Tips for gaining ultimate benefit using explainer videos Via the Buyer Journey

Explore essential tips for utilizing explainer videos effectively throughout the buyer's journey. Enhance customer engagement, address pain points, and guide prospects towards conversion with impactful visual content!

Tips for gaining ultimate benefit using explainer videos Via the Buyer Journey

To boost your business’s visibility, utilizing explainer videos (EV) in your promotional efforts is essential. Explainer videos started gaining traction as a marketing tool back in 2007. They are renowned for their use of simple graphics and language, which simplifies complex concepts. In just one minute, an explainer video can offer a more thorough explanation of your product compared to written content, making it easier for potential customers to understand your business’s offerings.

How to Use Videos in Each Stage of The Buyer’s Journey

Whether you’re an established company or a new one, crafting a video about your product or service provides an opportunity to connect with a broader audience. When a company’s journey or the importance of its offerings is presented as a story, it strikes a chord with potential clients on an emotional level.

These videos can adeptly convey each stage of the customer’s journey. It’s crucial to adhere to these stages to elevate a video and garner popularity among buyers.

Video in the Awareness Stage
Video in the Awareness Stage -KrishaStudio

When developing an explainer video, it’s essential to prioritize brand awareness. Brand awareness serves as the initial marketing tool through which your customers learn about your product or service. It’s a means to introduce people to your products, making it a top priority during video development. There are certain strategies to consider when creating a video. Emphasizing emotions in the videos can make them highly shareable. Additionally, showcasing the company’s culture helps raise awareness of the product globally. Adding entertaining videos to your website can also attract more visitors.

Video in the Engagement Stage
Video in the Engagement Stage -KrishaStudio

The next stage involves improving communication with customers. At this stage, the goal is to inform customers about the product rather than focusing solely on sales. The objective of a video at this stage is to share information and relevant content necessary to make the product popular among buyers. This can be achieved through the creation of how-to videos that focus entirely on your products and services. Hosting webinar topics is another effective approach to attracting the audience and educating them about the products. Webinars are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to educate buyers about products.

Video in the Nurture Stage
Video in the Nurture Stage -KrishaStudio

The next stage of an explainer video animation is the nurturing stage. This stage is crucial because converting the audience into buyers can be challenging. Successful marketing requires a lead nurturing stage to build trust and credibility with potential customers. This phase can be achieved through the deployment of targeted video campaigns. One common approach is to establish an email subscriber platform using calls-to-action (CTA) and form submissions within the video. During this phase, customers may be contemplating whether the product or service can benefit them. You can address their concerns by showcasing how other customers have benefited from the product or service through video testimonials. Customer testimonials are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to build trust among customers.

Video in the Purchase Stage
Video in the Purchase Stage -KrishaStudio

After going through all the aforementioned phases, your video is now ready for sales. The expert team within your organization needs to finalize the process with an explainer video and proceed to develop sales videos. The sales team needs to create a product demo, as it’s the most effective way to reach a large number of customers. Enhance the effectiveness of the video by adding a detailed product description. Additionally, consider creating personalized videos to make a significant impression on customers. Furthermore, to ensure the sales team remains updated with the latest techniques and strategies, develop training videos as well.

Video for Customer Retention
Video for Customer Retention -KrishaStudio

It’s crucial to remember that the customer relationship doesn’t end after making a single sale. It’s an ongoing process, and you should strive to keep customers engaged so they continue to promote your product or service. Offering on-demand live customer training is an excellent way to maintain customer engagement. Additionally, inviting customers to share their experiences with new customers can further enhance the popularity of your product and service.

What Are the Different Ways to Use Explainer Videos?

 Different Ways to Use Explainer Videos -KrishaStudio

There’s no denying that the demand for explainer videos is increasing daily. Both customers and sellers are opting for these videos to gain more details about products and services. Below are some ways to use these explainer videos effectively.

For Product Awareness or Differentiation

The most common use of these videos is to enhance brand awareness. This approach reminds customers of their problems and raises awareness of products that can solve these issues. There are various ways to implement this idea. You can create a video for the landing page or explain the product and service through a video.

Videos on Landing Pages

Every expert suggests having a landing page video on the website as it’s the most convenient way to showcase your company. Placing the video just above the fold of the landing page ensures that no customer will miss it. Additionally, adding an impressive thumbnail can make customers more curious about your website. Another important aspect is establishing the value proposition for every customer. It’s crucial to make it clear that you understand your customers’ problems and can address them effectively.

Videos to Show Your Company Culture

An animated explainer video is undoubtedly the best way to showcase the culture of your company and introduce your team members. Once customers are familiar with your products and services, they often become interested in learning more about your company. Since it’s not always possible to meet every customer personally, these videos provide a human touch and personality to your brand. You can also highlight the creative team behind your company, giving customers a clear understanding of your business and the thought process behind each project.

Videos in your blogs

Once you’ve developed your website or blog, you’ll naturally want it to rank highly in search engine results. Including explainer videos can significantly improve your site’s search engine ranking. Integrating videos within your text content can be a refreshing way to engage readers and make your blog more appealing. These videos provide a concise summary of the topic, enticing customers to explore the full blog post. This advanced technology, commonly known as Vlog, has gained popularity for its effectiveness in captivating audiences.

Easy and Effective Training

To enhance an organization’s popularity, it’s crucial to adequately train employees to keep them updated with advanced technologies. Developing internal training videos can provide employees with the necessary information to succeed in their roles. Animated explainer videos are an effective tool for this purpose.

Seeking assistance from professional experts in explainer video production can make your promotional efforts more effective and yield better results.

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