How to choose the right music for your videos

Discover how to choose the perfect music for your videos with these helpful tips and tricks. From considering tone and mood to understanding licensing requirements, learn everything you need to know to select the right soundtrack for your content.

How to choose the right music for your videos

Music, according to a French poet, is “heart language.” Some soundtracks outsell the films themselves, and some of the best video background music gets ingrained in the public consciousness.

To begin, you’ll need to figure out where to find the best video music. By putting in a little more work upfront to pick the right music, you may expand the reach and resonance of your picture. There are various variables to consider while creating good music. What is the tone of your work, and who is the target audience? What is the state of your finances? Do you want to hire a composer to produce unique music for your video or utilize free music?

8 Ways you can pick the right music for your videos

Ways you can pick the right music for your videos - KrishaStudio

There are a few things to consider while selecting background music for your next video. Music is a fantastic method to build the tone and atmosphere for a good tale. By providing a point of reference, music connects the content, your message, and the audience. These are the eight most crucial ways to consider when selecting music for your video.

1. Consider the role of music in your videos

We’ll start by deciding what role music will play in our video. To put it another way, if you want to be more formal, you may say:

Should the music serve as a backdrop to the message or as the main attraction?

Consider whether you’re trying to convey specialized and reliable information (such as the specifics of something) or broad and more generalized information (such as the emotional intensity of the video on its own, where the signal is already conveyed by the same images) or, on the other hand, whether you’re trying to convey broad and more generalized information (such as the emotional intensity of the video on its own, where the signal is already conveyed by the same images) or, on the contrary, whether you’re trying to.

2. Where can I get music for my videos?

Songs are an important part of every multimedia production, but finding free video background music may be challenging. Not only will you need to find a legal source for high-quality music, but you’ll also need to double-check that you’re permitted to use these files in your work.

You won’t be able to use Spotify music in your video. On the other hand, the truth is a lot more convoluted. You must look for royalty-free or copyright-free music since copyright bans you from doing it.

3. Know your message

While delivering a message via video, the music can make up or break up the intensity of the message. So, the music for a video must always be chosen based on the kind of message being delivered through the video. 

You develop marketing videos for a reason, whether it’s to engage your audience or drive traffic to your website. Before you start looking for background music, figure out what kind of video you’re doing. Is it designed to be instructive or entertaining? Are you advertising a certain product or (subtly) your company? All these considerations can eventually help you in making a good choice of music for your video.

4. Define the mood

Every video has different purposes and based on it; different moods are triggered. A piece of joyful music aligns with the respective video format. So does the other formats as well.

Set the tone after you’ve decided on the message you want to convey and the part your music will play.

Do you want to see a video that makes you think, debate, or inspire you? Do you want them to feel joyful, peaceful, invigorated, uplifted, or sad after watching your film? Choose a musical genre that brings you joy. 

This can help in engaging the viewer with the kind of video that the music supports.

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5. Know your budget

You should never use low-quality or poor music in your film, regardless of your budget. There are a variety of tools available to assist you in selecting the appropriate music without breaking the bank.

The best solution is to use music from royalty-free sources. They provide a large selection of background music, so you should be able to find something suitable for your project.

6. Select the music that speaks to your audience 

The intended audience has a big influence on the video’s background music. If you’re manufacturing toys, for example, you might want to incorporate kid-friendly music in your films.

When selecting music for your video, keep demographics in mind. Is your target audience interested in music that reflects the cultural group to which they belong? Will the genre you choose to resonate with your intended audience?

To select the appropriate music, you must first determine who your target audience is. Use a music style that complements your video while also appealing to your target audience. You can try out two or three different genres before selecting which one is ideal for you.

7. Choose the song before creating the video

Adapting a video to a song is significantly easier than adapting a song to a video.

This is usually due to the reason we mentioned earlier: the rhythm and tone of music control our emotional flow. And it’s our emotions that are the most important. Everything else has no option but to surrender to it as a result.

This simple tip can help in many ways: select a song first, then produce the video that goes with it.

8. Coordinate image and sound

Both the image and the audio must be exactly synchronized to avoid the illusion of incoordination. It’s all about the practice at this stage, so the more movies you edit and watch others edit, the better your results will be.

One of the most essential aspects of this conundrum is how music “enters” and “exits” the image at certain points. Include it as a key component in both parts to help set the tone, keep the message consistent, and give visitors a sense of completion.


Viewers have a wealth of options in today’s hyper-competitive media ecosystem. In today’s environment, you must be at the top of your game to stand out. Music has the ability to help you create a one-of-a-kind experience that your audience will recognize and relate to.

When choosing the correct song, keep in mind the narrative and tone of your video, and remember that it’s quite natural to struggle with finding the proper music. It might be time-consuming, but definitely worth the effort.

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