Top tips on growing animation channel on YouTube

Discover proven strategies for growing your animation channel on YouTube. From content creation to audience engagement, learn valuable tips to attract subscribers, increase views, and achieve success on the platform.

Top tips on growing animation channel on YouTube
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YouTube is an open platform and gives a lot of space to independent creators to showcase their talent. The creators can make their brand in the way they think and do not have to deal with any managerial control. This independence is a great resource for the creators. However, this may sound easy, but you need a good amount of strategy, hard work, and a bit of luck to grow an animation channel on YouTube and become successful with it.

We have compiled a list of useful tips that you can follow if you have an animation channel on YouTube and you want to grow it.

Review your competitors

Review your competitors - KrishaStudio

Even if you want to make a short animation video, the amount of time it will take is not less. It is very hard to compete with the non-animation YouTube channels and vloggers who post weekly content. Even large animation channels can post one video every month. Due to an algorithm change that took place in 2012, YouTube takes into account the amount of time the content has been watched and not the number of views. So creating a successful YouTube animation channel is a huge challenge.

Posting according to a schedule

Posting according to a schedule - KrishaStudio

You might post than the non-animation YouTube creators. However, you must have consistency with your posting. If you post once a week, you must ensure that you continue with this trend every week. The subscribers will not mind waiting for the new content provided you post content on schedule. You must stick to a particular schedule.

Uploading supplementary videos

Uploading supplementary videos - KrishaStudio

Suppose you post one video per month on the YouTube channel. However, to keep the audiences engaged, you can post additional content. This will help you to give a boost to the watch time on the channel and will help with the channel rankings. These additional videos can be produced easily and you can keep on posting them daily. You can make vlogs or draw with me live streams or animation making videos and so on. In short, any video that can keep the audiences engaged must be posted.

Monetizing your YouTube animation channel

Monetizing your YouTube animation channel - KrishaStudio

If you plan to live only on AdSense alone for your YouTube channel, then that is not a wise idea. You must consider other services like Channel Membership and Patreon. These can be very helpful for your animation channel. These services enable you to get more money in exchange for any content that you might upload on the channel.

If you want to use Patreon, you will need to share processing stills with them. This will give the audience an idea of what to expect in this week’s video. This preview will be enough to generate excitement among the audience about the coming videos on your channel. These videos do not need much planning or extra work. However, they can give you a great chance to earn some extra money. After the channel grows considerably, you can make money by selling merchandise, from sponsorship deals and even commissions.

Do not wait for perfection

Do not wait for perfection - KrishaStudio

If you wait for the perfect video for posting on the animation channel, chances are you will end up posting nothing on the channel. That is not a good strategy for your animation channel that has to compete with the non-vlogging channels as well. Instead, one must opt for uploading the near-perfect videos on their channel and try and engage the audiences with them. Chances are some videos will bring in good engagement while some will not. You will have to deal with success and failure.

Engaging with the followers

Engaging with the followers - KrishaStudio

YouTube gives the creators a chance to engage with their followers. This has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The biggest benefit is that you have more contact with your followers. You can know what they want to see in the videos, their interests, and then prepare videos accordingly. This will increase your engagement ratio on the channel. The insights can be something basic like whether the people like to see long or short videos or whether they like to see funny or serious content and so on.

When you engage with your followers, you realize how much your work affects them. This can give a huge boost to your confidence and you will realize the effect your work has on the people.

However, if you engage with the wrong person, it is a stressful affair then. It may hamper your mental health too. This is a disadvantage of fandom.


Collaborations - KrishaStudio

Collaboration is a good way of helping a creator on YouTube reach good quality and frequency of posting. If your channel has become popular and you cannot simply do all the work on your own, you can collaborate with freelancers and also hire full-time staff for the other works. You can enhance the production value of the animation video and at the same time complete the project on time.

Commit to the channel on a long-term basis

Commit to the channel on a long-term basis - KrishaStudio

You have to be patient with your YouTube channel. Do not expect it to churn money from the beginning. You will have to be patient and let the channel grow enough for you to earn a decent amount from it. You might have slow growth and that will affect your earnings too. However, do not leave the channel mid-way. Instead, strive hard and you will surely earn well in the long run.

Working within the skill and budget level of the creator

Working within the skill and budget - KrishaStdudio

You might have the best software at your disposal, but it does not mean that you will be successful. You might be tempted to invest a lot of money in your channel. However, it is wise to work within your budget. You will be able to grow by acquiring experience and that will help you to improve. Operating within a limited budget will help you become a good animator.

These are some tips that one can follow for growing their animation channel on YouTube and gain great success and fame in the long run.


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