Where should I place my explainer video?

Learn how to optimize exposure for your explainer video by strategically placing it on various platforms. Explore the benefits of featuring your video on your website, social media channels, YouTube, and other relevant platforms to increase visibility and drive conversions.

Where should I place my explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a powerful feature for promoting goods, services, concepts, and companies. Explainer videos are an innovative marketing strategy that many forward-thinking companies actively include in their operations. The location of your explainer video and its incredible quality is another crucial consideration after it has been made.

7 best locations for your engaging product explainer video

1. Your homepage/ landing page

Your video’s placement on your homepage is crucial. Make it simple for your audience to access and play your video marketing campaign, whether you are utilizing your homepage or another landing page. Don’t be afraid to use visual elements to direct viewers to your video, such as arrows. To encourage people to click the “Play” button, make sure it is prominent and appears on your video preview image.

Use social media sharing buttons to encourage viewers to share and disseminate your video, and don’t forget to do so. It serves no purpose to tuck your expensive video into a dismal corner of your terms and conditions. The above fold is the ideal location for an explanatory video.

This refers to the area of the page that visitors can see right away after visiting your website without having to scroll. This will make your explainer video more prominent and attract users to it.

2. Social Media

Social media is essential to your video marketing plan since it is straightforward, affordable, and simple to manage. Use social media sites like YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Google+ to acquire extensive exposure because it’s free and can lead to word-of-mouth advertising and a viral buzz.

Nearly all social media platforms offer paid alternatives for you to share your video and advance your message. Spend some money to target your audience and gain new leads. Try to make an explanatory video for social media that is also effective without sound as a good piece of advice.

This can entail adding subtitles or creating an engaging animation communicating for itself. Just consider how frequently you use a cafe or a bus to check Facebook. It feels rude to start playing a video’s soundtrack aloud if you don’t have headphones.

3. Press Release

To promote your new explainer video, write a press release. Launch your new animated video across several media channels to increase initial exposure. You get people to talk about you by doing that.

If people are aware of the debut of your explainer video, there is a very good chance that they will visit your website and watch it. The most effective technique to inform the public about the debut of your explainer video is through press releases.

4. Blog

Animated video embed code for your blog. In addition to generating more curiosity than a standard text-only article, it will also help your page rank higher on search engines like Google.

This is because Google considers your page interesting when the time spent on a site with a video jumps from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. A video also has 53 times higher chances of getting discovered naturally than simple text.

You can write articles on subjects related to your video and include them to give the content more context and interaction. You can also look up related articles online, get in touch with the authors, and ask them to use your video since it perfectly complements their subject matter.

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5. Newsletter

You might include an animated video in your email to engage customers and improve business outcomes. The first thing to remember when including an explainer video in an email marketing campaign is that it is preferable not to incorporate the video directly inside the email.

Otherwise, as some email clients don’t support embedded visual content, it could lead to complications with the email. Put a static image with a Play button in place as an alternative to embedding a video. Utilizing a GIF file with a Play button is another choice.

Users will be more interested and encouraged to view a video longer. You should build a brief clip that instantly stimulates consumers’ interest in your material if you want to make an eye-catching animated GIF.

6. Paid Ads

The advantages of paid advertisements include immediate results. The completion of results can take months. Paid advertising allows you to test your marketing materials while getting immediate results. Pay-per-view, digital advertising, banners, and sponsored promotions on social media are all examples of paid media that enable you to concentrate on specific target markets and track consumer interactions to calculate your cost per lead.

It’s the best method for contacting your potential client! You may target your audience, in particular, on Facebook. Using “core audiences” enables you to select the target audience for your message. Using this tool, you can connect with people based on their hobbies, location, and demographics. You can target your current consumers with custom audiences.

Allowing you to promote connections and increase sales. Lookalike audiences aid in locating individuals that resemble your business. It improves your chances of connecting with the proper people by utilizing the knowledge you’ve gathered. So, the secret to success is using these targeted techniques and a well-made explanation video.

7. Get Creative

Make the most of every chance to distribute and advertise your new explainer. Make connections with powerful bloggers who are interested in your sector. Ask your company partners to promote your video on their blogs or social media pages. To come up with fresh ideas, brainstorm with your team. During the trade shows, you can always have an explainer video playing on a screen behind you.


In this article, we’ve listed the top sites where you should post your explainer videos in order to engage current viewers and draw in more potential leads. So, now that your video is prepared, you should consider submitting it to the appropriate platform in accordance with your company’s needs.

Hopefully, these suggestions will enable you to make your video a huge success and connect with your intended audience.


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