How do you use animated explainer videos to boost email open rates?

Learn how animated explainer videos can elevate your email marketing strategy and improve open rates. Explore tactics for incorporating videos into your emails, crafting enticing subject lines, and engaging your audience with dynamic visual content.

How do you use animated explainer videos to boost email open rates?
animated explainer video

Different emails come in the inbox of an individual. To ensure that your email is not deleted and read by the receiver, you have to spice up the email marketing strategy. Read on to know about how to use the animated explainer videos for enriching the emails.

E-mail marketing has been used by marketers for online marketing campaigns for a long time. Though e-mails may look old fashioned with the advent of so many kinds of communication, however, they are direct and more effective in reaching out to the consumers. So many emails come in the mailbox of an individual. Standing out with your email requires much work on your part. It is very important that the receiver does not delete the mail and instead open it to see what is there. This means that you need to spice up the email marketing strategy. How to do that? This can be achieved with the help of animated Explainer videos. Read this article to know how you can use these videos to bring about a change in online marketing strategies. This will help to improve the percentage of emails that are opened and improve the success of your marketing plans.

Email marketing as many of you might be aware of is a tried and tested process. This enables one to reach out to many people at one time. However since times have changed, this might feel a bit backdated to some marketers. Spicing up the old method is a good idea. Using animated Explainer videos can help to breathe new life in this old strategy and make it stand out from the other email marketing campaigns. 

It is very boring to read a huge amount of text. And if you send an email with a lot of text, chances are the client will not read it. Instead using an explainer video for dispersing the information is a better idea. Make a short video of the content you want to propagate and then send it to the concerned individual in this way. A complex matter can also be explained to the audience entertainingly and engagingly. This can be used for explaining any political issue, a controversial topic, or even for pitching a new brand that was introduced in the market.

It has been found in studies that 64% of the customers make their buying decisions after seeing a video rather than reading about the product. Hence, if you use animated Explainer videos, the click-through rates can go up by 300%. 

Using videos in this text-centric medium is a good way of setting yourself apart from the other competitors. If your email has a wider message, then the video will be able to transition from one topic to another easily and also retain the engagement of the customer. This also improves the email open rates considerably. Since the videos will be engaging, the customers will be looking forward to opening the emails from your end and also looking forward to the next set of emails. This will build a brand image and also increase the number of loyal customers. These loyal customers will also act as unofficial brand ambassadors of your business. They will not only buy the products but also open emails and also watch the videos. Since the animated Explainer videos are of a duration of 30 seconds to a minute, people feel they are genuine. They also do not feel that they are being lectured or being disturbed for buying a product.

Animation in Emails Promotes Connection

Animation in Emails Promotes Connection -KrishaStudio

There is a personal element when you send an email. It feels like you are chatting with another person. During this conversation, a marketer can use product videos to address problems faced by customers and how their product can be used for tackling these problems.  The email has also a few other benefits that you must know about as a marketer. One can address an individual by their name and give them content based on what content, ads, and blog posts that they have interacted with. When you combine these elements with an engaging video, people will understand the intention behind the video easily. If you can make this personal connection with the customer, they will feel that you are caring about them and the solution in the form of the product is just for them. This will make them feel special and they will be touched.

Video email marketing is great for SEO

Video email marketing is great for SEO -KrishaStudio

Using animated Explainer videos has great potential in email marketing. A huge benefit of this marketing strategy is that it is great in terms of visibility and also in terms of search. This is much more than the traditional email marketing that was followed for so many years. This is the reason why marketers now talk about video marketing campaigns and animated Explainer videos to catch the eyes of the audience. The click-through rates of such campaigns are much more than that of the newsletters. Featuring videos on the different products or about events and announcements can get more click through rates. The open email rates will also increase as a result of this. To add a personal touch to this, add animated quotes and even testimonials of previous customers. This will make the new customer more involved with the product or service and also increase the loyalty of the customer to the brand. 

