The ultimate guide to ideal explainer video length—know the specifics!

Explore the ultimate guide to ideal explainer video length, delving into the specifics that will ensure your videos captivate and engage your audience. Learn how to tailor video length for maximum impact and achieve your marketing goals.

The ultimate guide to ideal explainer video length—know the specifics!

Explainer videos are undoubtedly familiar to anyone who works with videos, whether directly or indirectly. 

Animated videos will assist you in achieving your goals, whether they involve promoting your web presence or clarifying the product. 

Approximately 90% of organizations utilize the effectiveness of explainer videos to increase sales and accomplish their goals. 

Making a short explanation that appeals to the masses can help you accomplish this goal occasionally. However, there are times when a lengthy, instructive explanation will work just as well.

Now the question is, what is the perfect length for your video to retain the viewer’s interest? while allowing sufficient time to convey the key information.

Keep reading the blog to learn about the ideal duration of an explainer video based on your preferences. 

Why does explainer video length matter, and how does it affect engagement rates?

Creating an explainer video requires a substantial investment. To make this investment worthwhile and achieve positive outcomes, you must make your message appealing to your audience with the ideal length. 

The primary justification for figuring out the ideal explainer video length is that there is a direct link between the duration of the video and the amount of engagement that it generates. 

Statistics show that a 60-second video gets about 60% of the viewers, while a 30-second video gets about 80%. The proportion drops to 56%, when we increase the length to 2 minutes.

Therefore, ensuring that your video is the right length will give you the best chance of getting viewers to watch the complete thing and click on your CTA. 

All your work and money are wasted if viewers leave your explainer videos before watching them through to the finish. Therefore, determining the optimal length is crucial for getting the right engagement. 

What is a short explainer video?

A short explainer video is one that is less than a minute in duration. It is typically employed when the subject matter is straightforward or well-liked by the intended audience. 

If your goal is to convey your message quickly and only to increase brand awareness or social media shares, a shorter video might be preferable. 

A short video is much simpler to share, typically lasting between 30 and 60 seconds. Additionally, it can be targeted at any audience, regardless of whether they are already aware of your business or not.

Another advantage of short explainer videos is that they can help you improve your general SEO. Search algorithms also favor them due to their noticeably higher retention rate. 

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What is a long explainer video?

Long explainer videos range in duration from 60 to 90 seconds, with a 2-minute maximum. 

You may want to create a longer video if you’re describing complex goods or services with additional capabilities to make sure that everything is addressed properly.

Longer-form videos offer you the time and opportunity to address difficult or significant topics in detail, allowing you to move easily toward the end of the sales process without feeling hurried or underwhelmed.

You must demonstrate why people should view your video all the way through. It is essential that you concentrate on the video’s material because it is more challenging to keep viewers’ attention for longer videos, so make sure you make it worthwhile.

The length of an Explainer video can be determined when you answer the following questions: 

1. How Many Seconds Do People Spend on a Video Before Moving On?

The amount of time people spend on a video before moving on can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the length and topic of the video, the viewer’s level of interest, and the Platform where the video is hosted.

According to a recent study by Wistia, which analyzed over 3.6 million videos, the average video duration watched was around 2 minutes. However, the drop-off rate was highest in the first 30 seconds, with 33% of viewers dropping off during that time.

It suggests that it’s important to capture the viewer’s attention within the first 30 seconds of the video and provide engaging content to keep them interested.

2. What’s the Ideal Video Length for Different Industry Types?

  • Explainer Video Length for TV Commercial

Your explainer film should be around 30 and 45 seconds long if it is used as a TV commercial. Short explainer videos that give viewers quick information and help them connect with your business should be used for TV commercials. 

Your aim is to produce something that draws attention to the value of your brand among the mass audience. Therefore, you ought to strive for something entertaining, compacted, and distinctive for your product or brand. 

3. Explainer Video Length for Social media

The best videos for social media are those that are short and straight to the point. 

