10 Best testimonial videos that showcase creativity and authenticity

Explore 10 testimonial videos that stand out for their creativity and authenticity. From heartfelt narratives to innovative presentations, these videos demonstrate how genuine testimonials can effectively engage and resonate with audiences.

10 Best testimonial videos that showcase creativity and authenticity

We are all aware that trust is essential. But this is especially true in the digital era, where a bad reputation may severely hamper your business. However, an excellent and reliable impression can make the business. So let’s emphasize the good and make the most of the ones that matter. Fortunately, that’s the purpose of customer testimonial videos!  A testimonial video is just another kind of corporate video.

Whether you’re an established business owner or just starting, testimonial videos can have a big impact on the expansion of your brand. 

They have evolved into indispensable tools in today’s digital marketing scene. They increase a brand’s legitimacy, foster potential customers’ trust, and ultimately have an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Let’s face it: potential customers want to know that their money is secure and that their investment is worthwhile. Video testimonials give them the much-needed dependability and confidence. 

So, if you are looking to find out about the basics of testimonial videos and some of the best testimonial video examples, then this blog has got you covered. We will be covering the 10 best testimonial video examples, let’s dig in & find out! 

What is a testimonial video? 

A testimonial video is a visual form of customer feedback or endorsement that businesses use to showcase the positive experiences of their clients or customers. 

It typically features individuals or organizations sharing their genuine opinions and experiences with a product, service, or brand. Testimonial videos serve as powerful marketing tools, providing social proof and building trust among potential customers.

These videos often include satisfied customers speaking on camera about their experiences, highlighting the benefits of a product or service and how it has positively impacted their lives or businesses. 

They influence the purchasing decisions of customers, as they offer real-life examples of the value and satisfaction that others have derived from a particular product or service.

10 Best Examples of Testimonial Video

1. Magic Flask 

We’re used to watching customer testimonial videos in which the customer talks about and praises the product/service. Magic Flask decided to approach things differently. One of the company’s customers was invited to taste-test various liquors. 

The individual had to taste them both with and without the flack. The video catches the taster’s immediate reaction on the camera.

This Magic Flask example provides a creative perspective on customer feedback by recording a series of taste testers’ actual responses to the Magic Flask in real-time. They can incorporate a brief product pitch at the start and rely on the responses of the customers to do the selling. The video feels extra genuine because of the real-time component.

If this testimonial doesn’t pique your interest in the Magic Flask, we don’t know what will! It shows firsthand experience with the products, and filming immediate reactions makes for a terrific testimonial that is both amusing and educational.

2. Google Ads

There’s a segment in Google AdWords called Success Stories. Happy Hound serves as a testimonial in those success stories. 

This testimonial advertising example depicts the endearing story of a lady who manages a doggy daycare center: she explains in a testimonial that when she first started her business, she didn’t have enough clients, so she began using Google Adwords. Soon, that tool was bringing her 90% of her customers!

Although the video is from 2009, it’s still a fantastic example of a customer testimonial since it tells a tale that would resonate with any platform user—and even prospects or non-users.

This bright and joyful testimonial film concludes on a high note: “I’m confident Google Adwords will continue to help my business grow.” She said that life is awesome. It is one of the best yet engaging video testimonials by Google, as it showcases genuine results and growth. 


MYOB, a provider of accounting software, highlights a number of its satisfied clients. Depending on where you are, they spotlight different clientele.

For instance, Lee Timutimu, the creator of the guided walking app Arataki, is one of the clients featured in New Zealand. You can read a text version of his narrative or see his video testimonial to find out how MYOB benefited him.

In a nutshell, he describes his company and how MYOB helps it. He continues by discussing the value of passion in his line of work.  

The subtlety of the video prevents it from coming off as a MYOB sales piece. Nonetheless, it makes evident how Arataki succeeded and how MYOB enabled Timutimu to have complete control over his cash flow.

4. Slack

Are you looking for a funny customer testimonial example? Then you should see this Slack video! Their team made a film for Slack that recounted how they used to communicate using a variety of platforms, including chat, email, and Whatsapp, and how they discovered a new method of team organization by utilizing Slack, an excellent team communication tool.

And they executed it in such a playful manner that you’ll almost forget it’s a created testimonial example. 

This specific type of testimonial advertising is meticulously prepared and produced, but it’s also so skillfully done that the situations don’t come across as forced or manufactured, which is something that may happen if you’re not careful! 

That is typically an issue with scripted customer testimonial videos. But, slack did a brilliant job with this testimonial video. 

