A detailed idea about explainer animation video production

Gain a comprehensive understanding of explainer animation video production. Discover expert tips, techniques, and insights for creating engaging videos that captivate your audience.

A detailed idea about explainer animation video production

Video is undeniably one of the most creative and versatile forms of expression in the digital realm. It has the power to captivate a wide audience and serve various purposes, whether it’s imparting knowledge, entertaining, or promoting products and services. Over the years, video content has become increasingly prevalent in commercial and corporate settings, with many companies leveraging its potential to engage and connect with their audience. With advancements in technology, animated videos have emerged as a dominant force in digital media. In this article, we will delve into the realm of animated explainer video production.

A brief idea about the animated explainer video

An animated explainer video is a type of video production process aimed at creating an animated video. While it may initially appear light-hearted and simple, the process is quite complex. Despite their often short duration, animated videos require careful planning and execution. Many people mistakenly believe that creating animated videos is easy due to their playful nature, but debunking this myth reveals the intricacies involved in their creation.

Regardless of the proficiency of the production team, other essential aspects of video creation must be considered. Quality content is paramount, and obtaining it requires time and effort. To ensure a successful animated video, the message conveyed must be clear and easy to understand. This underscores the importance of audience analysis. Creating an engaging animated video involves several steps, each of which is crucial to the overall success of the project. Below, we will discuss these steps in detail.

Analyzing the audience
Analyzing the audience -KrishaStudio

The initial step in video production involves analyzing the audience, which aids in crafting an engaging script. To facilitate audience analysis, preparing a questionnaire can be beneficial, guiding the process step by step. Initially, identifying the target audience is crucial, followed by understanding their preferences. Subsequently, comprehending the audience’s level of understanding enables the creation of a compelling and easily comprehensible script.

Writing the initial draft of a script 
Writing the initial draft of a script -KrishaStudio

The script is the base of a video, and without it, a video cannot be made. So, how to create an explainer video script? To craft an effective script, ensure that every word is easily understandable and aligns with the video’s purpose. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the word count, particularly for a 60-second video, aiming for 160 to 180 words per minute. Thus, while drafting the script, it’s imperative to keep both clarity and time constraints in mind.

Creating an effective corporate brand
Creating an effective corporate brand -KrishaStudio

When creating a commercial video, corporate branding takes precedence. As a video producer, it’s crucial to advocate for your client’s brand. When crafting the script, prioritize branding to promote the brand effectively in the market. Several factors contribute to branding, including color, theme, logo placement, animated characters, dialogue, background score, and more. Ensure that the video conveys information about the brand and its services effectively.

Mockup phase
Mockup phase-KrishaStudio

Afterward, you proceed to the mock-up phase, where you select the animated character and style. There are various styles used in animated explainer videos, including 3D video style, graphic animation, silhouette animation, and motion graphic style. When selecting characters, prioritize creating ones that appeal to the target audience and align with the company’s image. Similarly, choose an animation style that reflects the company’s preferences. It’s essential to meet the client’s needs while leveraging your creativity.

Storyboard creating
Storyboard creating-KrishaStudio

In video production, the storyboard is as crucial as the script. While the script narrates the entire story, the storyboard breaks it down into individual slides. It serves as a blueprint for what will appear on the screen, encompassing all elements such as shots, motion, and transitions. Video creators often refer to it as a visual blueprint. Based on the storyboard, elements like music, illustration, sound effects, animation, and voice-overs are incorporated. It’s important to present the storyboard to the client for approval, as it significantly influences the establishment of the brand image.

Recording voice for the video
Recording voice for the video -KRishaStudio

Once the video is created, the voiceover gives it life. Without the voice, characters remain lifeless. Voice artists are entrusted with this task. Before hiring a voice artist, it’s essential to show the video to the client to ensure it meets expectations. During recording, attention must be paid to whether the voice-over complements the animated characters and if all dialogues are audible. Sound quality should be clear and not overlap with background music.

Animation -KrishaStudio

Animation is the cornerstone of an animated video. Simply put, you have all the elements at your disposal; the task is to add motion to breathe life into them. This process is time-consuming and demands quality animation for a corporate video to effectively establish the brand image.

Once animation is completed, attention turns to sound effects and music. These elements enhance audience engagement with the animated video. A good and unique soundtrack can set the mood for purchase in a commercial video. Additionally, sound effects add depth to the actions of animated characters, making them lively and captivating. Subtitles can also be added to enhance the video’s appeal.

Final correction stage

After the editing process is complete, the final correction stage ensues, typically following client review. During this phase, the entire edited video is scrutinized in the editing room to identify any hidden flaws and ensure overall perfection. Attention is given to details to guarantee an immaculate final result. However, if the animated video has been meticulously crafted through each step of the production process, minimal adjustments may be required at this stage. It is crucial to review the script and storyboard to ensure adherence to all steps and that the video effectively communicates the brand and its services engagingly.

It is evident that the production of animated explainer videos necessitates careful execution of the aforementioned steps to create an effective corporate video. This endeavor demands dedication and involvement from a hardworking team committed to delivering projects on time. Additionally, it is imperative to prioritize client input throughout the process. Animated video production is undoubtedly a complex undertaking, requiring meticulous adherence to each step to craft an engaging video that effectively promotes the client’s brand image.

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