What are the 10 Aspects of Motion Graphics?

Krisha Studio | December 3, 2020 | Motion Graphics Video
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Motion Graphic Design has gained much popularity in recent times. This is used in television commercials, movies, and other forms of entertainment. If an individual is not sure about the kind of video they should make to spread the message clearly to their audience, using motion graphics can be a very good idea. The use of the video format has not only been found to be visually entertaining and captivating but also has good marketing potential. With the help of motion graphics, you can easily transmit any difficult concepts and memorably present them. 

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics Animation

Video content is a huge boost for any content or marketing technique. This is regardless of the kind of business you are engaged in or the size of the business. If you want to reach to deliver the message effectively to a large number of people, then videos give the most effective engagement. There are different types of video animations available. However, motion graphics due to its formal style is the most popular. With this animation style, one can easily manipulate any image. They can convert a person’s face into a moving character, or turn an image into a video clip, and so on.

This animation format has the most elegant approach and is used in both entertainment and information. With the help of motion graphics, you can convert any dull and boring information into exciting content. If you have supportive figures or statistics for the content, motion graphics is the best video format. These formats keep humans engaged. 

Role of a Motion Graphic Artist

Motion Graphics Design

To pursue a career in motion graphic design, it is of vital importance that you understand what the duties are of a motion graphic designer. These artists are responsible for creating different digital artworks for television, films, and the web. They also develop commercials, trailers, products or service explanatory videos, marketing pitch, and so on. They add life to the films by adding different kinds of motion to the graphics. This enables these videos to become cost-effective and strike a chord with the audience. Since these take less time than traditional animation, people resort to these kinds of animations. 

Those designers who have worked for many years have immense knowledge of handling the videos and making them appealing to the audience. They follow some aspects of motion graphics and employ them in the videos to make them appealing to the audience. The motion designer helps in making amazing layouts and they come up with different typography for the selling of a product or service of a client. In recent times, marketers and filmmakers are also increasing their budgets for incorporating up-to-date technology in their animations. 

Choosing Graphic designing as a career

Graphic Designer

There is a good growth of an artist in the field of motion graphics. Since, there is a growing demand for graphic artists, more and more people are taking up this career seriously. Though this is a relatively new profession, the potential is amazing. 

We have a huge number of graphic design software for use for various purposes. This software could be easily used for creating superior quality animations. With the advancements in IT and other technologies, there is a growth in the graphics design field. There is also a growth in demand for graphic designers who can make movies, websites, TV shows more appealing to the audience. 

Becoming a motion graphic designer is a good career option for many individuals who have an interest in this field. This job gives you to challenge your creativity and provides you with ample opportunities too.

10 Aspects of Motion Graphic Video

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in Motion Graphic Design? Then you must know about some fundamental aspects of this video format. There are 10 aspects of motion graphic video that you must be aware of. Read on to know more about them. 

Knowledge of the Creative Arts

Creative mind in Arts

For any individual who wants to start their career in motion graphics, one of the first things that you must know about is the basic idea about art. This is the very basis demand for a motion graphics artist. Having good knowledge of the traditional arts is of great importance and helps you to be creative in your work. One needs to sketch the idea on paper before making it digital. Using good software is an option for artists. However before you use the graphics, you must follow the basic skills of art. 

Sense of Motion and Animation

Knowledge of motions and animations

Motion graphics is just a form of 2D animation. It not only involves keyframes but it is simply more than that. As an artist, you have to animate the graphics and for that, the artist must have a distinctive eye for understanding animation and how things must be set in motion to make it look attractive. 

In the case of character animation, there are human characters that can help to make the target audience understand the content of the video. However, in motion graphics, the artist has to accomplish everything using the different graphics pieces. The artist is responsible for understanding where the video must fade-in or fade-out or where it should ease and so on. The storyboard might have the best design but if that does not translate well in the video, the efforts of the artist will be wasted. 

3D Modeling and Design Skills

3D Design Skill

 Motion graphics may be a 2D video format. However one must never confine it to a specific level. Changes are happening in this field and the motion designer might adopt new techniques to make the content more appealing. It is in such situations that having 3D designing skills is a big benefit. 3D arts are readily used in today’s times in commercials, movies, brand logos, and so on. It has been estimated that the future of motion graphics lies in 3D animations.

Some of the vital aspects of 3D modeling programs is understanding interconnected lines or points in the 3D space and so on. With these skills, an individual can achieve more success professionally. 

