11 Ways to optimize video content for your mobile

Learn how to maximize the performance of your video content on mobile devices with these 11 essential tips. Explore techniques for optimizing video formats, resolutions, and delivery to enhance user experience and drive engagement.

11 Ways to optimize video content for your mobile
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Optimizing video content is an important part of increasing video views. At present, videos are the most widely used and sought-after form of communication. Simultaneously, mobile phones constitute our biggest personal sanctuary. There’s barely anything left that a mobile phone isn’t capable of doing. So, to make the most of videos, mobile devices are highly preferred and most frequently used.

Currently, almost 75 percent of video views all over the world happen through mobiles. Odds are, a number of potential leads for your business may stumble upon a mobile video you have created to publicize your products and/or services and consequently increase the chances of conversion. A mobile video encompasses all forms of content starting from micro-narratives to long-form broadcasts. Also, “paired viewing” where you watch the video on your desktop as well as mobile, is on the rise.

Nowadays, videos meant to be watched on desktops are getting upgraded for mobile viewing at a breakneck speed. The explosion in social media is primarily responsible for this major overhaul. Let’s first try to understand why mobile video is all the rage these days.

Well, by now, experts have already professed the burgeoning rise in the use of mobile videos. YouTube happens to be the world’s most colossal and compelling data provider. More than 70 percent of YouTube watch time is attributed to mobile devices. It looks astounding as YouTube boasts an audience base of over 2 billion people.

How does a mobile video impact the B2B buying process?

For always, a mobile video is recognized as an element integral to the B2B buying process. Over the past two years, the B2B trend has seen a sudden upsurge in the number of buyers from 29 percent to 70 percent – people who are accustomed to watching mobile videos and getting prompted to make purchase decisions.

Thus, in a nutshell, the prime decision-makers keep track of videos on their mobile devices. In B2B, videos and that too on a mobile phone can drive the most powerful impact to influence the consideration to buy or not.

Hence, the importance of a mobile video is unquestionable no matter whether you aim at reaching individual customers or potential buyers from the Fortune 500 companies. When the target audience base is enormous in size, you sincerely need to bring out the maximal efficacy of the mobile videos.

Read on to learn 11 practices that are universally accepted to optimize a mobile video.

Stick to making short videos
Stick to making short videos - KrishaStudio

As far as the length of a mobile video is concerned, shorter ones are most favorable. Even though each of the social media platforms or video supporting apps decides on the ideal length as per its requirements, a video lasting for no more than 2 minutes is a general, optimal rule.

When the videos are shorter in length they swing more viewer engagement rates. This is true for a mobile video in particular. Nearly all viewers of mobile videos are just not inclined to devote their time watching long, tedious content. So the key lies in aiming for focus and conciseness. Here, the time constraint can help you to eliminate inessential elements and pour in extra interest.

Keep your focus limited
Keep your focus limited - KrishaStudio

Videos that have too many complexities in putting the message across aren’t suitable for audiences on the go. So the idea is to look for a specific story or product feature that you can showcase and bring the message into perspective. If there’s superfluous content, either remove it or break it apart into a number of videos, each calling attention to one aspect or feature. This approach is advantageous in the sense that it doesn’t leave your viewers in the cold. They can watch it time and again. Only, you need to feed them with a string of fresh content in a consistent manner.

Note that viewers will watch a mobile video relevant to their interests or needs and show appreciation for stylish, easy-to-follow videos. For mobile viewers, inappropriate, boring portions roll them up the wrong way. Simply, they pass on to some other video which they find more helpful in explaining their queries.

Make the video thumbnails better
Make the video thumbnails better - KrishaStudio

Firstly, don’t lose sight of the fact that the optimization of a mobile video is done even before it actually starts playing. Every so often, a number of companies allocate huge production budgets to create amazing moving images. But they put a damper on with a soulless, unsystematic thumbnail chosen casually from YouTube. People form an opinion of a mobile video by its skin. And if the skin looks dull and dreary, your video will be thrown around like confetti.
Take a look at your video to identify a thrilling moment. Get hold of that frame and make use of it for creating the thumbnail. Next, include an overlay written in bold text to notify viewers what the video is all about and usher them in. For videos containing animation, you may ask the expert to custom-make a thumbnail that conveys a more professional look than just a random screenshot.