Easy and helpful tips to incorporate video into your email marketing:

1. Use the Word “Video” in the Subject Line of the email

The marketer will not be using videos for all of their marketing campaigns. As a result, what they can do is to mention in the subject line whether this email has a video attached to it. This will increase the interest of the customer who will be receiving the email. If you are presenting a new product for the customer, you can write in the subject line about what is the new product and also mention the word video. This will help the customer to understand that a video demonstration of the product will also be available with the email.

2. Try and avoid autoplay

Animated Explainer videos are amazing as they can ensure that the email open rates go up. However, one must keep in mind the fact that the autoplay videos embedded often in emails might be irritating for some customers and they might not like that. Customers might turn it off if they cannot watch it at their own pace.

3. Short videos lead to more attention span

Everyone is busy in today’s times and sparing more than a minute on any video is not possible for any individual. The Explainer videos are short and they range from 30 seconds to a minute. For most individuals, checking the email is always done hurriedly. Hence the marketer must keep this in mind while making the videos. Making the videos short means that you understand the importance of their time. If the video is short, the audience will watch it completely and not leave mid-way. If you make a short video, you can make successive videos and you will keep on getting returning viewers. This increases the chances of increasing email open rates.

4. Using Animated Videos to Break Up Text

When you are sending emails in bulk, remember that you do not have to just send a video email or a text email when you are formatting the marketing emails. Instead use both the styles together to complement each other. Make use of text when it matters most and use animated Explainer videos when you need to explain complicated matters thoroughly. You can also use videos when there is too much text for the client to read and understand.  We have discussed using email marketing videos till now and how one can improve their email open rates with the help of the explainer videos. Let us dig deep into explainer videos to understand how useful animation is in email marketing and how they can take the email open rates to a new level.

How Does an Animated Explainer Video Work?

How Does an Animated Explainer Video Work -KrishaStudio

Animated Explainer videos are made to explain complex and complicated things in the most simple and straight forward manner possible. They are used for multiple purposes by marketers. These videos have been gaining attention as they can tell the most pivotal things in an easy to digest manner. These videos can be easily viewed and shared by the customers of a particular brand.

Read on to know about the different types of animated Explainer videos and see how they can be beneficial for your business. 

Various Types of Animated Explainer Videos

 Types of Animated Explainer Videos -KrishaStudio

Are you introducing a new product or a brand for the customers? Or are you re-launching your already existing brand in the market? Whatever may be your need, an animated video for the brand works to a great extent. It helps you to narrate the story of your brand. In short, you can relate the brand origin story with your audience. Then you can highlight the key points that set your product apart from the others in the business. Also mention in the video the USP of the brand and the selling points of the product. One can think of this video as making a sales pitch for the brand.

If you have a new product that you are planning to launch, then a product explainer video will be perfect for you. The product videos help one to identify the problem that the customers have. With the help of slick animation, expert studies, testimonials of the previous customers, the marketers try and explain the uniqueness and good quality of the products.

Suppose you have to handle a controversial issue or you need to find ways of dealing with HR problems in the office. What will you do then? Using an animated PR video is the best way out in such situations. These animated PR videos can help an individual to handle the tough yet intricate topics that need more detailed thought than an email might allow. One can avoid getting misinterpreted with text by sending in an explainer video for the purpose.

Are you trying to report the latest figures to your higher authorities? Or are you trying to impress the sales team with a new sales strategy? In such situations, consider using animated sales videos. These videos ensure that you do not give dry facts in a boring manner in front of the higher authorities or your colleagues. The animated explainer videos can be mixed with the facts to make the presentation lively and engaging for the audience. The audience will feel attached to the work and also not feel bored by the numbers and dry facts.

Animated explainer videos need a lot of hard work if you are an amateur and are just starting. They will have to pay attention to storyboarding the main ideas behind the video, writing and then editing a script, animate the video, edit it and even give narration to the videos. One can either do these tasks on their own or they can hire professionals to get this done. If you are busy, hiring a professional is the best way. But if budget is a constraint, doing this on their own is a good idea.

Animated explainer videos are a huge blessing for marketers. They have become an important tool for boosting the email open rates. Considering the recent growth of usage of animated explainer videos, the explainer videos will only gain importance in the coming times.


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