GIF marketing: How to use animated GIFs in your marketing Plan

Explore the impact of animated GIFs on marketing and learn how to leverage them effectively in your plan. From social media to email campaigns, discover strategies for incorporating GIFs into your marketing efforts and captivating your audience.

GIF marketing: How to use animated GIFs in your marketing Plan
GIF Marketing

Animated GIFs have been dominating the online world for quite some time. They have gone viral on social media and different blogs. This has become so popular and gained so much importance that marketers have started experimenting with these GIFs to enhance their marketing plans.

What is an animated GIF?

What is an animated GIF - KrishaStudio

So what is an animated GIF? This is a series of still images that have been coded in a single file. CompuServe introduced GIF in 1987. Some of the popular animated GIFs in the initial phases were flames, waving flags, and so on. However it was in 2000, with the growth in Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, they started losing their popularity.

After Web 2.0 evolved, people started understanding that they could use an animated GIFs in a different ways and use them in blogs and social media sites. The tools for creating animated GIFs also became popular. Due to this event, animated GIFs have again become a prominent part of any marketing plan.

Benefits of Animated GIFs for the marketers

Animated GIFs are not only cute to look at but they are equally cool. They can therefore be used in marketing easily. We have listed some of the benefits that animated GIFs can bring to marketers:

Can be easily consumed
 GIF can be Easily consumed - KrishaStudio

It is very tough to capture the attention of the audience for more than one minute. This is the reason why online videos are so tough. However, we all know that videos have more power than still images. This is the reason why animated GIFs are the best option for marketers.

This is a hybrid between a video and a still image. This can also be defined as a picture that is alive. The target audience can quickly engage with the format and also derive a lesson from the movement. GIFs are short, need less time, and are therefore of great value to the marketers.

Good for Call to action
Good for Call to action - KrishaStudio

With the help of animated GIFs, you will be able to guide the viewer through a specific path. This kind of guidance is effective for a good call to action. For marketers, this is a good way to capture the attention of the target audience. This also allows the marketers to try something innovative.

Create emotional impact
Create emotional impact - KrishaStudio

The simplicity and the elegance associated with animated GIFs help to capture the attention of the customers. The animated GIFs present a world that would not have been noticed with still images. Hence, one must pick the right moment when they are making animated GIFs. The ability to connect emotionally with potential customers with animated GIFs is immense. The message can touch them emotionally and inspire them or even make them laugh.

Using GIFs in marketing plans

After knowing about animated GIFs and their benefits, a marketer must know how to use them effectively in their marketing plans.

Using GIFs on the Homepage
Using GIFs on the Homepage - KrishaStudio

If the animated GIF is prepared correctly, it will immediately catch the attention of the viewers. Hence the marketer must be smart and use them in such places on the website so that the attention of the users can be attracted. One can use them on the homepage or the About us section. For example, Jive Social Business uses GIFs on its homepage. They have a still image of employees wherein some parts of the picture are animated.

Using GIFS for email marketing
Using GIFS for email marketing - KrishaStudio

Animated GIF performs the same way as the normal image in an email. Hence, you can experiment with GIFs and replace them with the still image in the email. An email with an animated GIF has been found to generate more revenue than non-animated GIF mails.

Using GIFs for showing functions and features
Using GIFs for showing functions - KrishaStudio

A marketer can highlight the functions and features of a product with the help of an animated GIF. You can make use of animated GIFs for creating a short tutorial or even show a step-by-step process about the product or the service.

Using GIFs on the landing page
Using GIFs on the landing page - KrishaStudio

One can use the animated GIFs on the landing pages for increasing the conversion rates of the landing pages. For example, an ebook that has an animated GIF on the landing page generated more lead conversion than the ones with a still image. The animated GIF connects more with the target customers and they feel attached to the product that a marketer is showcasing.

Using animated GIFs in your marketing plans will surely help you to increase the lead conversion rates and also reach out to more target customers. By trying out the animated GIF in unique ways and different places, you will surely achieve success with your marketing plans.


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