5. Paypal 

This is just another clear-cut, direct film that SAP HANA created as a client testimonial for PayPal.  An official from the bank discusses PayPal and how it has helped the bank. This is the ideal illustration of a real, low-budget testimonial video. It has no fancy features, is self-recorded, and is brief. 

All that’s happening here is a bank manager discussing how PayPal benefits both them and their clients. This is a review-style testimony.

The testimonial video asks three easy questions and even contains data on the bank’s constraints on its use. It’s positioned as a straightforward explanation of how the product works. 

This straightforward, sincere, and honest review video will significantly improve your business sales revenue. 

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6. SalesForce 

Salesforce is software for customer relationship management (CRM). They made a daring move with this. Salesforce has many fantastic video testimonials, but this one is particularly intriguing. 

The personal stories of being inspired are compelling from the start, and while the company is not mentioned until the very end, the film is crafted effectively enough to retain the audience engaged up to that end.  

The story’s emotional impact is evident. Herrera has overcome a great lot of adversity to get to where she is today, and Salesforce is a part of her journey. This is the kind of testimonial that will strike strongly with the viewers. 

This is a good example of a somewhat higher-budget testimonial video that relies on the medium’s other aspects to complement the story. There is no direct mention of the corporation; instead, it is a personal story of people who have benefited from the company. 

7. Figma

Figma is a web-based collaborative design tool that was just purchased by Adobe for $20 billion!  

However, at the time this testimonial was composed, the web app was still striving to establish itself. Having Airbnb make a wonderful testimonial film must have felt like a huge success for Figma! 

Numerous workers from Airbnb are featured in this film, all of whom discuss how Figma has enhanced their workflow and made things simpler, effective, and more collaborative. Allowing the team members to explain this in their own words gives the testimonial video a much-needed dose of authenticity. 

This type of testimonial film for an emerging firm, especially one from a prominent company like Airbnb, establishes strong trust and reliability for the brand. 

8. Zoom

This Zoom customer testimonial video is unique and entertaining to watch. It is provided by the cloud-based content management business Box. In the testimonial video, Box employees take turns detailing how and where they utilize Zoom and how it improves their collaboration. 

Throughout the video, various corporate representatives explain how the platform has helped them reach out to their teams and clients.

They haven’t done anything new for the testimonial video. They have straightforwardly explained Zoom’s unique characteristics, encouraging other businesses to test this unique tool for their operations. 

Takeaway: The video is straightforward and visually appealing. In this video, people converse openly with one another, which helps viewers relate emotionally to the app and its capabilities. 

9. Hootsuite

This testimonial is fantastic since it demonstrates how the Herschel team uses Hootsuite for social media product marketing. In addition, it offers the perspectives of many team members, providing a comprehensive picture of how Hootsuite benefits all company members, from the Digital Marketer to the Managing Director to the marketing team. 

Growth is another significant element that the video emphasizes. The client discusses their social media platform’s rapid growth and how the Hootsuite app enabled their small marketing team to manage it. 

Small details like this effectively portray Hootsuite as an extra team member, which will appeal to potential customers who are viewing the testimonial.

Overall, they covered every function of Hootsuite, which has enabled them to optimize their social media marketing and experience swift growth. 

10. HubSpot

Hubspot decided to convey one of their customers’ feedback in the form of a video – an extremely wise option given that their main product is a CRM and online sales platform. Additionally, they did a fantastic job creating a unique video testimonial. 

They decided to combine pictures of their work with the client’s testimonial. In addition, they included screen captures of some of the actions they took on Hubspot’s platforms, which turned this collaboration into something truly revolutionary. These in-the-moment screen captures demonstrate honesty and authenticity.  

A person speaking for two or three minutes straight could grow monotonous, therefore all of these pictures offer the viewer context and give this testimony example a wonderful pace! 

To Wrap up! 

The opinion of a customer is quite powerful. It doesn’t matter if you believe your own product is the greatest; after all, everyone would say the same thing about their offerings. Customers want to hear the experiences of their peers. Customers trust their peers the most.

A testimonial film can be made in a variety of styles based on your audience and product, but one thing that must be conveyed is authenticity.  Just like the top testimonial examples you’ve seen today by some of the repeated companies!

From there, develop your story, consider what you can do differently, and put together an interesting, dynamic, on-brand, and shareable film that will grab and retain your audience’s attention.

However, creating an engaging and out-of-the-box testimonial video takes a lot of effort and professional skills. If you are willing to partner with a leading video development company, that can leverage its skills and expertise – then Krisha Studio has got you covered. For more information about it, we are just a call away. 


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