7 Things to consider before investing in educational explainer videos

Before investing in educational explainer videos, it's important to consider several factors. Explore the top 7 considerations, including target audience, content relevance, and production quality, to make informed decisions for your educational initiatives.

7 Things to consider before investing in educational explainer videos

In today’s world of education, educational explainer videos are important. To understand educational explainers, we must first comprehend what an explainer is. Short, medium, or long explainer videos are used to quickly explain a concept. Explainer videos, per another definition, answer all questions about a specific subject or product. When the subject is academic, the video results are an educational explainer video.

If the video’s content isn’t decent enough, it may not produce the desired results. As a result, when investing in educational explainer videos, eLearning companies, and academic institutions should follow a guideline of dos and don’ts. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of those points. But first, let’s take a look at what educational explainer videos are.

What are the Factors You Should Consider Before Investing in Educational Explainer Videos?

Videos have more to them than meets the eye. These days, videos are among the most effective marketing tools available. They generate leads, increase conversions, and increase sales while also engaging your audience. All of this sounds great, but you do need to understand if your investment is worthwhile. 

Explainer videos are a one-time asset that is just as important as any other marketing tool for your company. Maintain a strong message for your product by keeping it simple and convincing. A good explainer video can lead to higher conversion rates, leads, and revenue, which can cover all of your costs and prove it is worthwhile.

You must consider these seven-point before investing your time and money.

1. Who Are Your Target Audiences?
 Who Are Your Target Audiences - KrishaStudio

Creating an explainer video is only half the battle. You must market it to the correct audience to get all of the sales, conversions, and leads. It’s not going to work to promote your latest iPhone app to Android users. So, before you think about having your video produced, research your target audience (age group, behavior, problem areas, and their expectation from a product like yours). Consider presenting your product to them as a source of help and watch how they react.

2. Freshness is Important
Freshness is Important - KrishaStudio

Don’t make the videos too similar. The same visuals are repeated frequently in the videos, making them repetitive. Learners quickly lose interest in such videos because they like to see new material. 

If you want to keep the videos fresh, you should take the following steps:

  1. For each video, try to come up with new visuals.
  2. Never use the same visuals in multiple videos.
  3. Use only copylefted images.
  4. Avoid using popular stock images because they are frequently reused.
3. Where Are You Going to Market it?
Where Are You Going to Market it - KrishaStudio

Videos aren’t magic wands; they’re marketing tools. What if your video is cool, engaging, informative, and helpful but doesn’t reach your target audience? Many people are unaware that videos do not walk to your audience; instead, you must make them visible to them. A successful SEO campaign (carefully crafted keywords, titles, meta descriptions, thumbnails, categories, tags, and so on), a planned social media strategy, and ad campaigns, among other things, are extremely important to help your video reach out to the target audience.

If you put your educational explainer videos in your LMS and give your learners access to them, they will reap numerous benefits. They can quickly raise questions through the LMS, and the professionals will answer them. It will make both the learner’s and the instructors’ jobs easier and more efficient.

4. What is Your Ultimate Video Objective?
What is Your Ultimate Video Objective - KrishaStudio

What was the purpose of making an explainer video in the first place? Don’t know what to say? Then you really shouldn’t be reading this. It’s a no-no to make a playful explainer video for the sake of “fun.” At the end of the day, all you want is for your audience to take some sort of action, whether it’s a purchase, a download, or a simple subscription. To accomplish your marketing goals and objectives, define a proper call to action. You can also run an A/B split test to see which call-to-action buttons work best for your audience.

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5. Make it Mobile-Friendly
Make it Mobile-Friendly - KrishaStudio

As per recent reports, mobile phones are used to consume over 80% of video content worldwide. As a result, your academic explainer videos must be compatible with mobile devices. Explainer video creators are now employing flip animation methods to make their videos more appealing for mobile screens. Making mobile-friendly videos also allows you to make them more interactive. You can include short evaluations in the middle of the videos to test the learners’ comprehension.

6. Make it Accessible
Make it Accessible - KrishaStudio

Learners with disabilities must be able to access the explainer videos. To accomplish this, you must include relevant subtitles and captions in the text, as well as ensure that the visuals are appropriate for all audiences. 

It’s significant because nearly a quarter of the population of the United States is disabled. To ensure fair opportunities for all learners, accessibility is critical.

7. Make it Relevant
Make it Relevant - KrishaStudio

Creating visually appealing explainers alone will not suffice. The explainer videos must also be relevant! They should stick to the topics that are part of the academic curriculum. They should also clearly explain difficult topics to supplement bookish learning. 

Many video producers create explainer videos in the form of a question-and-answer format. In such cases, developers must exercise extreme caution to avoid adding any unnecessary questions. Or else, the video will quickly become tedious.


We must consider the above-mentioned 7 things before creating educational explainer videos. Keep your content relevant to your students. It will help them to understand the topic more clearly and easily. Students with disabilities must be able to view the video content. Maintain a lively, interactive, and engaging atmosphere. Publish the videos on a suitable platform where students can easily ask questions. This will help them to clarify their doubts with ease. Also, remember to create mobile-friendly videos.

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