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Krisha Studio | November 19, 2021 | Product Demo Video
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A product demo video is a remarkably effective tool that showcases products to potential customers through real-time demonstrations. This blog aims to iterate detailed steps about the processes involved in making a product demo video of your own.

What is a Product Demo Video?

A product demonstration video demonstrates the applications of your product by deploying it in practical action. Demo videos are a captivating mode of communication to enunciate the value of your product to potential clientele.

What Does a Product Demo Video Do?

Product demonstration video:  Demonstrates the applications of your product.

  1. Product demo videos seek to validate the features and the functionality and of your product in practical situations to your clientele and potential prospects.
  2. Demo videos of your service or product allow prospects and clientele to comprehend the working of your product and understand its features.
  3. Captivating product demo videos are remarkable sales tools. If your product demo manages to be enlightening, instructive, and memorable, it helps facilitate sales and close deals.
  4. A decent demo video articulates what your product aims to offer, demonstrates how it provides a solution and convinces the audience as to why they should buy it.

How to Create Your Product Demo Video?

Publishing a subtly catchy demo video does not call for a huge budget. If you don’t have access to an animated video production company, we have you covered. Although it is always preferable to hire the experts such as those at KrishaStudio, you must be aware of the entire methodology that revolves around creating your product demo video:

Plan Your Demo Video

Note required points and plan your video

To produce a strategy for a successful demo video, the below noted points are essential. You must take a few moments and plan before recording your video straightaway.

Product Description: Introduce what your product is capable of — while keeping the demonstration brief so that your audience stays interested.

Your Product As a Solution: While you might be tempted to showcase your product features, be sure to mention the problems your audience faces that your product is supposed to solve.

Actual Demonstration: Establish the product in action but remember to avoid too much detail. A demo video is not supposed to demonstrate every step. That is what a tutorial video is for. Try and keep your description relatively brief. You may go ahead and record multiple demo videos illustrating various aspects but it is recommended to start with something typical intending to appear to the audience as a whole.

A Definite call-to-action (CTA): To conclude your video, deliver a specified appeal for your audience to opt for, usually a link that requests more information or download a trial or even purchase your product. Once you are done strategizing, it is advised to write a script and a storyboard to form a solid foundation for your video.

Begin with a template

Use suitable template to record product demo video

It might appear that you would be required to record a product demo video from scratch but it is not the case. You can use a template instead. You can avail one from an animated video production company such as KrishaStudio. Templates are highly customizable with choices to alter colors, fonts, logos, and more to appropriately propagate your product branding.

Record your service or product in action

Record and edit your products and services.

To capture your product in action, you will require the tools that will let you perform the gimmicks of recording and editing and other such logistics. An animated video production company would prove to be helpful here. Once you have your product pulled up and ready for recording, you are recommended to walk through your script for demonstration a few times before recording.

You should be wary of the desired dimensions of your final output while you record. Enlarging and cropping often lead to poor quality. Hence, it is important to consider the right output dimensions before you record to ensure a crisp and clear finished video.

If you intend to record your narration while you demonstrate, you will need to capture your voice through a microphone. However, if you require a script, it will be convenient for you to record the voiceover distinctly, once you are done recording.

Edit your recording

Edit your recording like add animation, introduction of product and many more.

You can choose to trim your footage, add narration voiceover, include an illustrated intro, induce animated effects, and more. You can seek help from the storyboard to guide you through.

Although you have a lot of editing options available at bay, it is crucial to avoid overdoing it. Keep it brief and subtle appeals to your audience while focusing on your propaganda simultaneously.

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A Final Word

Why would someone avail your product? What problem can they overcome with their product? If your product demo video answers these questions successfully, your product demonstration will stand effectively.

Speaking of efficiency, an animated video production company will make your demo product video achieves your outcome through their professional tools and a wide range of animated video production services to businesses across various industry verticals.

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