Understands Color Psychology and Theory of Shades

Understand of Design Theme

Having a good understanding of color psychology and how different colors affect the human mind is very important for a motion graphics artist. Motion graphic involves the addition of motion to static graphic content. Hence, if the color scheme is not ideal, then the audience will not engage much with the video. Having an idea of how colors affect a human both positively and negatively is very helpful. The aim of the artist must be to catch the attention of the audience with the video. If there is any unwanted color, then the concentration might be interrupted. This will distract the audience and reduce engagement with the video.

Good Understanding of Surfacing, Texturing, and Lighting

good understanding of texture

The target audience who will see your video will just see moving images and shapes in the video. However, for the motion artist, this is not so simple. The artist must go beyond the shapes and also have the texturing correct. If the texture is not of good quality, the graphic will have a bland look. Having a good understanding of texture is a must-have quality of a motion artist. The artist must also have an understanding of surfacing as this enables the 3D graphic image to look realistic. As an artist, the person must possess the skills of proper surfacing which includes shine, refractive, transparent, rough, reflective, and translucent.

Having a good knowledge of lighting effects is also a good skill. Without proper knowledge of lighting, you will create an illusion for your audience. However, if the lighting is proper, then the graphics will be vibrant and realistic.

Mastery in Anticipation

Know your anticipation level

This is another aspect of motion graphics that have to be taken into account by an artist in this field. With this trope, one can move to look realistic and also prepare the audience for that particular movement. If there is no anticipation behind the action of the artist, then there will be no force to it. So it is very imperative that the artist has a good understanding of the anticipation level and how much they can use in their videos. One can understand the correct amount of anticipation only after determining the speed that follows it. Anticipation is less when the after-action is not as speedy as expected.

If you know your anticipation level, you will be able to make the video outstanding and also sell it properly. This is true when you have to use texts and typography both in the video. 

Sound Knowledge of Typography

Help of typography

With the help of Typography, a good motion graphic design is built by an artist. This is one of the important elements used by motion graphic artists. These are used in videos where statistics are shown or brand messages are conveyed and so on. These texts are very basic to any video which promotes any product or brand or whether it explains something. Proper knowledge of typography will ensure that the video is successful and also will be easy for the target audience to understand the aim of the video.

Importance of Establishing Interpersonal Communication

Establish a connection

Interpersonal communication is also very important when it comes to motion graphics. A successful video will have managed to establish a connection with the audience. If there is no connection established, the video will not be successful. Your work is done perfectly when the message is well received by the target audience. As a motion graphic designer, your job is not only to make great animations and graphics. You must also be able to convey the message to the audience. This is where interpersonal communication skills come into action. If the communication is mechanical, it will not engage the audience despite having an amazing animation. 

Good Knowledge of Staging

Staging means the ability to turn the attention of the audience to the correct video. In any motion video, the artist has to understand which item needs to be given the most priority. Having a clear understanding of these elements is important. Then the artist must guide the vision of the audience to that particular element that he wants to highlight. Otherwise, chances are that the audience will look at the wrong element and they will not grasp the aim of the video. 

Staging means directing the attention of the audience to the correct point in the video. It is also about presenting an idea that is clear and can be easily understood by the audience. This is very important for a motion artist as it helps to understand the quality of the video from the viewpoint of the audience.

The lighting, the placing of the objects in the particular frame, the positioning of the camera- all contribute to the process of staging. One must understand why a specific shot was taken and what they want to convey with that particular shot. Once this is understood by the artist, the staging will be perfect. You must determine what the audience will see in the video.

Creative and Innovative Thinking Capabilities

Creative thinker

This is a very basic requirement for a motion graphic designer. One must be able to think creatively and innovatively. This is what will differentiate a motion graphic artist from the other artists. The artist in this case is the showman and gets to decide what the audience will see. The audience is the spectators in this case. So whatever you present to the audience, it must be a vision to behold. 

The clients often have a basic concept. The graphic motion artist must develop that idea into something big and appealing for the audience. Giving life to the graphics is not an easy task on the part of the motion graphics artist. However, when the artist has imagination and creative ideas, then it becomes easy to handle the difficult concepts and create something wonderful.


Hence, these are some of the most important aspects of motion graphics that every artist working in this field must know about. These can also be termed as the important skills that will set you apart from the others and help you to make outstanding videos.

A motion graphics professional can let their imagination go places. This job is not only satisfying on a creative level but also is profitable. In recent times, about 87 percent of online marketing is done using videos. According to a survey, by 2021, 80 percent of the internet traffic will be via video content. 

Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, it is very imperative for a motion graphic video creator to continually keep pace with the times and evolve with the times. In that way, they will be able to understand what trends are going on and incorporate them into the videos to make them very successful. Without noticing the changes happening in this field, the artist will lag behind the others. Hence, it is advisable to keep a track of the technological advancements happening in the field. 

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