Social media video: It’s standing In 2021 and the roadmap ahead

Get insights into the current state of social media video and what the future holds for 2021. Learn about upcoming trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the landscape of video content on social platforms.

Social media video: It’s standing In 2021 and the roadmap ahead
social media video trends

At the present time, different social media platforms, trends, and formats have literally inundated the digital scene. At the same time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for users to catch up with what each of them has to offer. In the midst of this digital uproar, it can become daunting, at times, to pay attention to the pivotal role, a social media video is expected to play while defining and implementing your video marketing strategy.

Read on to gain knowledge of the latest standing of a social media video and how it’s going to blaze a trail in the near future.

The significance of a social media video in 2021

The significance of a social media video  -KrishaStudio

As a matter of fact, when you post a social media video, it may not lead to an instantaneous sale. But, it helps develop connections with prospective customers and amplify brand awareness.

Even, by merely sharing a video on your website or through an email or TV ads, the tool can augment the number of potential viewers. In this way, you can make your website capable of attracting innumerable visitors every month. also, by email marketing your video, you may reach more.

By the way, Facebook currently boasts of 2.8 billion active monthly users. And TikTok isn’t the one to be left behind with approximately 700 million users. People love to watch videos on these platforms. In so far posts containing videos are concerned, Facebook tops the average user engagement rate. But, liking a post and buying it are two separate things. As per a recent survey, around 53 percent of consumers are found to directly engage with a brand once they have watched a social media video.

The turbulence that prevailed all through 2020 provided adequate opportunities for video marketing experts to recognize audiences having the propensity to easily engage on social media. With the imposition of lockdown, people had more time to be glued online. Basically, they’re seeking out entertainment and a feeling of attachment – two key things a social media video is equipped to provide in full blast.

Nearly all social media platforms are aware of this. This is the reason why they’re investing heavily to build and improve their video capabilities.

The meteoric rise of TikTok

The meteoric rise of TikTok -KrishaStudio

Amid the chaotic situation that engulfed 2020, TikTok came into the limelight. It’s a short-video sharing app that was launched in 2016 in China. Soon it blasted off and attained overarching global reach following its merger with an app called in 2018. With the app gradually becoming all-the-rage, it received the spotlight from reputed brands and celebrities. Even President Trump wasn’t left in the lurch. Following the pandemic imbroglio, he tried his best to ban the Chinese app citing reasons of breach of data privacy.

Trump’s tyrannous rule has ended. However, TikTok continues to be the top story. Even TikTok was banned in India because of worsening diplomatic relations with China as an aftermath of the Covid explosion and international border tensions. This has also resulted in country-wide layoffs. Despite these challenges, the popularity of TikTok hasn’t waned. Still, it’s well-positioned publishing its usual recreational stuff and branded content.  

TikTok’s monthly per-user consumption skyrocketed to almost 95 percent in the US with every passing year. During the same time span, other social media apps experienced a rise of only 11 percent. Bolstered by a heavily engaged audience, TikTok has managed to draw the lion’s share of attention from marketers. Recently, the app announced a collaboration with WPP to further strengthen its social media video advertising prospects. WPP solely holds ownership of leading ad agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, MediaCom, and others.

In the meantime, it’s important to know that TikTok’s paid advertising initiatives haven’t really taken off. Currently, the app puts forward 5 options to get the most out of paid advertising.

In-feed video ads
In-feed video ads -KrishaStudio

They’re identical to most of the in-feed ads found on other platforms. They show up in the news feed of the app user.

Branded hashtag challenge
Branded hashtag challenge -KrishaStudio

This attracts users to record videos of them performing a certain diversion activity using a pre-defined hashtag.

Brand takeover
Brand takeover -KrishaStudio

It’s a type of video that fully captures the screen during the time a user accesses the app for the first time.

Top View ads
Top View ads -krishaStudio

These are also full-screen video ads that occasionally begin playing once the app is restarted.

Branded effects
Branded effects -KrishaStudio

These comprise filters, lenses, and customizable stickers that can be included in the videos and animation clips.

In TikTok, brands have the ability to develop their own channel in a similar fashion as users do. On account of intense, far-reaching audience engagement, a well-conceived video may accomplish widespread viewership organically. Remember, TikTok videos are intrinsically short, informal, and lively. Therefore, the idea of importing videos from other channels and using them in TikTok isn’t worth the candle.

