Why you need an explainer video for your business

Discover the importance of explainer videos for businesses and why they're essential for success. From simplifying complex ideas to increasing conversion rates, learn how explainer videos can elevate your brand and drive results.

Why you need an explainer video for your business
Explainer Video

Many businesses today are making the switch to the use of video content to explain their product or service offerings. Explainer videos are a creative and strategic way for businesses to boost engagement, brand awareness, conversion rates, and more. An explainer video is an animated short video that tells viewers about your company’s products or services in a concise and easy-to-understand format. Animation makes it clear how your business adds value to its customers.

Why do Explainer Videos Work Well?

Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways businesses can effectively sell their product or service to potential customers. Explainer videos allow companies to quickly capture a customer’s attention from when they stumble upon your video until they make a purchase or otherwise interact with your product on your website.

Explainer videos are well-suited for different types of businesses, including businesses seeking to promote products or services online and those with offline sales representatives who need an easy way to introduce those representatives to potential customers quickly. Explainer videos are also great for retaining customers who have moved on from the initial sale and are looking for discounts, offers, or other paths back into your brand’s orbit. Explainer videos are an effective marketing tool because they cut through the clutter and clearly define your company’s value and its products. Your explainer video will stand out from the rest in a world filled with too much information.

Why Explainer videos are great for SEO?

Explainer videos are also advantageous for search engine optimization. For example, since a website is more likely to be ranked higher if it’s rich in helpful and useful content, explainer videos are an ideal way to deliver this content. Explainer videos are a great way to concisely introduce your business and its products or services. Also, explainer videos can help you improve the quality of your website by adding key information that boosts the website’s ranking on Google searches. Explainer videos are particularly effective in performing well under SEO parameters because they are clear and concise, thus making them a great resource to include on your website. By creating explainer videos for your business, you will be better armed to rank high on search engine results pages. The high watch time of an explainer video (an average of 2 minutes) shows Google that people enjoy watching it, which means Google wants to rank these videos at a higher spot than other types of content.

Why Explainer Videos are More Effective than Blog Posts?

Explainer videos are also effective because they can be more interesting than other types of content, like blog posts. Blog posts are generally not as interesting or entertaining as a video, requiring reading so that readers can skim over them without absorbing the information successfully.

Explainer videos give minds a visual experience that is easier to grasp and remember, which is why explainer videos are so effective at increasing sales. The information in explainer videos can be easily digested, helping potential customers understand how your product or service can help them. The use of animation makes the news even easier to grasp, boosting engagement and brand awareness while showcasing your company’s unique personality. You may have noticed that there is a lot more effort put into creating an explainer video than there is when writing an article for your website or blog. This is because writing articles often takes longer and requires much effort.

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Reasons why your business needs an explainer video
Why your business needs an explainer video - KrishaStudio
1. Increasing Conversion Rates:

Explainer videos are like a salesperson’s. They capture your customer’s attention and sell your product or service to them before they even have a chance to ask questions. One of the reasons why explainer videos are so popular is because they work. Studies have shown that sales and conversion rates increase by 200% when a website has an explainer video.

2.   Videos Increase Visibility In Search:

Optimizing your website for search engines is an important stage in the marketing process. An explainer video helps your website remain at the top of search engine results pages because of the high watch time and search engine ranking factors. Furthermore, explainer videos promoted and optimized on all major platforms like YouTube are more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages.

3. Trigger Interest:

Explainer videos also have a great potential to increase interest in your business. If you want your customers to sign up for your services or place an order, explainer videos are the best way to get them interested.

4. Videos Are More Memorable:

Most people prefer watching a video to reading text online. This is because the video speed is faster and more enjoyable than text. Explainer videos are highly engaging and are very easy to understand, which increases their memorability among viewers.

5. Make Your Product/Service Clearer:

Explainer videos make your product or service clearer to people. Explainer videos will work great if you need to show your customers how to use your product or service. An explainer video is a great way to showcase the features and benefits of your product or service in an entertaining and informative way. It also keeps viewers involved in your business.

6. Help to Develop Credibility:

Apart from explaining your business and its products and services, explainer videos can also help to develop your Credibility with your audience. Creating an explainer video that is creative and easy to understand can demonstrate how knowledgeable you are in your industry. Therefore, it can put a positive impression on your audience and make them more likely to trust you or recommend you to friends and family.

7. Google Loves Videos:

It should be no surprise that Google features explainer videos in their search results. Explainer videos usually have high watch time and high search engine ranking factors, two of the main factors that Google indexes when ranking a website. In addition, an explainer video can help create customer loyalty, which is likely to increase sales and conversion rates, which means more website traffic.

8. Videos Increase Social Shares:

Promoting a video on social media is easy. After all, you are sharing with your audience, who will be able to see and engage with your content. Your explainer video can then go viral, increasing social shares and boosting the reach of your business.

9. Improve Brand Awareness:

This is probably why businesses should create videos explaining their companies, products, or services. An explainer video can help to establish a strong brand that people associate with you and your business.


Explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool. They will help your business get noticed and increase sales. Explainer videos should be used to promote your website, explain the objectives of your organization and products, and convey your company’s message in a quick and entertaining way. Explainer videos are a great way to showcase your company and its products, services, and benefits. They can help you increase conversions, reach new customers and improve your SEO. Explainer videos are one of the best ways businesses have to stand out in today’s world of marketing. For more information visit KrishaStudio


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