Top 8 explainer video trends for 2023

Get ready for the future of explainer videos with these top 8 trends for 2023. Whether it's incorporating AI or embracing interactive storytelling, learn how to leverage these emerging trends to captivate your audience and drive engagement.

Top 8 explainer video trends for 2023

Explainer One of the best methods for describing goods or services is videos. Marketers favor utilizing video marketing techniques and focusing on current trends. If you run an explainer video company, you should research recent trends.

Utilizing cutting-edge explainer video technology, such as augmented reality, 3D and 4D animation, and modernized digital illustrations. Having covered the introduction, let’s move on to the cutting-edge and stunning top 8 explainer trends for 2023.

What Is an Explainer Video?

A video clip that highlights a company’s product, service, and business idea effectively and appealingly is known as an explainer video. These videos are generally used for advertising or sales objectives. Explainer videos are typically hosted by businesses on their landing pages and displayed on the home page of their websites.

Some even use Facebook and other social media websites to promote their goods or services through these videos. Effective explainer videos are short, precise, and have one very clear goal: to quickly convey the value of your product. The explainer video format is designed to capture the viewers’ attention.

1. Educational Videos Trend

The learning video trend is certain to continue in 2023 because Coronavirus has taught us that companies need to have a presence online to succeed in today’s extremely unpredictable market. Additionally, since several natio ns were locked down, students and employees could learn the most effectively through online courses, lectures, and training sessions.

The explainer video will be utilized more frequently this year to simplify complex information, instruction, and lectures. They will be used to clearly and understandably explain more complex issues.

2. Mobile Optimized Video Trend

Another emerging explainer video trend for 2023 is optimizing your videos for mobile. Mobile users are constantly growing, significantly impacting the trend of watching videos on mobile devices.

Therefore, it stands to reason that optimizing your explainer or animated movies for smartphones will be wise, given the enormous number of smartphone video viewers.

3. Product advertising

A product video’s objective is to promote a good or service. Using the product video, you want to encourage potential buyers to take your call to action. Implies that you must target your advertising. Thus, there are an endless number of different kinds of product videos.

Of course, the location of the viewers is equally important in this situation. You can spend time at a trade exhibition, but not really on social media. Because there are constantly fresh trend-setters or just those with the appropriate sense, product advertising is also made fascinating by its diversity.

4. Augmented Reality Video Trend

The popularity of augmented reality videos is increasing, and they will undoubtedly become a new video sensation in 2023. Marketing professionals have created a cutting-edge method to interact with an audience as a result of the rising use of technology. The augmented reality video trend will benefit video marketers due to realistic environments and computer-generated real-world imagery.

Brands can give their clients a much more immersive and engaging experience by combining the trendy AR technology’s realistic features with explainer videos. You might have to spend a little money on AR videos, but the results could be incredible, making the cost eventually justified.

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5. Live Streaming

One of the trends in our explainer videos is undoubtedly live streaming. There are numerous subtypes accessible here, just like with personalized videos. Influencer unpacking’s have been a popular concept, particularly in the B2C market. As a business, you send an influencer a product, which he then opens in front of a live audience of watchers.

Or, as Apple has done for years, a product introduction is broadcast live on television. Many occasions—even artists—realized the power of live streaming during the Corona pandemic and took advantage of it. It’s difficult to predict if virtual events can continue on their own. Small, focused events may still happen, but major events won’t soon just take place virtually.

6. Whiteboard Video Trend

Some masterpieces simply will not disappear. More than ten years have passed since the whiteboard animation video trend began. This video trend’s simplicity, low cost, and high-yielding persona ensure its sustainability.

Additionally, these videos are fantastic at describing a good or service. This explainer video trend is set to enhance your sales by entertaining and converting your customers in 2023, from the hand that creates and writes to the whiteboard, which feels thrilling and fascinating.

7. Rotoscoping

Tracing an actual film shot is a part of the animation technique known as rotoscoping. However, thanks to modern technology, we can simplify life with the right tools and avoid tracking down every shot. We are seeing more movies or photographs that use this concept.

Thus, it has made this into our explainer video trends. As previously indicated, the route is prepared by tools that can instantly produce a rotoscoped video. We are interested in how rotoscoping will develop and whether it will be used commercially.

8. Storytelling Video Trend

Perhaps the most popular viral trend of all time is video storytelling. It aims to boost the impact of your marketing video by using storytelling to spread the word about your company.   Major corporations like Google and Unilever use it to produce memorable and compelling explainer videos.

By employing the storytelling trend, you can simplify complex ideas, give your films an amazing appearance, capture your audience’s attention, and develop a recognizable corporate identity. A compelling narrative will always spark the audience’s interest in your brand.

And when your audience is eager to learn more about your company, make sure you have a respectable and reliable online presence.

Final Words

The world around us is changing rapidly. The same is true of explainer videos. Many trends have been around for a while, whereas others are more recent. To ensure we don’t miss any trends, it’s crucial to remain engaged and open.

Whether or not we wish to employ a trend is another matter, but each trend needs to be identified and examined. Moreover, all you need to know right now is the comprehensive information about the video trends in this list. These trends will give you the tools to effectively and creatively captivate your audience with stunning images.


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