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KrishaStudio is corporate video production company in India provides full corporate video production including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Our expert team can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives. Whether you are shooting on location or at a studio, our state-of-the-art facilities for video production have everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals of each client.

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Why should you invest in our corporate video production service?

There are several benefits of corporate videos. Here are a few!


  • Corporate videos get more traffic

    Believe it or not, videos account for two-thirds of all internet traffic. What does that mean for your business? It means if you aren’t using corporate video production, you are losing out on a ton of potential client traffic. If you have a video on your website, it means you are 75% more likely to get traffic. More traffic means more sales. That’s worth the investment.

  • Corporate videos get shared more often

    You can say sayonara to getting shares if you aren’t including images with your online content. A video is a lot more likely to get shared than a link on Facebook. Think about your favorite commercial and why you made your friends watch it. People want to share a message that invoked an emotional response in them, in hopes it will inspire others too. What does this mean for a company? It boils down to getting their brand name out there. It’s a lot more likely to happen when there’s a video.

  • Corporate videos create better brand awareness

    Videos can create a strong emotional response and feel. Whether it’s happiness, laughter, shock, or something else, videos have an ability unlike any other to create an emotional response. Engage your target client by invoking powerful emotions with corporate video production. Your message will have a longer-lasting, stronger impression than if you just let them read words. And making a strong memorable impression is vital to brand awareness.

  • Corporate videos have great ROI

    Certain things are worth spending your company’s valuable budget on. Corporate video production is one of them. Asking how much video production costs are irrelevant if you don’t consider what it will get you in return. Video delivers on your investment. The majority of businesses will tell you that corporate video production has a great return on ROI. Besides, so many businesses wouldn’t be hopping on the bandwagon if it wasn’t generating revenue.

  • Corporate videos explain things better

    Having a corporate video production is a great way to explain your company’s objective to your clients. You can think of several times you’ve watched a video to understand more about a product you were interested in. The platform of video allows for a clear and concise message to be sent through engaging images, sounds, and words.

  • Corporate videos are creative and fun

    This point can’t be ignored because it’s part of what makes corporate video production so unique. There are endless possibilities when it comes to conveying your business's brand. Is your company trendy? Funny? Sustainable? Sending a message targeted specifically to your premium potential client has never been easier than it is with corporate video production.

Types of Corporate Video

Brand videos

This is the video that should sit on your homepage or About Us page. It needs to encapsulate your brand in one short, catchy video. You could use it to tell your brand story, highlight your values and what you stand for, or simply state what you do, why and how you are different from your competition. This should be the flagship piece of video content that communicates clearly to your customer who you are and why they should be looking at your site.

The Overview Explainer Animation

Recruitment videos

A recruitment video is a great way to entice applicants. Showing them your offices, giving an insight into the company culture and explaining in detail the role via video sets you apart from other job adverts. It also allows you to give potential applicants more information about the company without them having to read a long job description. Videos like this work really well if you want to widen your search and use non-traditional channels such as social media to reach more people.

Whiteboard Animation Video

Responsible endeavor videos

Corporate Social Responsibility is a big part of many companies’ culture and ethos. Showing what initiatives your brand spearheads or takes part in is a great way to show potential clients and customers a little bit more about who you are and what you stand for. Many people take a companies’ ethics into account when choosing who to do business with, so showing what you do to make a difference in the world is a good way to build trust.

Corporate Video Production India

FAQ videos

Many websites have an FAQ section to answer common queries about their brand, product and / or service. These sections can be text-heavy, long and dry so livening it up with a video it a much more enticing proposition. The video could be an employee answering the questions to camera or even clever animation. Using a video for this part of your website makes it quick and easy for visitors to find the information they need.

Trending News Video Creation Services for Social Media

Email videos

Putting video in an email leads to an increase in click through rate (CTR). If that wasn’t enough, just using the word ‘video’ in a subject line boosts open rates. A lot of email services including Gmail cannot currently play embedded videos so a good way to include video that you are sure your recipient can view is to use a screen shot of the video with a play button graphic on top. Hyperlink this image to a dedicated holding page for the video, either on your website or a video hosting site, so that when they click it they are taken straight to the video.

Tutorial Video Creation Services

Exhibition videos

You know the types of people who will be attending the conference or exhibition so you can make sure you tailor your video to give them the kind of information they will be seeking. These video can be more in depth in terms of products or services you provide. Often animations which incorporate text and graphics work well for this type of video.

Announcement Video Production Services

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Corporate video Production service FAQ's

This question depends on the type of video requested by the client. KrishaStudio turns videos around very quickly, but preparation is the key. The more time we have to prepare the video shoot, the smoother the process will be. Please be assured that KrishaStudio has not once missed a deadline for a client. If the deadline is tight, this is no problem, KrishaStudio will clearly set-out what needs to be done to achieve this deadline and initiate a plan of action.
A simple answer would be the more complex a video, the more it will cost. We are very transparent with our costs and there will be no additional costs from what was initially quoted unless the brief is changed. We can quickly provide a guide price and this can be used to inform the rest of the process. We make sure that we work within your budget restraints to get the best video possible and that your message is concise and clear, no matter what budget we are working with.
KrishaStudio positively recommends it. Each function of the business can potentially have its own video. These videos will sit on their respective pages. KrishaStudio will sit down with you and ascertain the objectives and requirements of the video commission. We will also demonstrate the potential edits that can be achieved and where best to use them. From this understanding, KrishaStudio will produce a storyboard and highlight the different avenues the videos can be edited into.
There are two ways of doing this. The first is you give a small overview, we then go back to our cave, research your business, your competitors, the market in general and then write a new and fresh script for the video. We do offer the service, where the initial starting point comes from the client and we then take their work and polish it to becoming a fully-fledged script. The first option is more expensive due to the time taken for research and we believe, as much client input is the best foundation for a quality video being produced.
Online promotion has opened up video promotion in so many ways. You obviously want your video on the 2nd biggest search engine (YouTube) but there are so many more promotional platforms out there that have to be considered. The main point is where there is a screen; there is the capability to promote your video in a number of differing ways. You can now get your video directly on to potential customer's phones. There is also the whole of off-line promotion to consider and this encompasses trade shows. We very much welcome a quick chat/call to explain this further.
It usually depends on your intended use of the video. We recommend, that videos created for marketing communication and corporate videos should be restricted to less than 120 seconds.

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