Best ideas for making a superb explainer video

Transform your explainer video into a masterpiece with these creative ideas. Explore storytelling techniques, animation styles, and design elements to captivate your audience and drive engagement.

Best ideas for making a superb explainer video

Video content has emerged as one of the most favored methods for conveying messages about a business’s products and services to its target audience. Branded video content should ideally be authentic, concise (under 60 seconds), entertaining, and tell a compelling story that resonates with the core audience. The utilization of explainer videos by businesses and brands has seen a significant surge in recent years. Almost every entity is striving to maintain engagement and connection with its audience, and the introduction of animated explainer videos has provided a fresh avenue for creative branding.

Simple graphics paired with straightforward language are pivotal in creating effective explainer videos. In today’s digital age, this format has proven to be both simple and appealing for brand promotion. Audiences can easily access these videos on desktops and smartphones, gaining an understanding of the product or service within seconds. Various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc., serve as effective channels for publishing explainer videos, reaching a vast number of potential customers. Many corporate entities, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, have already capitalized on the effectiveness of explainer videos for their branding efforts.

Tips to make an awesome explainer video

Are you considering investing in creating explainer videos? Explainer videos have the power to succinctly explain a product or service in just 60 to 90 seconds. The key is to understand the tips for creating an effective explainer video.

Know your target audience
Know your target audience -KrishaStudio

Understanding your audience is crucial when creating explainer videos. The first tip for us is to know the target audience. Without understanding the target audience, it’s impossible to create a video with the necessary information. Therefore, thorough research must be conducted on the type of consumers who will purchase the products or services featured in the video. Key parameters to consider include age, occupation, level of education, lifestyle, location, etc. These are known as demographic aspects. Additionally, psychological aspects such as needs, interests, habits, values, and problems of the target audience should also be taken into account.

Choose the right explainer video style
Choose the right explainer video style -KrishaStudio

Different types of explainer videos are available which can be used depending on the nature of the need. As a business, it’s crucial to analyze the appropriate type of explainer video for your needs. This is one of the most significant tips for making explainer videos and is essential for every business to consider creating a video that effectively connects with their customers. Choosing the right type of explainer video will enhance the overall effectiveness and impact of the video.

Make a solid script
Make a solid script -KrishaStudio

The next tip to focus on is the script. A well-written script can accomplish half the job for you. It should include product details presented in a compelling story format that engages your audience. Be mindful of common mistakes that can occur during scripting, and strive for a fresh perspective on your company and the product or service being promoted to draft a more effective script.

The shorter, the better
The shorter, the better -KrishaStudio

Every script for an explainer video should be concise, informative, and tell a compelling story. Experts suggest that the less you say, the more people will remember. Therefore, when crafting a script, ensure that only necessary information is included so that the audience can easily grasp the key points and summary of the message.

Keep it Simple
Keep it Simple -KrishaStudio

Maintaining simplicity is essential when creating an explainer video. One of the key tips for making an explainer video is to keep it simple to reach the maximum number of targeted audiences. It’s important to keep the video short, so simplicity is crucial. Here are four simple things to focus on:

  1. Within the first 20 seconds, address the problems of the customers.
  2. In the next 5 seconds, mention your brand and products.
  3. Next, explain how your product works.
  4. Leave the last 10 seconds to guide the audience on what they should do next.
Try using a professional voice
Try using a professional voice -KrishaStudio

Another important aspect to consider is using a professional voice to enhance the presentation of the video. The voice should complement the pace, personality, and mood of the animated video. This will greatly influence the target audience and contribute to better brand promotion. Selecting the right voice will ensure that customers remember the message for a long time, instilling confidence in your product. Opting for professional voice-over artists can be the best choice for achieving this effect.

Add Some Fun features
Add Some Fun features -KrishaStudio

The video should resonate with the target audience, but it should also have a touch of entertainment and fun. Whether it’s being watched by CEOs, homemakers, or students, everyone enjoys being entertained. Therefore, adding a bit of humor or wackiness to your video can make it more engaging and entertaining. This approach can go a long way in capturing people’s interest and enticing them to buy your products and services.

Special attention to the characters
Special attention to the characters -KrishaStudio

The design of the characters plays a vital role in the success of an explainer video. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay special attention to character design. Focus on enhancing viewer identification and crafting characters based on the preferences of the target audience. By prioritizing proper character design, you can make the video more appealing to viewers.

Details Matter

High-quality illustration and animation are essential for creating an engaging video. Attention to detail is crucial in ensuring that every aspect of the video meets the expectations of the target audience, resulting in a more entertaining experience.

Music matters
Music matters -KrishaStudfio

Music can significantly enhance the appeal of an explainer video by evoking various emotions in the audience. Conduct thorough research to find the perfect piece of music that resonates with your target audience, as it can help broaden your video’s reach and captivate viewers more effectively.

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