can see increased views and higher rankings in search results. It’s a proven fact that websites with videos rank in Google 50 times more than those without.

Increase conversion rate

Conversion rates are crucial for the success of products and services. If you notice a drop in your conversion rate, it’s important to find ways to entice customers. Experts suggest that explainer videos are key to engaging more customers. It’s a proven fact that motion and movement can keep a viewer 4 times more engaged. Explainer videos offer a perfect blend of information and visuals, effectively conveying the message.

A concise 2-minute explainer video can tell the entire story and reach a wider audience. Utilizing a combination of audio, visuals, graphics, text, and animations, you can craft a clear presentation. This approach can increase the conversion rate by a remarkable 85%. Isn’t that amazing?

Speak to your customers with a video

An explainer video goes beyond simply explaining your service. It also highlights why you’re the right choice for your potential customers. Identifying a problem and offering a solution, effectively communicates your value proposition. Additionally, explainer videos are more effective than traditional commercial videos.

Get maximized ROI

Explainer videos are cost-effective investments. While there are expenses involved in pre-and post-production, as well as equipment costs, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. Prices may vary depending on the use of animation, graphics, and actors. However, explainer videos can ensure a great return on investment (ROI). For example, consider a scenario where a company launched a video and gained 5 million new customers, resulting in over $24 million in revenue.

Get more and more engagement

Videos garner more shares compared to other types of content. It’s evident that reaching a wider audience in a short time is achievable with an explainer video. You can showcase your products and services within minutes without requiring viewers to read lengthy content for 10 minutes. By allowing them to watch, you can generate more leads.

How to Use Explainer Videos to Drive ROI and Capture Your Audience’s Attention?

 Use Explainer Videos to Drive ROI -KrishaStudio
Add video on the leading page

Yes, incorporating an explainer video on a landing page is highly effective in boosting the conversion rate. Studies indicate that it can increase the conversion rate by 85%. Moreover, it not only enhances the conversion rate but also significantly reduces the bounce rate.

Use your video in your blog

Typically, people tend to avoid reading lengthy blogs, which can lead to a higher bounce rate. However, incorporating an explainer video can attract more viewers to your blog and reduce the bounce rate. You’ll likely observe an increase in the average time spent by viewers on your site.

Share the video on social media platforms

Social media is crowded with real people and real feelings. Sharing videos on social media can trigger the interest of the visitors for your service or products. It helps in building a better relationship with the audience and boosting the conversion rate.

Use video in your email

Email marketing is now trending. To make the email marketing content useful and engaging, adding a video will be super effective. It will bring more clicks than regular marketing emails.

Add video in the company presentation

Introducing a product in a company meeting can be easier with an explainer video. At the meeting, there will be lots of people from different countries. And making all of them easily understand your product or service will be effortless with this kind of video.

Get explainer video production service from KrishaStudio

When it comes to finding the best-animated explainer video production service provider, KrishaStudio holds the first place. It is one of the leading animation video service providers today. It has been satisfying clients over the decades with a 100% success rate.

If you have tried all the ways to get more traffic yet failed to satisfy your dream, try explainer video today. Adding an explainer video means you are 50% ahead on the track!


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