Whiteboard animation video: Help your business in 2021

Explore how whiteboard animation videos can help your business thrive in 2021. From simplifying complex concepts to enhancing engagement, learn how this powerful visual tool can elevate your marketing efforts and drive results.

Whiteboard animation video: Help your business in 2021
whiteboard animation video

Are you aware of the fact that a whiteboard animation video can help reduce bounce rates on your site? And it could also increase the lead conversion rates? It is also relatively pocket-friendly. Hence, this is a great strategy that marketers can use to help businesses grow in 2021.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video - KrishaStudio

In these kinds of videos, the pictures are drawn in real-time. This is done on a screen in front of the target audience. These videos are a great example of explainer videos. The explainer videos help one to explain the features of a product or a service to the audience. They are mostly found on landing pages and are part of video marketing strategies.

The whiteboard animation videos are an accumulation of both these worlds. They have explainer elements as well as whiteboard elements in them as well.

Why use Whiteboard Animation video for helping your business?

One can make use of the Whiteboard Animation videos for growing their business. But why must one use them? We have compiled a list of reasons as to why these should be used for your business.

Helps in Simplifying Complicated Ideas
Helps in Simplifying Complicated Ideas - KrishaStudio

Whether you are preparing a new strategy for the sales team or making a video for B2B marketing, you can easily use the Whiteboard Animation videos for simplifying complicated ideas. This will make technical ideas more understandable for non-technical individuals. The images used in the videos make it easy to understand.

Keeps the Website Clean
Keeps the Website Clean - KrishaStudio

If you have too many things on the landing page of the site, it can lead to a high bounce rate and this will have an impact on the traffic to the site. Instead using Whiteboard animation videos is better as it gives a clean look to the site. Using the videos is also beneficial as they can be easily shared by the audience across social media handles. You can reap SEO and UX benefits with a video. This will also make the website more mobile-friendly. As a result, you will get more traffic that will lead to more conversions.

It has been found that people engage and spend more time on pages that have videos.

Reliable Characters
Reliable Characters - KrishaStudio

With the help of Whiteboard animation videos, you will be able to create the best buyer persona. If you wanted to sign a real-life actor for this job, it will be a costly affair. However, with the help of the videos, you can easily use humor in the animation videos. The actor might not be as humorous as the videos you can make. Moreover, the shooting costs with the actor will be more.

Keeps You Way Ahead of The Competitors
Keeps You Way Ahead of The Competitors - KrishaStudio

With the help of animated videos, you stay way ahead of your competitors. You can help to make your brand an innovative and creative entity.

Increasing The Conversion Rates
Increasing The Conversion Rates - KrishaStudio

The Whiteboard animation videos not only engage the target customers. It also helps them to move from a customer journey point to the other. You can not only maximize the experience of the customer but also help in increasing the profits.

Improves the Search Engine Optimization
Improves the Search Engine Optimization - KrishaStudio

With the help of an embedded animation video, you will be able to increase the number of visitors to the landing pages. This will help you to improve the SEO. Your brand will get better ranks and the business will get more visibility from the target customers.

Enables Customers to Understand the Product or Service
Enables Customers to Understand the Product - KrishaStudio

You may convey an important message. But if the customer fails to understand it, then your campaign will be unsuccessful. Animation videos help you to relay the message simple so that the audience can understand them easily. Through animation, you can explain the products or services quickly.

Saving the Resources
Saving the Resources - KrishaStudio

Videos are something that no customer gets tired of watching. They can watch it repeatedly. The animation videos do not need much time or money when you compare them with the live-action videos. One can reuse them without having to shoot them again.

Brings Ideas to Life
Brings Ideas to Life - KrishaStudio

You can tell a story you visualize to your readers. This can be achieved most creatively and humorously. With the help of animation videos, you can answer the questions of the customers and also let them know how the products or services will benefit them.

Videos will never go out of style. They are here to stay. Using a Whiteboard Animation video is surely a good way of enhancing your business and reaching out to more target customers.


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