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The advent of the internet and mobile devices have made way for video to emerge in a more abundant and relevant way than it has in the past. Sometimes, there are some topics or content that just isn’t visually exciting. What happens when you need to convey these things in a video? Motion graphics explainer video is a powerful way to bring statistics or otherwise still content to life! Great ideas often involve scenarios that are not practical to capture in live action video. This is where motion graphics video really shines!

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Benefits of having a Motion Graphics Video?

There are several benefits of motion graphics video. Here are a few!

  • Motion graphics videos fit any brand look

    How your brand looks to potential customers matters a lot. The great thing about motions graphics is that you can make it look consistent with your visual branding pretty easily. The color scheme, the look of each element, and the flow of animation can all be tweaked and customized until your video looks and feels exactly right.

  • Motion graphics videos combine with other styles easily

    One of the less obvious benefits of motion graphics is that it gives you the creative freedom to combine it with other kinds of visuals like live-action video, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation as well as 3D animation. If you want to tell a story about an innovative product, you can combine motion graphics with another style to convey the message.

  • Motion graphics videos simplify complex topics

    Do you have an innovative or highly technical product? If yes, you face the tough challenge of educating your prospects about the awesomeness of your offer without putting them to sleep. Connecting the dots between what you do and how it helps others isn’t always easy. That’s where the benefits of motion graphics really shine.

  • Motion graphics videos are super memorable

    Motion graphics naturally stand out from the rest of the content. If you want your marketing videos to have a higher click through rates, motion graphics would be the way to go. In addition to being eye-catching, yet another benefit of motion graphics is how memorable it is. According to research, 80 percent of viewers remember a good video ad for up to 30 days after watching it.

  • Motion graphics videos are incredibly persuasive

    A good motion graphics video is a persuasion powerhouse that helps you fulfill your primary goal as a business owner or a marketer. It helps you earn the trust of your prospects and allows them to understand if your product or service is right for them. That’s what makes motion graphics a not-so-secret weapon of choice for increasing conversion rates.

  • Motion graphics videos have stunning designs

    Motion graphics make use of animation techniques to make designs come alive! With this type of video, you can execute any kind of idea by making use of graphic elements in movement. This will be of great help to deliver your message in just a couple of seconds, while you also make it understandable and memorable.

Types of Motion Graphics Video

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most common uses of motion graphics. Explainer videos take a complex process or situation. Then use animation to break down the process to manageable chunks that tell the complete picture. These videos are a way to help people emotionally connect with your brand because you can bring storytelling to the mix.

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Product Marketing

Motion graphics videos are a great way to not only tell a story about your product, but they can also show you how to use your product. Some of the products we use are complex and need a little further explanation. Motion graphics can really help, whether digital or physical.

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UI Animations

Being able to make your prototypes move is a skill that can give you and your team clarity. You can use motion graphics to help others understand how a menu should animate, or how something should slide in or out. You can also create a whole motion graphic video with your products UI. This is a lesser known use of motion graphics. UI animation can be especially useful for talking to developers when handing off assets.

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Icons and Logos

Motion graphics logos are an awesome way to improve your interface. This is when you hover over icons and they begin to animate. This can really help your brand stand above the rest. Motion graphics bring delight to logo design as well. Bringing that joy will reflect positivity for your brand.

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Short Films

What’s so powerful about motion graphics is it allows you to enter a world that only you can imagine. Motion graphics in short films make sense when they are simple shapes and design elements.

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You can animate graphs and elements of an infographic to emphasize the important information. It can also help people follow which information to read first. Creating animations for interactive infographics can be key for an engaging experience. Motion graphics can help solidify how the animation should occur.

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Motion Graphics Video FAQs

It usually depends on your intended use of the video. We recommend that videos created for marketing communication and product explainer videos should be restricted to less than 120 seconds. However, if you would want to use a video for training purposes then the duration can be as long as your content.
We can manage the entire process end to end while creating the video including: Scripting | Storyboard or Visualization | Graphics and Illustration | Animation | Voice over | Background music and sound effects
Delivery timelines depend upon the type of video and duration of the video you need. A simple 60-90 second motion graphics video will require approximately 3 weeks for execution. Rushing up a video production process may impact the quality of the video negatively.
As a standard industry practice, concepts and raw or working files are generally not delivered to the client and they remain the property of KrishaStudio. However, if you still need the raw source files, we will be happy to deliver the same for a small fee @20% of the project fee.
You do. We may use the video for marketing purposes post your approval and due written consent to do so.
Many of the assets created in the first motion graphics video can be applied to other videos in the series saving time and reducing the overall cost of the project. Contact us for more information about the cost of your project.

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