Video Ad is the future of advertising: All you need to know

Explore the transformative potential of video ads in shaping the future of advertising. Learn about the benefits, trends, and strategies for leveraging video ads to engage audiences and drive results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Video Ad is the future of advertising: All you need to know
Video Ads

Video advertising has been one of the greatest sources of online income for a long time. Traditionally, video creation agencies mostly broadcast ads on cable TV, but with time, they have paid more attention to digital marketing through digital ads.

Digital video advertising is considered to be the future of advertising because it allows advertisers to connect with their targeted audiences and presents prime opportunities for data collection, exposure, and personalization.

Why do video ads have better prospects?

Higher engagement of video ads
Higher engagement of video ads - KrishaStudio

Video ads are mainly based on two things that catch the user’s attention, that is, sound and movement. These two factors play a major role in conveying an efficient message which ultimately leads to better engagement. Generally, video ads grab more attention than text ads because they mainly focus on the copy, punctuation, and visual cues to convey the targeted message. Whereas, video ads are more efficient in delivering the desired message more comprehensively and easily.

Numerous researches say that 95% of messages are remembered when it is watched in comparison with 10% of the text ads. More than 50% of the sales of a product depends on its digital video advertising because most of the users expect videos from brands more than any other form of advertising.

Recently, an Amazon and eBay report says that a video ad to a product description increases the chance of a consumer consuming the product by 35%. Moreover, it is seen that a positive user’s experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

MediaMind analyzed over 3 billion ad impressions globally for 6 months and results show:

  1. There is a 24.7 times higher chance for CTR than a regular banner
  2. It is almost 12 times richer compared to media ads.

Recent studies show the high engagement of video ads in social media and content creating sites like Facebook and YouTube. Most of the online content creators earn more through the engagement of digital video ads than salaries from social sites.

More accessibility of video ads
More accessibility - KrishaStudio

Researches show nearly 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute and this shows that users are more into sharing videos. Video creation agencies create ads in a concise and relatable way which makes them more presentable and catchy for the audience and shareable. Video ads provide a huge platform for the brands to express themselves and why many people find them worth distributing.

A recent example being, Poo Pourri’s famous video ad has grabbed the attention of more than 42 million views and helped the company to increase its value from $10 Million to $30 Million soon after the video gained popularity.

Though video ads are time-consuming and expensive to create, their efficiency and ability to effectively narrate and express the story allows the video creation agencies to engage more prospects and reach more audiences.

Higher CTR
Higher CTR - KrishaStudio

Video ads have higher click-through rates than regular posters, ads, or images. They engage more attention of the viewer compared to any other typical banner ad. Studies suggest that video ads have 7.5 times higher click-through rates than any other.

What should you expect from animation video marketing?
What should you expect from animation video - KrishaStudio

The answer is pretty simple. Video marketing is one of the most recent additions in the guide to make a business successful, but its prospects are brighter than ever. If you see, ok it is in the world almost everyone is engaging in making video ads and hiring video creation agencies because it is one of the most profitable and versatile tools for digital marketing.

Here is why video ads are the future of advertising and what you should expect from them.

Increase in conversations and sales

Earlier records have proved that adding videos on your handling page will increase your sales and conversion rates by almost 8%. People have a better understanding of your company and the product you have to offer. As a result even normal viewers eventually become potential buyers.

Return on investment

Video production is no doubt a costly business.  You have to have a good, healthy budget and hire a reputed video creation agency if you aim to make an effective video. However, 83% of businesses claim that the ROI on videos is higher than ever. The traffic and revenue brought in by the influence of the video cover the amount required to make it.

Higher ranks

Search Engines like Google loves videos. If your video ads are properly SEO-oriented, your chances of getting higher ranks are positive.

Increase of mobile users

Nowadays people largely prefer mobiles over desktops. Videos make it easier for mobile users to engage with the brand. Moreover, watching a video on mobile is much easier and more efficient. The platform on which you promote your video ads should be associated with ease of mobile phone use.

More shares, Higher traffic

As discussed earlier, videos are more accessible. They can be easily shared over socials which helps them gain more exposure. Therefore, it gets the attention of more people.


Compared to what you can write on a banner or a graphic text, videos incorporate more information in less time. This way you can provide more details about your brand to the customer easily, quickly, and in a simpler manner.


Video ads are the future of advertisement. There are no second thoughts to that. Even though it’s a big investment,  it’s one time. Videos being more flexible can be used over and over with little modifications and improvisations. Videos are highly effective to track the right kind of audience. If you can land your video advertisements on the right platform, chances are you will have a successful business in very little time. Therefore, if you are a new business owner, making good use of this recent digital marketing tool is a wise choice. The prospects of animated video ads are higher compared to all other tools, so effective use of it from an initial stage is advised.


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