How animated explainer video changing the trends in 2020

Uncover the evolving landscape of animated explainer videos and their influence on marketing trends in 2020. Stay ahead of the curve with insights and strategies for success.

How animated explainer video changing the trends in 2020

In technical terms, an explainer video is a short animated video commonly utilized by businesses to effectively communicate their brand stories in an engaging and motivational manner. Explainer videos have become the preferred choice for organizations like Twitter, especially when offering services that may be difficult to describe succinctly. These videos typically last for around 2 minutes, providing an opportunity for the brand to effectively communicate its products or services. Through such videos, customers gain insight into how the products can enhance their lives, making them more convenient and desirable.

The trend of animated explainer videos in 2020 highlights the need for concise, engaging content that captures the audience’s attention effectively. As an animator in the industry, it’s crucial to stay updated on these trends to create compelling and relevant content.

List of trends in 2020 for animated explainer video

To win the attention of the customer, the explainer videos that a brand will use when addressing its audience on stage must reflect that it cares for the audience. When an explainer video of a brand becomes successful in making its audience feel, that it understands well what the audience needs, it can achieve all milestones with high-quality and useful content, which fulfills a need. Here, there is a need to know the prevailing animation trends. 

Simplicity in explainer videos
Simplicity in explainer videos -KrishaStudio

In the realm of business, simplicity is key when it comes to branding videos. It stands as one of the most crucial trends in marketing for reaching potential customers effectively. Nowadays, customers have easy access to information, largely due to advanced smartphone models. Therefore, the message conveyed through video must be powerful, with a strong and effective narrative. To achieve this, focus on the core message. You can enhance the informativeness of the videos by incorporating simple images or shapes, adding a touch of creativity to your content.

Hand drawn illustration
Hand drawn illustration -KrishaStudio

Simple animations and hand-drawn illustrations are some of the important trends in animation videosThe audience always wants a gentler touch on the subjects of videos. For such an impact, hand-drawn illustrations are a perfect choice. This feature can make the video more informative and more user-friendly. This is also a great way to explore your creativity and let the audience know more about the client’s business in a more impactful way. The use of rich animation and high-end illustration, in the animated explainer video, can bring a brand very close to success. 

Storytelling using an explainer video
Storytelling using an explainer video-KrishaStudio

The latest trend in animated explainer videos revolves around storytelling. This approach has gained popularity recently because it can captivate a larger audience for any brand. By incorporating storytelling into the video, it becomes more informative and leaves a strong impact on the audience. This can undoubtedly increase the popularity and reach of a business worldwide. Regardless of the content’s nature, presenting it in a storytelling format can effectively grab the audience’s attention.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality -KrishaStudio

Augmented Reality emerged as a leading trend in animated explainer videos, making its mark in 2020. It has become an essential component, enhancing the appeal of explainer videos for audiences. Augmented reality can digitally transform the audience’s physical space, adding an innovative dimension to the viewing experience. Its popularity stems from its ability to establish strong connections with the audience and provide a unique, realistic video experience.

Interactive explanation videos
Interactive explanation videos -KrishaStudio

Among the recent video trends of 2020, the development of interactive explainer videos has gained significant popularity, leading to immense success in presentations. This feature facilitates the creation of a personalized environment, resulting in increased engagement and numerous benefits. To enhance interactivity, two essential elements are required: thorough preliminary work and a compelling script.

Shorter, to-the-point content
Shorter, to-the-point content -KrishaStudio

In this day and age, everyone seeks information quickly. What do you prefer? Rapid access to information is our common desire. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize that audiences share the same expectations and aim to create videos that effectively convey the subject matter. Focus on captivating the audience by keeping the content short and informative. Thus, when crafting content, prioritize simplicity, informativeness, and brevity.

Video optimization for mobile
Video optimization for mobile -KrishaStudio

Videos are ubiquitous across various screens, especially on the devices we use most frequently. With mobile phones being a preferred platform for watching videos, it’s essential to ensure that videos are perfectly optimized for mobile viewing. Optimization should cater to both horizontal and vertical orientations, ensuring seamless viewing regardless of the device’s orientation. A well-optimized animated explainer video holds the key to reaching potential customers effectively.

Why select KrishaStudio?

When it comes to elevating a brand through customized content in the form of animated videos, KrishaStudio is the go-to choice. We have carved a niche for ourselves in creating corporate and whiteboard videos by seamlessly blending clients’ requirements with our animators’ expertise. KrishaStudio is a trusted and renowned animated explainer video service provider in the industry. We collaborate with diverse brands to craft “out-of-the-box” videos that effectively convey ideas or concepts to educate or promote a brand and its values to potential customers. Our mission is to assist our clients in winning over the hearts of their customers. We deliver simple and informative videos to help our clients attract more audiences and boost their businesses. With our animated explainer video services, we guarantee significant improvements in conversion rates, branding, visibility, and ROI.


KrishaStudio is a creative video production agency, crafting captivating and compelling videos. With our team of passionate storytellers and video experts, we bring your vision to life, helping you achieve your marketing goals through the power of video.

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