Why is 2021 the year of animation video marketing?

Learn why 2021 is being hailed as the year of animation video marketing. Explore the trends, innovations, and consumer preferences driving the surge in animation video adoption for marketing purposes.

Why is 2021 the year of animation video marketing?
animation video marketing

Are you looking to adapt to modern advertising? Animation video marketing can be your ultimate answer. 

It’s 2021, and if your business is not using animation video marketing, then you are leaving money on the table. 

People connect with videos on an emotional level, they have the tremendous market reach, the potential to bring in ample potential leads, and most importantly, they are fun to watch. 

The popularity of animated marketing videos has touched new heights during the pandemic. They are a great source of entertainment for pandemic-struck and entertainment-searching people. Thus, marketers have adopted video marketing strategies, instead of regular text-based and image-based marketing. 

The animated videos are spiced with cute and funky animations, which are loved by millennials. Trends show a rise in the use of animated video in digital marketing strategies, Here’s why: 

Helps to spread the word about your brand.
Helps to spread the word about your brand - KrishaStudio

With every animation, you reveal a part of your brand story. A good, animated marketing video convinces and compels the audience to click on CTA and take the desired action. Video is the simplest and easiest form of communicating complex information about your brand.  

An explainer animated video with a pinch of humor and fun can add emotional values to the videos and are one of the most engaging and interactive. Animation can bring any dead and complex concept to life. Videos educate your customers about the brand in a fun way that is easy to understand and sticks to the memory. To conclude, a funny, yet explainer animated video can be educational and leave a strong impact on your brand on the consumer’s mind.  

Customers buy what they see and hear, and thus improved conversion rates.
Customers buy what they see and hear - KrishaStudio

Aesthetically pleasing music, unmatched sound effects, and cute animation sound can make your video more engaging and appealing to the audience. Unlike images audiences will not only SEE your brand, or read about it, they’ll HEAR it. Using the brand’s slogans, motto, marketing messages in a ‘voice’ format sounds more attractive, this makes you more accessible to your customers. Customers find a sense of belongingness. A good voice helps brands to execute the story and compels the audience to take action on the CTA. Today, marketers use animated videos to explain more complex products or services, instead of using a spokesperson. 

Adding More Emotion and Interest to the Subject Matter
Adding More Emotion - KrishaStudio

Marketers attach emotions to animations. The animation market has come a long way, in 2021 it is one of the largest markets in the world. They are proven to be the most effective when it comes to conveying emotions. 

Animated videos are made with a combination of sound and visuals; thus they can interact with the audience at multiple levels of perception. Marketers use animated and illustrated videos to strike an emotional connection with the audience. Emotions not only turn the customer to click on CTA but connects a special chord of understanding and trust between the brands. 

When customers trust you emotionally they’ll be encouraged to make a purchase. 

Some Mind-boggling Animation Video Marketing Statistics of 2020 for Marketers – 

If you still think animated videos are not worth your time and investment, then you should consider these powerful statistics which surely prove the power and influence of animated video marketing in 2021. 

  1. 53% of marketers say that video helps them raise brand/product awareness, 49% say videos helped them gain engagement and 52% said video helped them build trust with their potential customers. (Bitable)
  2. According to a report on Statista, the total expenditure on video ads is expected to be at a rate of 9% between 2020 and 2025
  3. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year. (Hubspot)
  4. According to Google6 out of 10 people would prefer to watch online videos than television. 
  5. According to Alexa top sites listsYouTube is the second most popular website after Google. 
  6. According to Insivia, a website is 53 times more likely to be on the top search results if it contains video content. 
  7. It is predicted that an average person will watch videos 100 mins per day in 2021. (Marketing Charts)

Top Animation Video Marketing Trends to Look For in 2021.

Well, if you still think that animated videos and cartoons are for kids, then probably you need to see these amazing animation video marketing trends. Adults too love animated videos. Marketing experts have predicted that animated videos are expected to gain momentum in 2021, let’s understand each trend to create a great video marketing strategy for your business – 

Animated explainer videos
Animated explainer videos - KrishaStudio

Describe complex business ideas in the simplest and funny ways.

Do you remember Mr. Clean the mascot of Procter & Gamble? The animated hero first appeared on the silver screens in 1958, and over the decades he is still one of the most memorable mascots in the industry. The popularity of Mr. Clean shows how animation can create a powerful brand image. Animated explainer videos are short videos, that marketers use to describe a product quickly and creatively. 

Today a lot of companies such as companies from the financial sector, healthcare sector, real estate, digital marketing have started using animated explainer videos to promote their complex business ideas, products in a fun and entertaining way. Animated explainer videos are short 1-minute-long videos, yet can be a powerful medium to reveal a brand’s unique personality through animation and illustration. 

2D and 3D Animated Videos
2D and 3D Animated Videos - KrishaStudio

They spark human emotion and build stronger bonds between the brand and its customers.

Both 2D and 3D animated videos were among the best video trends in 2020. Experts believe that they are expected to be one of the biggest marketing trends in 2021 too. 

2D animation involves creating movement in 2-dimensional space and includes creating characters, objects, and background. Animators create an illusion of movement with individual drawings sequenced together. 3D animation combines 3D models with movement. The models can spin and turn around in a 3D environment. 

2D and 3D animation have caught a marketer’s eye and they use them on social media, product demos, landing pages, and on the other spots of web pages. If presented creatively, these animated videos spark emotion and build stronger connections, thus creating an ultra-powerful tool for customer engagement and loyalty. 

Live motion video

Live motion video - KrishaStudio

The most compelling way to introduce new concepts is most surprising.

Live motion videos use the augmented reality concepts combined with some perceptual and visual hacks. The live-motion videos are augmented with animated characters in a more fun and engaging way. This is one of the most expensive animation video marketing trends to use, but once imagination starts to fly, animators use unique concepts and surprising concepts to introduce a brand. 

Whiteboard marketing
Whiteboard marketing - KrishaStudio

Complex topics can be simply explained.

In white-board animation, the narrator uses a marker pen to physically draw the storyline using a whiteboard, or a white-board-like surface. Whiteboard explainer videos have gained popularity over time and are expected to lead the market in 2021. Another reason for their popularity is the production cost. They are cheaper to produce than 3D animated videos. The narrator can use the whiteboard animation to explain the subject consistently and describe the concepts step by step with hand draws illustrations. 

Different types of businesses are using whiteboard animated videos to position their brand in the customer’s mind. 


These were some of the popular trends that led to a rise in the use of animation video marketing strategies. In 2021 video will be an essential part of brand strategy, they help brands to be SEEN, HEARD, UNDERSTOOD, and LOVED by their potential customers. These insights will help understand the benefits of video marketing and follow the top marketing trends to grow your business in 2021. 


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