Moreover, the role of social media influencers on TikTok can’t be dismissed. By pulling resources from micro-influencers, brands can learn to take maximal advantage of this fast-developing app.

The inception and proliferation of Instagram Reels

The inception and proliferation of Instagram Reels -KrishaStudio

The social media network is renowned for its streaming videos and stories from the start. With the launch of IGTV in 2018, Instagram began sharing long-form videos. To make up for the phenomenal rise in TikTok’s popularity, it subsequently brought Instagram Reels into being to incorporate short-form videos and animation. These are available in a specific tab and can as well be shared with your news feed.

Obviously, each of Instagram’s in-house channels comes up with opportunities when it comes to organic as well as paid advertisements. Right over here, influencers too can play a substantial role. So, as far as video marketers are concerned, they should deliberate more on which exact medium of Instagram is chosen for sharing their videos.

While making such a decision, take the following points into consideration.

  1. Instagram stories is one of those handful number of places that allows brand owners to include links given that they’ve got verified accounts and they have managed to garner more than 10,000 followers.
  2. In-feed videos will be visible to only followers or visitors who frequent your profile.
  3. The maximum duration of IGTV videos is 1 hour. On the other hand, in-feed videos can last up to 1 minute or less.
  4. Each of Instagram’s video channels necessitates dissimilar aspect ratios. Therefore, see to it your social media video is suitably optimized for proper positioning.

With the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, there’s a uniformity to coordinate advertising across the two platforms. This facilitates you in creating video ads with the help of the Facebook Ads Manager tool and displaying them on both Facebook and Instagram at relevant placement points.

Facebook will continue its reign

Facebook will continue its reign -KrishaStudio

Here, the central point is the indisputable vastness of Facebook. It comprises the majority of video-loving users in comparison with any other social media platform.

A number of brands are currently making a fuss over the continuous decline of Facebook’s organic reach to users. Therefore, they assert that a social media video is one of the most vital implements to present your content and outreach to online viewers. If truth be told, Facebook’s organic reach is always marginally higher with videos. This may be on account of Facebook to have likely put videos on priority so as to expand the target audience. However, what nearly 60 percent of marketers believe is that ads for Facebook videos draw more clicks and boost CTR.

Even Facebook has got its own proprietary video channel called Facebook Watch. Although the channel hasn’t earned much popularity after its launch in 2017, it offers a video-on-demand service consisting of long and short-form videos, web series, and news-related programs. In fact, Facebook Watch is known to provide services to almost 1.25 billion monthly subscribers. In spite of all this, there isn’t much awareness about this platform and lots of Facebook users even haven’t heard of it ever.

Thankfully, putting your videos on display on Facebook Watch doesn’t involve much effort or complexity. You can simply transfer a social media video from any web page or an individual profile up there.

Are other social media video platforms up to speed?

Are other social media video platforms up to speed -KrishaStudio

In this day and age, a social media video comes in both organic and paid forms. In addition to the 3 chief players, there are other relatively small video content generating companies you may come across. Each of them caters to a distinctive audience base.

Here are a few important facts you may find helpful to know about.

  1. Twitter had reported an increase in its daily video viewership by 95 percent. This trend is believed to have continued for a period of 18 months till December 2019.
  2. Video embedded tweets have 6 times more likelihood for retweets in contrast to those posted with photos.
  3. The number of active users that Reddit has amassed is an astounding 430 million, more than those hooked to Twitter or Pinterest.
  4. Reddit segregates its audience based on definite areas of interest. They’re called subreddits and they help reinforce target audience-based marketing.
  5. Therefore, identifying the type of audience and opting for the most appropriate social media video platform are key. Twitter is more inclined towards the political environment. Users of LinkedIn tend to be more business-centric. Pinterest puts the entire focus on home and lifestyle-related content. Reddit panders to all forms of content but is more dominant among users below 30. And finally, Snapchat makes up to a completely young audience.
Wrapping up

To make a long story short, a social media video is an integral element of video marketing strategies to be adopted in 2021. Even though you don’t need to keep tabs on all new trends, you should try out ways to determine how videos can be useful in reaching out to the right audience on different platforms.

The journey starts with the formation of original and captivating video content. At KrishaStudio, the video creation experts can come to your succor in crafting innovative social media video creation services and more. 


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