5 ways to Leverage Video Animation during the Global Pandemic

Explore five ways to maximize the power of video animation during the pandemic. From virtual events to educational content, discover how animation can help you stay connected with your audience and drive business growth.

5 ways to Leverage Video Animation during the Global Pandemic
Video marketing in pandemic

Amidst all these, there is only one thing that would reduce the negative influence of the awful pandemic on us. Yes, you guessed it right. It is none other than animation. Although it is hard to stay positive in such a situation, the animation never fails to cheer us up. Besides, the animated explainer videos emerged as an excellent tool for helping businesses across diverse industries overcome marketing challenges and boost growth. The article focuses on using video animation and how companies can leverage video animation even during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Animation: The Concept

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Animation is the method of photographing successive models, drawings, and puppets to create an illusion of movements in a sequence. Our eyes can retain an image approximately for 1/10th of a second. When these multiple images appear in fast succession, our brain blends the images into a single moving image. Traditionally animation had pictures drawn and painted on transparent celluloid sheets, later on, photographed by the animator. However, today the animators carry out animations using computer-generated imagery or CGI.

For creating a smooth motion for these painted and drawn images, the animators consider the frame rate or the number of consecutive images displayed on the screen. Usually, the moving characters are shot “on two,” which means the expert presents a single picture on two frames, consisting of 12 drawings per second. Twelve frames per second allow motion that might look choppy. 

Ways to Leverage Video Animation 

Here are specific ways to leverage animated explainer views to expand your business during a pandemic situation. 

Circulate Branding Information about Staying Safe
Circulate Branding Information - KrishaStudio

It is essential to keep the latest medical developments handy and follow safety protocols. You can create video animations to educate people across age groups and education levels on how to wash hands, practice social distancing, and other crucial information about Covid-19 through engaging visuals.

People love sharing video content they find engaging and interesting across diverse platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Hence, your animated explainer videos would lead to the rapid dissemination of your branded content. Ensure to add your logo to these videos, which would help generate goodwill and towards your brand.

Efficient Communication with Employees
Efficient Communication with Employees - KrishaStudio

Working from a remote location has several disadvantages. You might find your employees feeling isolated and lonely without regular interactions with their colleagues. You can try creating animated videos for motivating and communicating with your staff. You can deliver a motivational message, a business milestone, or even a business-related announcement; video animation is the best way to reduce boredom and effective communication. 

Create Video While Staying Safe 
Create Video While Staying Safe  - KrishaStudio

The ongoing lockdowns due to the global pandemic brought a sudden halt to all action shootings from maintaining the norms of social distancing. Whatever the situation is, it must never stop you from creating unique and engaging video advertisements. Video animation advertisements are the perfect tools for boosting conversion and retention rates. Besides, you can make these videos anytime and anywhere. The best of video animation is that they are cost-effective ads. Although they are short-lived, they can be engaging if you created them without any flaws. 

Enhancing Marketing Campaign
Enhancing Marketing Campaign - KrishaStudio

According to HubSpot, there is a sharp rise in businesses using videos as an effective marketing tool. The use of videos for marketing rose from 63% to 80% in the past year. Animated explainer videos help your target audience retain your information than static content, which further helps make a purchase decision. 

You can use an animated explainer video in every marketing campaign for your brand to boost customer engagement, conversions, and sales. Furthermore, video animations help better and effectively convey brand messages in the most meaningful, enjoyable way while allowing cost efficiency and faster production. 

Spread Entertainment 
Spread Entertainment  - KrishasStudio

With the widespread panic caused by the global pandemic, it is difficult to ground through distraction. Social media platforms are swarming with the pandemic news, and hence a fun and lighthearted video animation are the best for distracting and calming your mind. Video animation companies can make short movies and series with characters that attract viewers and make them fall in love with them. 

The people have something to entertain and refresh their minds, rather than feeling trapped in their homes and listening to depressing news. The animated explainer videos can bring any concept to life, and hence the animated video services must leverage their talents in creating crazy and unique videos.


Video animations are flexible with their uses and can do wonders in helping you get through the hard times of the global pandemic. Whether you are an employee, student, or a bored kid, video animation has something for everyone. These videos are engaging, pocket-friendly, and enjoyable to watch. You will find nothing that would make you not fall in love with them. However, before you engage yourself in creating these super exciting videos, wash your hands thoroughly and practice social distancing. 

About KrishaStudio
About KrishaStudio - KrishaStudio

KrishaStudio is one of the leading animated video production companies, offering various animated video services to diverse industries. Our organization offers a wide range of animated video ads, including whiteboard-animated advertisements, kinetic typography animated advertisements, cartoon animated advertisements, silhouette animated advertisements, stop motion animated advertisements, and cutout-animated advertisements.

We strive to give a realistic look and feel to your ideas and ensure that your video reaches your targeted audiences without hindrance. If you want us to work on some specific advertisements or animated videos, do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email or call us at the number mentioned on our website. We are always available to help you with your query and requirements. 


KrishaStudio is a creative video production agency, crafting captivating and compelling videos. With our team of passionate storytellers and video experts, we bring your vision to life, helping you achieve your marketing goals through the power of video.

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