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Whiteboard video production is to simply. It gives your audience a ride back through nostalgia lane. Remember how your teacher could solve a complex physics equation on the board and make it look so simple? Well a whiteboard explainer video does the same for your business. Get your brand message across in the most understandable way possible. And enjoy the topping of mouth-watering swiftness and eye-catching visuals! Your next pit stop should definitely be our explainer video company!

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Benefits of having a Whiteboard Animation Video?

There are several benefits of whiteboard animation videos. Here are a few!

  • Whiteboard animation videos effectively maintain the viewer’s attention

    In the case of whiteboards, simple pictures appear one by one, without burdening the recipient’s attentional resources. The script’s content is selected in such a way that the storyline goes smoothly. The whole is read by a narrator whose voice supports the process of maintaining the viewer’s attention.

  • Whiteboard animation improve memorization

    Whiteboard animations naturally stand out from the rest of the content. If you want your marketing videos to have a higher click through rates, whiteboard animations would be the way to go. In addition to being eye-catching, yet another benefit of whiteboard animations is how memorable it is.

  • Whiteboard animation engage the viewers and make them laugh

    It is imperative to draw and maintain the viewer’s attention. Interesting and clear visualizations can help in achieving that. Humoristic presentation is very important as the human brain works much more efficiently when we are in a good mood. This is when it is stimulated to take up creative and scientific challenges.

  • Whiteboard animation reduces bounce rate from your website

    There are many ways to reduce your website bounce rate, but using a whiteboard animation video might be one of the best. Even if you don’t run an ecommerce brand, you can still benefit from an increase in conversion rate if you use whiteboard animation videos on your website. You can expect as much as a 20% lift!

  • Whiteboard animation helps you attract mobile users

    Mobile users consistently beat desktop users when it comes to video engagement. People on desktop and laptop computers can barely make it through 1 minute of video without yawning and going off to surf the web. Consider how and where people will be viewing your content, and help them by introducing subtitles and making the videos impossible to misunderstand, even if played without sound.

  • Whiteboard animation appeals to busy people

    If you market to busy executives, but you don’t use a lot of video content, there’s an easy way you can get started. Take your best-performing piece of text-based content, and re-purpose it into a video that you can get in front of your target market. By doing that, you not only attract more attention from those busy executives you’re trying to sell to, but also dramatically reduce the time it takes to expose them to your offer.

Types of Whiteboard Animation Video

The Overview Explainer Animation

Usually 2-3 minutes long, these type of animation videos work brilliantly as a video elevator pitch. Overview explainers won’t typically dive into the “how”, but instead stays focused on the “why” you do what you do— we’re giving the big picture in terms of emotions here.

The Overview Explainer Animation

The Pre-roll Ad

These kinds of whiteboard animation videos range from 15 seconds to a minute. That’s what makes these ads that show before a YouTube video so effective. You’ve got a built-in audience. Plus, these animations can be targeted to a specific audience and they are an extremely cost-effective way to get folks to your site.

The Pre-roll Ad

Specific Product Videos

Ranging from 90 seconds to three minutes, these videos hone in on your audience’s problem and solve it! Typically, this type of video is what we talk about when we refer to advertising. This animation will live on your product page and take that deep dive into what makes your specific widget right for your audience. Get into the nitty-gritty and tell the right emotional story that speaks to your customers’ needs.

Specific Product Whiteboard Animation Videos

Campaign Update Animation Videos

Great for encouraging social media sharing, these videos are ideally made 2-3 minutes long. These types of animations are timely, and they’re effective. Give us your campaign, and we’ll give you a whiteboard animation that will help you to advocate for your cause. At KrishaStudio, we pride ourselves on working with organizations that are doing meaningful work in the world. And campaign animations are perfect for organizations that have updates or seasonal campaigns they’re focused on.

Campaign Update Animation Videos Production Agency

Holiday Greeting Videos

Ranging from 15 seconds to a minute, creating short, fun animations that spread good cheer are great for sharing with your audience on different holidays.

Holiday Greeting Videos Production Services

Internal Training Animation Videos

Starting from two minutes and going all the way up to 10 minutes, internal training animation videos are great if you’re rolling out a new product for your company. This is also true if you are bringing in some new team members. Let your employees watch something good: a brand-new training video from KrishaStudio, one that lays out your goals and values as a company in a fresh and captivating manner.

Internal Training Whiteboard Animation Videos Production Agency

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Whiteboard Video FAQs

There’s no argument that videos are one of the most powerful marketing medium ever. Whiteboard animation is one of the type of explainer videos that are cartoon like hand drawn videos which can be used for presenting your complex ideas and products easily.
Once you shake hands with us, we’ll discuss the concept, come up with a script & storyboard that’ll boost the purpose of the video. Then, we’ll record the voiceover after choosing the right audio artist and then proceed to our creative animation process. We’ll also make sure to integrate the right kind of background music for your video. You’ll also be having a dedicated project manager.
Yes, we do. To make sure that you get the video that works, we’ll revise the work 3 to 4 times and fix the issues you raise. Our team will help you make better decisions too!
Let us know what you want and we’ll get your video done in just about 1 to 4 weeks. Isn’t that just great?
Many of the assets created in the first whiteboard video can be applied to other videos in the series saving time and reducing the overall cost of the project. Contact us for more information about the cost of your project.

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