  • Facebook – The majority of Facebook users will only watch videos that are under 15 seconds long, but studies also indicate that videos between 2 and 5 minutes receive good engagement. 
  • Twitter – The ideal video duration for Twitter is approximately 15 seconds. 
  • LinkedIn – If brand recognition and deliberation are your goals, LinkedIn videos under thirty seconds perform best. However, even extended clips with more complex messages and interesting stories got just as many views as their shorter ones. 
  • Instagram – The ideal duration for Instagram videos is 26 seconds, with shorter videos performing best.

4. Explainer Video Length for Facebook Ads

To guarantee successful results, choose Facebook ads that are 15 seconds or close to it for Facebook feed video ads.

To prevent bothering your target market, in-stream video ads, which are those that play while someone is viewing another video, ought to be significantly shorter than 120 seconds. 

Keep in mind that you are displaying this advertisement to a person who is already viewing something else. Avoiding disruption is a wise approach while still delivering appealing content – is something your audience is looking for. 

5. Explainer Video Length for YouTube pre-roll

The ideal length for a YouTube pre-roll explainer video is typically between 15 and 30 seconds. It is because pre-roll ads are non-skippable, and viewers may lose interest or become frustrated if the ad is too long.

In this short time frame, it’s important to quickly and effectively convey your message and provide a clear call to action. It can be achieved through a combination of visuals, animations, and a concise script highlighting your product or service’s key features or benefits.

It’s also worth noting that YouTube has specific guidelines for ad length, so it’s important to ensure that your video meets their requirements to avoid any issues or delays in getting your ad approved.

6. Do People Skip Explainer Videos If They Last Less Than 30 seconds?

People are less likely to skip explainer videos if they last less than 30 seconds. Generally, shorter videos have a higher completion rate, as viewers are more likely to watch them until the end.

However, it’s important to remember that the video’s length shouldn’t be the only consideration when creating an explainer video. The quality and relevance of the content, the script, the visuals, and the overall production value are also important factors that can affect the engagement and retention of the audience.

If the video content is engaging and relevant to the audience, they are more likely to watch it until the end, regardless of its length. On the other hand, if the content is boring or irrelevant, viewers may lose interest even if the video is short.

7. So, What Makes Shorter Videos Better than Longer Ones?

Short videos are typically more effective than lengthy videos because they are more engaging and clearly provide more information in less time. 

The likelihood that viewers will watch a video through to the finish increases with its briefness, which is equivalent to stating that fewer individuals will stop watching in the middle of it. This results in better and higher engagement.

Additionally, short films often have higher retention rates, which boosts both engagement and SEO success. And search engine algorithms are modified mainly to prioritize content with a high engagement rate. So, that’s a win-win. 

8. What is the Best Length for a Video?

Overall, the ideal duration for an explainer video should be around 120 seconds. Remember that the main objective of explainers is to concisely and persuasively convey a business concept or message in a matter of seconds.

The average amount of time spent watching explainer videos online is 2.7 minutes, as per According to Wistia statistics, 2 minutes is the optimal spot. 

Your explainer videos must contain value-packed content supported by eye-catching graphics if you want to get the desired outcomes. At the beginning of your video, try to grab the focus of your viewers to prevent them from clicking the “Next” button. 

How to Choose an Explainer Video Company That Suits Your Needs?

Explainer videos are excellent (for sure) due to the engagement and outcomes it gets in for companies. 

One of the best choices you can make for the effective execution of your video marketing strategy is to trust a skilled team from a video marketing agency for your explainer video. They can significantly improve your video’s performance and clarity while adjusting the ideal length.

Making a choice to work with a professional video company can make or break your project, so you shouldn’t consider it lightly. And before making this kind of decision, you need to consider many variables, including expertise, portfolio, client testimonials, cost, and experience.

Ultimately, the video production company you choose should ensure your satisfaction with both the production process and the finished product.


So, here’s the wrap of the blog explaining the ideal length for your explainer videos. We hope you have decided to choose the right duration based on the Platform and business needs. 

It’s fair to say that, the ideal length will vary on many different factors. Right from the Platform and complexity of the content to your business needs and targeted audience. 

looking for the right assistance regarding video creation and ideal length, you can easily reach out to us! 

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