Why does a product launch need an explainer video?

Learn about the importance of explainer videos for product launches and why they're a must-have marketing tool. Find out how explainer videos can help generate excitement, educate your audience, and ultimately boost sales for your new product.

Why does a product launch need an explainer video?

Your firm will be successful if your customers can understand your product. Communicating to them in the most straightforward manner possible is the best way to accomplish it. It’s not a good idea to create content-only, boring websites. It’s time for you to provide something new and improved. Audio-visual content is easier for the human brain to comprehend than text-only reading.

It is easy to prefer watching television to reading a newspaper or listening to the radio. According to several marketers, if you don’t consider explainer videos when maintaining your website, your website will suffer. But why does a does a product launch need an explainer video? In this post, we tried to discuss the advantages of the same.

8 reasons to launch a product with an explainer video

1. It Builds Trust and Brand Loyalty

Marketers use explainer videos to emotionally connect with their audience and demonstrate their concern for their consumers. Many companies believe that by showing customers how to utilize a solution or service, these videos can boost their brand loyalty and customer trust.

Businesses now use video to provide customer feedback or to demonstrate their trustworthiness as a brand and outstanding reputation. It is one of the best strategies to connect with potential customers and win their loyalty.

This approach will assist in demonstrating that your company is well-known among consumers and experts and offers the finest answer to their issues. It affects customer purchasing decisions, strengthens the reputation of your business, and boosts audience involvement.

2. Videos are more popular than any other type of content

In the digital age, customers prefer to access content through videos. According to research, 29.8% of internet users need instructional videos, while 31.3% want to see how-to videos.

Thanks to the rise of creative platforms, customers may now watch high-quality explainer videos on multiple platforms and gadgets. Customers can view these videos to study the qualities and features of goods and services in 3D. They can make quick purchasing selections because of it.

3. An Explainer Video Strengthens your Brand’s Image

Every business needs to build its brand image, and an animated video can help by telling your brand’s story and promoting its goods. The coolest thing regarding animated videos is that they educate the viewers with useful information.

It makes a big impression and makes customers desire to purchase your product more easily. Additionally, the artistic component of animation entertains the audience. Undoubtedly, explainer videos are now among the most efficient methods for enhancing the reputation and image of your company.

Due to this, most companies and startups think about employing it whenever they introduce a new good or service.

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4. It Portrays the Brand’s Empathy

Businesses sell feelings and emotions when they advertise a product. It implies that if your product meets their wants, they will be happy; if not, they won’t be. Additionally, you might survey a small sample of your customers to get their opinions and thoughts about your business.

You can gain insights to enhance the user experience for the product using these methods. Additionally, by doing this, you may make the necessary adjustments to your marketing approach.

Many companies utilize “empathetic marketing” to promote their goods, using individuals in the video to convey favorable feelings about the use of the product. 

5. Explainer videos make it easy to describe how a product or service works

Explainer films are perfect for showing how to utilize a product or highlighting the advantages of a service to a customer. Simple text is frequently not the best medium for instructions, and viewers will learn from the visual representation provided by videos.

It is challenging to thoroughly explain every product since some technological products, including software and specialized equipment, demand in-depth explanations. Users who know how to utilize a product are more likely to buy it.

For your brand, an animated explainer video is a great method to expose your character to everyday situations. Customers will like seeing how your characters use your service or product to solve difficulties.

6. An Explainer Video Increase your Conversions and Sales

An explainer film increases audience interest in your brand and helps to increase audience interaction. It improves user engagement and enables you to reach a larger audience across platforms.

Your conversions and sales will increase dramatically as a result. Publishing them on social media enables you to reach a large audience globally. Your sales channel is your explainer videos. Additionally, you must instruct your audience in the subsequent procedures.

7. Highlighting the ultimate advantages for the customer

One of the most important benefits of video content is the ability to view the product in its naturalistic way. To help the customer comprehend the product better, you can discuss all or some of its features.

These product descriptions connect the product’s features to its benefits for consumers by utilizing illustrations to show how effectively it can meet those needs.

8. Increase Web Traffic SEO 

Web traffic can be significantly increased by integrating videos. Google will enjoy your page if it has a high-quality video, and you will see an increase in organic traffic. Add a video of a new product’s launch to your content.

If the video is interesting, it will also persuade visitors to stay on your website longer. More positive signals will be sent to search engines, possibly boosting rankings and organic traffic.


It’s time to include explainer videos in your marketing strategy now that you know why they are so successful. Several methods exist, from using social media and video platforms to adding them to your website and landing pages.

Working with an experienced video marketing firm is also a wise move because they can not only assist you in creating a video of the highest caliber, but they can also advise you on the best platforms to display your videos on for maximum effect.

Overall, explainer videos can significantly influence you over time if you take the time to create them properly and professionally and share them where they will be most helpful to you.


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