5 Best explainer videos and how to make an explainer video for your business

Learn from the best! Explore the 5 best explainer videos and discover how to create your own for your business. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions and valuable insights to help you craft compelling explainer videos that engage and convert.

5 Best explainer videos and how to make an explainer video for your business
best explainer videos

In this blog, we will be discussing everything you need to know about explainer videos, including the types of explainer videos, their examples, and tips for making one of the best explainer videos that will kickstart your conversion rates. Let us dig deep to know why explainer videos are an essential step to establishing any start-up business, and how an explainer video company can help you with your business.

What exactly does an explainer video mean?

What exactly does an explainer video mean - KrishaStudio

Explainer videos are short videos, mostly animated, describing the services or products of a brand, to increase its efficiency, traffic, and outreach. Explainer Videos are mostly on the landing page of your website so that it is the first thing that a viewer comes across. People nowadays prefer audiovisual features over reading things. That is why these types of videos have become extremely popular, as it helps to explain a feature of the company, service or product in a matter of few seconds without making it boring or monotonous.

What are the types of explainer videos?

Take a look at the various types of explainer videos and find the one that is best suited for your company.

2D Character Animation
2D Character Animation - KrishaStudio

In 2D animation, 2D space is created using perspective to create a sense of depth and illusion. Both the characters and the scenes are pictures, combined with perception to make it look moving. This kind of animation is highly effective for evoking emotion and making people think. Therefore, it also gets a huge number of shares from people. It is a fantastic choice for B2C and B2B companies.

Whiteboard animation
Whiteboard animation - KrishaStudio

Whiteboard animations are used for vivid explanations of products, services, and company policies. This concept can be cast into any way to explain anything in detail. It consists of simply drawing black and white illustrations on a white background.

Live-Action - KrishaStudio

Live-action is much like a real-life TV commercial. In this type of explainer video, everything is recorded using a camera, with real people. If a company aims to broaden its spheres and build a stronger relationship with its potential customers, they often opt for this type of explainer video, portraying real-time scenes with real people. It is a great option for testimonials as more people are encouraged to become potential clients of the company.

Stop Motion
Stop Motion - KrishaStudio

In this technique, a still object is photographed continuously while it is in motion so that when all the pictures are viewed together, they create an illusion of movement. This technique is not very prevalent as it is highly expensive and not always flexible. If you want to make a change in between the pictures, it might not be possible, costing you to redo the entire video.

Typography - KrishaStudio

In these kinds of explainer videos animated typographic fonts are used to express ideas. Visual stimulation is highly effective. If used correctly, with proper fonts and rightly underlined words, this can easily grab the attention of the customer and stay in their memories. One of the best reasons why it is widely used by almost all businesses is its efficiency in cost and time of production.

Screencast - KrishaStudio

A screencast is also an effective explainer video option, especially when it comes to tutorials. Audiences are highly benefitted by this method as they know how exactly they need to approach the problem with the screencast video. In this, the video is a screen recording of the website or application, with narration audio in the background. If you have any complex product or service, it can be easily explained with this video.

5 Best Examples of Explainer Videos
Examples of Explainer Videos - KrishaStudio

Here are the top 5 examples of explainer videos created by animation video creators of highly reputed companies.


The Spotify explainer video is a combination of fun animation with h a-rockin’ soundtrack to highlight their services for digital music. The video looks great with the lively, fast-paced music and its color palette aligns perfectly with the Spotify logo. The Spotify animated explainer video is easy and simple. It does not complicate things with elements that are not required and focuses on its main attraction which is music.


Mint uses animated illustrations to explain their process of work – how they extract financial information from various parts of the user’s life and put it all together in one setup. Mint also uses screenshots of the original product to familiarize the customers with the environment of the product.

Dollar Club

The dollar is a great example of a well-structured explainer video. They introduce their product, discuss a problem that comes with the product and offer a solution as to how to solve the problem. The tone and humor of the video attract their potential clients.


PooPourri presents a highly humorous explainer video explaining the basics of its products and services. It is famous in the industry for the same reasons as Dollar Club.


Airbnb uses an amalgamation of live-action and animation to explain its unique services. The best thing about this video is how it represents exactly the thing that the viewers want to know about.

How to make your explainer video?

Here are steps for how to make your explainer video:

  1. Write a video script describing the elements you want to incorporate in your video.
  2. Record the voiceovers to give life to your script. You can easily find voiceover artists at Fiverr or Craigslist, or hire an explainer video company to do it all for you.
  3. Hire an explainer video company or a freelancer to cover all your expenses in one go. This way your production will benefit more.
  4. Add the background music and sound effects, aligning with the theme of your video.
  5. After the launch of the explainer video, measure its performance and keep tabs on the statistics and analytics.
About KrishaStudio
About KrishaStudio - KrishaStudio

KrishaStudio is one of the best and most affordable explainer video company out there. Take a look at its various services and choose the best for yourself.


There is no doubt that explainer video is an asset for your business as it helps to boost your conversion rates by huge margins. If you want to make an explainer video for your website, the best thing you can do is hire an explainer video company like KrishaStudio and take help from their animation video creator to get your work done smoothly.


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