Agency or Freelancer: Who can best help with animation video production?

Discover the key factors to consider when deciding between an agency and a freelancer for animation video production. Evaluate factors such as experience, creativity, and project management to make an informed decision!

Agency or Freelancer: Who can best help with animation video production?
Freelancer vs agency - Video Production

We all recognize the pivotal role of content in today’s digital marketing landscape. Choosing the right content is crucial, as it can significantly impact your brand’s image and business outcomes. When it comes to content like animation videos or ad videos, selecting a provider who can deliver quality content promptly is essential. For SMEs, opting to work with a freelancer or engaging with a content provider agency can streamline the process rather than managing multiple hires.

Finding the right talent can be challenging, involving numerous interviews, selection meetings, and administrative tasks. Therefore, many SMEs prefer the flexibility and convenience offered by freelancers or agencies.

To determine whether an animation video agency or a freelancer is the better option for your content needs, let’s explore the following aspects:


Freelancers -KrishaStudio

Hiring a freelancer is similar to hiring an employee. But here you do not need to pay a single penny as a maintenance charge. There are lots of freelancing websites to find top-quality freelancers. After seeing their reviews, previous work samples, and comparing charges, you can easily hire one for your animation video work. Even there are a lot of companies that prefer to do this instead of maintaining a full team. Apart from this, during increased production pressure, freelancers can support you to maintain the workflow. However, freelancers come with specific expertise.


Now let’s consider the advantages of working with a freelancer. Undoubtedly, freelancers are cost-effective and often deliver projects more quickly. Freelancers with specific expertise can significantly enhance the quality of your project. Additionally, freelancers prioritize client satisfaction, often delivering work promptly and to a high standard. When working with a freelancer, they may go the extra mile to secure future work from you by providing additional value. This can lead to finding a reliable freelancer who can support your ongoing production needs. By hiring a skilled freelancer, you can save on team maintenance costs and time.


As mentioned earlier, freelancers typically have limited skills and expertise, which means you’ll receive support tailored to their specific abilities. If your project requirements are minimal or if you don’t require extensive support, hiring a freelancer may be suitable. However, there are risks associated with hiring freelancers. They may not adhere to deadlines, potentially causing project delays and impacting profitability.

Video Production Agencies

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Partnering with an agency is highly beneficial when you require top-quality animation videos promptly. Many industry leaders collaborate with agencies to ensure timely delivery of high-quality content. Agencies boast teams of seasoned professionals capable of handling diverse tasks. You have the option to entrust them with entire projects, and multiple teams will manage various aspects, ensuring timely completion. Additionally, agencies typically provide post-project support, further enhancing their value proposition. Thus, opting for a creative video agency is advantageous when you require comprehensive project support and superior work quality within strict deadlines.


Now, let’s delve into the benefits of collaborating with a professional animation agency. Those who engage with agencies often find that they receive more consistent work compared to other options. Agencies boast multidisciplinary teams capable of supporting different aspects of a project, ensuring timely completion. Moreover, agencies have established work styles and strategies to support client projects, alleviating concerns about the quality and timeliness of deliverables.


There are a few disadvantages to working with agencies, especially considering the additional cost involved. Typically, agencies charge higher fees compared to freelancers. However, if your budget allows, opting for an animation video agency can be beneficial. Agencies provide more consistent work and ensure timely delivery. Additionally, some agencies offer post-project support, further enhancing the value of their services.

Which one is the best for you?

In 2020, deciding between freelancers and agencies depends on your budget and requirements. Fortunately, there are many agencies that cater to SMEs, making budget constraints less of an issue. Before making a decision, it’s essential to review previous works and compare pricing.

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