Out-of-box product video ideas for promoting your products

Discover creative and out-of-the-box product video ideas to elevate your product promotion efforts. Learn how to showcase your products in unique and engaging ways that resonate with your audience and boost brand awareness.

Out-of-box product video ideas for promoting your products
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The product video editing and processing of the explainer videos are not hot desserts just for the sake of it. Businesses are taking their consumer engagement level to the peak with their product demos and promotional videos. Creative product videos, on the one hand, influence conversions, driving brand recall, brand trust, and product and service awareness. On the other hand, unique animated explainer videos are one of the best resources for modern marketers, content creators, and brands that require an effective, fun, and engaging way of educating customers about their offerings within 90 seconds. In this article, we will discuss some creative ways of making videos that will help in promoting your business. 

What is a Product Video?

What is a Product Video - KrishaStudiio

product video is an explainer video, demonstrating the benefits of a product. A demo video helps in boosting conversion rates through creative and engaging stories and demonstrating the functions of the product and its impact. Use of creativity such as metaphor and narrative in a product video for creating a long-lasting impression in the minds of your audiences. Using such creativity allows your audiences to experience the products’ features instead of explaining them. 

Studies conducted by neuroscience suggest that there are several reasons for the continued popularity of internet videos, and a good business would likely incorporate product video when launching new products. People retain more information when they receive it through videos. Hence, whenever a company tries to express something about a product fast and memorable, video is the best option.

Impact of Product Videos on Consumers

If you are currently browsing a reputed company’s website and noticed a video alongside the product images, there are high chances you encountered a product video. Videos have become a staple in leading marketers’ strategies since the past few years, and have gained more power in recent months, as the brands are mostly relying on digital formats to reach their existing and potential customers.

From individual product demonstration videos to product promotion videos uploaded by reputed retailers like Target and Sephora goes viral and sell over a billion dollars. Product videos emerged as a form of digital content that would go on becoming more popular. Enlisted below are some of the videos that most reputed companies upload for promoting their business. 

Products and Service Launching Videos
Products and Service Launching Videos - KrishaStudio

These videos serve as an introduction of products and services as a solution to a common issue, a product reset, or an explanation of a complicated product concept, which helps in amplifying a product launch. 

Product Knowledge-Based Videos
Product Knowledge-Based Videos - KrishaStudio

These videos offer the customers troubleshooting guidelines, articles, FAQs, and other information that customers need to know about the product.

Product Awareness Videos
Product Awareness Videos - KrishaStudio

These videos offer customers an overview of a product, introduce customers to the brand or a new product, generate excitement with fun facts or unusual product features showcases, and offer more information to customers.

Product Promotion Videos
Product Promotion Videos - KrishaStudio

Like traditional marketing videos on TV, the videos focus on key benefits and the constituents of the product that might help the customers. 

Product Demonstration Videos
Product Demonstration Videos - KrishaStudio

These videos focus on the working of a product, the features of the products, and if it has any learning curve to it.

Product Testimonial Videos
Product Testimonial Videos - KrishaStudio

The videos show a satisfied account of the customers who experienced the products. It defines how the product helped them with an issue, why they liked it, and the features of the product that they found useful. 

From a customer’s perspective, product videos are a convenient way for evaluating the products, the working of the product, and the way in which it can fill the existing gap or solve specific problems. 

Ways to Make Creative Product Videos for Boosting Conversions

Enlisted are some of the creative video production techniques that would boost the conversion rates of your business. 

Product Launch Videos 
Product Launch Videos  - KrishaStudio

Product launch videos start with a quick introduction of products, followed by elaborating the features and benefits. These videos are a great way of creating the hype about the new thing that you are planning to sell. Whether it is a new product or service, launch it with the most engaging, and exciting video.   

How-to Videos
How-to Videos - KrishaStudio

How-to videos are a great addition to your video library, which provides a consistent stream of content. The high-value informational videos show your target customers the way to achieve any results they are looking for, and hence, you can position your brand to be just what they need to accomplish. 

Product Review Videos 
Product Review Videos  - KrishaStudio

Brands that are not afraid to dive into an unbiased comparison about showing the weight of their products against their competitors’ products have great success with their customers. The videos simultaneously help in building customer’s trust and perform a service since customers often start the purchasing journey with product comparison.

Product Testimony Videos
Product Testimony Videos - KrishaStudio

Following another customer’s product experience through actual testimonials, before and after the content, and explanation of how their lives became easier with the use of the product. The product review videos are powerful selling points.


Next time when you are looking for ways for spicing up your content and trying to engage existing and potential customers in more compelling and unique ways you can adopt any of the video ideas mentioned above. In the digital world, everything goes around. Hence, do not be afraid to leap outside the box and keep experimenting on the video formats that would attract more customers and promote your business. 

Impress Your Customers with KrishStudio’s Magic
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If you want better promotion of your business by attracting more customers through out-of-box videos, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you stand out from your competitors.


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