Make sure to entrap your viewers instantly
Make sure to entrap your viewers instantly - KrishaStudio

Most of the top-notch videos put together visually appealing characters with an emotion-charged introduction. Inspire your mobile viewers straight away by infusing exhilarating stuff and keep them riveted by it. The essence of a mobile video is just that. The content must get better as you shift your ground from start to finish.

See to it the audio is made optional
The audio is made optional - KrishaStudio

Any product or explainer video should have the right soundtrack. This augments the quality, modulation, and temperament of the video. However, more often than not, you may find viewers watching a video by switching off the sound. As per a study done by Verizon media, 69 percent of people view soundless at public places and 25 percent keep the video on mute at private places.

So, if your mobile video is quite reliant on voiceover to get your ideas across, you’re actually failing to take advantage of potential leads. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your mobile video so that it doesn’t have to depend on the audio. Clear visuals can impart your story. Even, you can take recourse to subtitles and captions. However, the imagery is the most effective tool to win over.

Deliberate on the inclusion of some text
Deliberate on the inclusion of some text - KrishaStudio

To make the impact of visual content and animated graphics complete, you can unify them with words. The use of on-screen text becomes essential to emphasize important points and pass on your message. The significance of an on-screen text is that it helps you realize the impact even when the sound is turned off. As the videos are short, the on-screen text helps in amplifying information density. It allows you to not shrivel up even a single frame.

Ensure to set up a visual hierarchy
Ensure to set up a visual hierarchy - KrishaStudio

The foundation of every mobile video is a simple hierarchical structure. At all times, it’s the visual prompt taking precedence over audio messaging. Therefore, it’s necessary to bring a visual hierarchy into being to arrive at the most effective text-based impact.

The use of primary bright colors is often employed to compensate for visual overkill and to give prominence to the most vital text. This can be achieved through the intelligent use of color, font, and size in the text. Make good with bold, large text so that it can be noticed and isn’t overshadowed by the content and color aspects of your mobile video. If you’re in a dither about the legibility of the text, resort to white, outlined with a black thin border. It can bring in maximum visibility against all backdrops.

Put the correct aspect ratios to use
Put the correct aspect ratios to use - KrishaStudio

The aspect ratio of a mobile video represents its default dimensions. It’s different when you view it on a desktop. Almost all smartphone users don’t usually watch a video at its full size. What’s more, a number of people show a preference for watching the video on a vertical layout without resorting to the screen rotation option. Therefore, sew up the requirement that the aspect ratio is compliant with the social media platform supporting the video. Aspect ratios will be different on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. 

Resort to fleeting cuts to keep viewers engrossed
 Keep viewers engrossed - KrishaStudio

One long, steady shot can quickly send your viewers to sleep. The more the boredom, the more are the odds to have a high bounce rate. While depicting the narrative, fill it in with swift cuts that set the subject in a frame in a novel, engaging way. Momentary cuts, as well as compelling transitions, drive the storytelling pace faster.

A quick and high-octane pace lends a sense of purpose to the animation video. It also disentangles the actual selling message in the mind of a viewer. Thus, it really puts forward a robust combination propelled by meaningful cuts and transitions.

Select extraordinary angles of camerawork
Select extraordinary angles - KrishaStudio

The bottom line is you can’t afford to invite boredom in your mobile video space. This can be pulled off through the use of unpredicted story angles and ingenious ideas to keep your viewers fixated. On reflection, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to sustain the engagement factor.

Include a call-to-action (CTA) button
Include a call-to-action (CTA) button - KrishaStudio

Once the viewers have watched and liked your mobile video, it’s time to attract them to buy the products and/or services the video put up on display. The technique to increase conversions lies in adding a call-to-action button that can be easily understood and executed.

A mobile video should always zero in on one, measurable action. Each click indicates an addition to your target audience base for all forthcoming campaigns.

Final thoughts

When you optimize video content for mobile and you’re satisfied with the final product, the objective isn’t about completely changing your content strategy but adapting to the prospects of mobile viewing in a subtle manner. Every single thing you view is smaller in size, more compact in appearance, and vanishes quickly with a random flick of a finger. So, with the help of these simple tips, you not only can allow your creative juices to flow forward but also effortlessly put your existing video content on retrofit so as to make it compatible with mobile viewing.


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