How video marketing can help you generate leads

Explore the ways in which video marketing can help you generate leads. From capturing attention to nurturing prospects, learn how to leverage video content to drive lead generation and grow your business.

How video marketing can help you generate leads
Video Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just a field that needs the brightest, freshest minds from campuses to take off. Marketing needs innovative solutions that can capture the interest of the average Internet denizen and keep them on the web page long enough to get hooked by attractive displays of the company’s services and products. Video Marketing goes a long way toward this end as it helps companies build up a large following in a few days.

When you’re trying to generate leads using video marketing, there are three primary stages to the process:

  1. Content Strategy: The design and style of the video content that needs to add value to your audience.
  2. Promotion: Make sure that your videos correctly promote your products and services.
  3. Acquisition: The final stage, acquisition, centers around the forms or sign-up pages to acquire the customer’s information.

There’s no big secret behind Video Marketing that makes it the best method of generating new leads and potential customers. Instead, Video Marketing Music, human faces, and even somebody telling us about the company’s products will always interest a person more than text will.

How Do Video Marketing Services Generate Lead? Methods and Processes of the Video Marketing Field

Gated Content: How Locked Content Generates Leads
How Locked Content Generates Leads - KrishaStudio

Gated content is probably the most straightforward marketing strategy. It involves requiring a user to enter information through methods like signing up for an account to access the locked Animation Video. It directly involves data from the user instead of more subtle ways where video marketing is supposed to help you acquire the user’s information.

Essentially, the video itself is hidden behind a form that users must fill out. It usually follows this procedure:

  1. After arriving at your website, the user sees a Call-to-Action (a marketing strategy that invites the user to take immediate action) or pop-up.
  2. This pop offers the Animation Video to the user if they fill out a form. Some companies choose to ask for contact details, whereas others settle for email addresses to add to their mailing list.

The goal of Gated Content is direct lead generation. It helps create a targeted audience for companies that need to establish their customer base. By its nature, hidden content doesn’t make for high traffic, so using gated content for brand awareness is usually a waste.

Something you have to make sure of is that your gated content is never locked behind a paywall. Cheap tactics like paywalls (that don’t even earn a lot of money in the long run!) create a terrible first impression, making potential customers never revisit your site.

Subscriptions: Video Marketing Utilizing YouTube
Subscriptions - KrishaStudio

Many companies choose to upload their videos to Youtube to have an easier time generating leads. Subscriptions are the main form of generating leads on youtube: when the company that owns the channel uploads a video, they get a notification about it. While using subscriptions to generate leads still has to catch on in the primary market, it’s become a regular Video Marketing Strategy for start-ups with fresh minds coordinating their marketing.

Follow some of the tips down below if you’re using Video Marketing to generate leads through YouTube subscriptions:

  1. Optimize Your Content: Even if your videos are spectacularly made, they can slip into oblivion if you don’t optimize them. To ensure that your video ranks high on search engine results, include frequently searched keywords on search engines like Google and Bing!.
  2. Organize Videos Into Playlists: If your company or agency provides many products and services, it’s generally a good idea to separate them by categories. This helps people find the video they’re looking for easier and makes your channel more attractive.
  3. Add YouTube Cards: YouTube Cards are interactive cards and pop-ups that allow the content creator to add links to other sources. The link can be to the company’s website, a poll, promotion of related content, or even charity links if you’re so inclined.
  4. Have An Active Comments Section: The comment section under the video is just as crucial to the overall video marketing strategy. Even if your company’s channel isn’t that well known, interacting with users can keep on generating leads long after you posted the video.
  5. Share Your Videos Widely: This is probably the most obvious tip. To maximize the efficiency of generating leads, make sure that your videos are shared as widely as possible across multiple social media platforms.

A significant advantage of using subscriptions to generate leads is that a regular channel allows you to retain a targeted audience over a long time. As long as you’re consistent in your uploads, people will show up to watch your videos, and your following will grow over time.

Lastly, The Call to Action: The Most Important Part of Video Marketing
Most Important Part of Video Marketing - KrishaStudio

Drawing people’s attention with flashy, well-made videos is fantastic. Keeping a regular, targeted audience for your products and services is even better. However, many people who don’t use a professional video marketing service are forgetting to include a way for potential customers to find more information about their company. Adding extra steps in the process is more than likely to discourage people, reducing the number of leads generated overall.

A CTA is meant to hook the target audience’s attention and give them an easy way to get more information about your product. The type of CTA depends on the kind of service you’re offering and what you want the potential client to do.

  1. Consume More Content: Some companies prefer to have their customers consume more of their content before contacting them. In this case, you can add cards and links to other videos.
  2. Book A Meeting: On the other hand, if your service revolves around booking a meeting, you might want to encourage the potential customer to book an appointment by providing your contact details.

A call to action must always be present at the end of the video. These can be as simple as an annotation during an appropriate time that leads to the web page for your new product. Or, when you mention the advantages of a particular service, you can use YouTube Cards to point out the page for that specific service.

Of course, if you prefer to do things simply, you could also just include your company’s email address and phone number in the video description. It might be a barebones measure, but having some form of a CTA present is paramount.

A Conclusion: What Makes Video Marketing A Perfect Opportunity for Generating Leads?

The online business world has almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to video marketing content. There are hundreds, if not more, of topics to choose from in every industry. You could focus on the products and services of the company and what features make them superior to the same type of product from rival companies. This is often useful for generating leads and finding people looking for a reliable brand of that type of product. Long, boring text blogs are a thing of the past. Today, there’s a better way to present your product: a small, concise video that can explain the product and hook your attention simultaneously. Marketers worldwide agree that people can understand your product better when it’s delivered through video marketing.

Get the services of a reputed Video Marketing Agency today if you want to make sure you can market your products to the largest target audience possible!


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