Video marketing trends for 2020: Grow your marketing strategy and deliver results

Discover the key video marketing trends shaping the landscape in 2020. Optimize your strategy, increase brand visibility, and drive meaningful results in the digital era!

Video marketing trends for 2020: Grow your marketing strategy and deliver results
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Video marketing trends are emerging, leading to more effective marketing strategies and higher-quality outcomes. This has led to increased competition in the market, with a growing number of companies offering products or services online. Also, the growing popularity of video marketing and its ability to easily reach out to target customers have proved that video is an integral part of social media marketing strategy.

Incredible video marketing statistics

Incredible video marketing statistics -KrishaStudio
  1. 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers. (HubSpot)
  2. 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video marketing on social media. (Business2Community)
  3. 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy (HubSpot)
  4. 90% of marketers post a video on YouTube once a week or more. (Business2Community)
  5. 70% of businesses say they’re creating more videos now compared to the same time last year. (Animoto)

Let’s dive into the top video marketing trends for 2020

Video marketing trends have surged with the increased use of videos across the internet and for business purposes. In 2020, video marketing has become a crucial tool for reaching the target audience and effectively communicating the message of company services and products.

Videos are perceived as more engaging than written content when it comes to capturing potential leads or target customers. Here are the top video marketing trends you need to follow in 2020:

Benefits of video advertising 

Benefits of video advertising -KrishaStudio

While it may not always be advantageous to hastily adopt the latest trends, video ads offer a multitude of benefits for businesses. When utilized effectively, video ads can significantly enhance engagement with the audience. Given that people are dedicating more time to watching online ads, their significance has surged. As a result, companies can achieve better returns by deploying compelling video ads and effortlessly reaching potential customers. Additionally, the right video ads have the potential to foster trust among viewers. 

How does incorporating stories into the video help?

Video stories have proven to engage customers more effectively than other forms of video advertising. It’s crucial that the audience can relate to the video content and narrative, as well as evoke emotions that resonate with the customers’ needs. Through storytelling, customers should perceive that your company genuinely cares about their needs through the services provided.

Therefore, in the art of storytelling, it’s essential to captivate the imagination and attention of the target audience, persuading them to opt for your company’s services and products over competitors. Therefore, the Video Production Agency should be capable of incorporating video stories professionally. 

Use of video podcasts 
Use of video podcasts -KrishaStudio

A video podcast or videocast is akin to a radio program but with recorded video. It provides viewers with insights into the happenings in the studio and offers a close look at the brand offered by the company. This format aids in establishing a stronger connection with the audience.

To ensure the best service, it’s essential to collaborate with a reputable video production company known for delivering quality results. The company’s reputation reflects its ability to provide accurate and high-quality video production services.

Is video vlogging essential?
Is video vlogging essential -KrishaStudio

This has become a significant video trend on YouTube. Through vlogging, companies can effectively capture the attention of viewers towards their products. It’s an ideal method to humanize your brand, showcasing various aspects from new product launches to behind-the-scenes glimpses of office life or event planning.

Less is more for video production 
Less is more for video production -KrishaStudio

As businesses strive to differentiate themselves with more content, the latest trend emphasizes simplicity in video production. Less production is seen as more effective in capturing the attention of customers. Hence, businesses need not necessarily chase the latest business trends.

Over-the-top media video content 
Over-the-top media video content -KrishaStudio

Numerous over-the-top (OTT) media services have emerged, presenting a significant opportunity for trending video marketing strategies. According to eMarketer, the OTT service user base on the internet is projected to reach almost 197.7 million in the coming years. OTT platforms serve as effective channels for video marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing business outcomes.

By leveraging OTT platforms, businesses can deliver relevant information to their target audiences through ads. Therefore, starting with OTT platforms and devices can yield better results in capturing more customers.

Importance of implementing 360-degree Videos
Importance of implementing 360-degree Videos -KrishaStudio

Among the latest marketing trends, this one stands out as particularly effective, promising better business outcomes when implemented correctly. Providing a visual representation of what your brand offers to customers is unparalleled in its impact.

When seeking a more immersive approach, this type of video marketing trend is a surefire choice. Statistics show that over 98% of consumers prefer this mode of advertising compared to other formats.

How are IGTV and vertical video trends effective? 
How are IGTV and vertical video trends effective -KrishaStudio

The IGTV and vertical video trends are useful as the videos can be prepared in a vertical format that is compatible with mobile phones. For this, there has been increased use of Snapchat and Instagram, where users can vertically upload videos.

In this way, it becomes easy for the influencers to produce high-quality videos that are trending these days.

Importance of eLearning video content
Importance of eLearning video content -KrishaStudio

There has been an increased use of eLearning video content, and these are considered to be explanatory videos. It is used in tutorials that help boost the brand among the rest. It can be available on different platforms, like YouTube and the like. It is of immense help to the students who use the videos for e-learning purposes.

How are soundless social videos becoming popular?
How are soundless social videos becoming popular -KrishaStudio

The soundless social videos are similar to silent films that have gained popularity on social media platforms. As per statistics, it is seen that more than 90% of social media users are using videos with sound off while they are accessing online content.

Therefore, it requires using videos that do not require sound, for which it is necessary to use suitable captions. The caption should be catchy enough, and it does not require sound to catch the attention of the customers.

Benefits of using shoppable video content

Benefits of using shoppable video content -KrishaStudio

The shoppable photos have gained popularity, and similar to this, the shoppable videos are also popular. For the purchase, consumers are using the videos to redirect to the linked product page that is accessed before purchasing the service or products. This is suitable as it is used as a hyperlink in an online shopping procedure. 

Interactive Videos Content
Interactive Videos Content -KrishaStudio

Present-day customers have high expectations and expect to get access to better shopping experiences. Most of the brands are expecting new technological methods that offer a better experience. For this, interactive videos are of immense use and this is possible with the use of virtual reality technologies.

So, video marketers are planning to use interactive videos that help customers offer better service while shopping online. Therefore, interactive videos are considered to be more engaging compared to regular ones.  

Live-streaming video content
Live-streaming video content -krishaStudio

Live streaming videos have gained popularity in recent times, and it has changed the way business enterprises are implementing marketing trends. It has become easy to fill the gap between consumers and brands so that they can interact better with the products and services offered by the company.

The marketing trends should be more interactive to make it easy for consumers to choose products and services from plenty of them available. Even the live videos are considered to be more effective and they can bring in more interactions.

Utility of Search-Optimized Video 
Utility of Search-Optimized Video -KrishaStudio

The search-optimized video is an effective one when it comes to implementing the latest marketing trends in the New Year. To bring in more customers for the business services and products of your brand, the right optimized video content will help. For video marketing, the SEO tips will be of immense use.

It requires designing videos in such a way that they help grab the attention of others. To increase competition in the market, the SEO video can be used as a tool to make a prominent position among the rest of the market. 

Apart from designing the video, it calls for implementing an effective call to action that provides a way for better follow-up of your potential leads. You have to set up a suitable method for lead capture.

It includes effective types of email marketing that are often shared on social media platforms. Even video marketing can be used at the end of a video to help build a contact form for better results.

1:1 video experiences are preferred
 video experiences are preferred -KLrishaStudio

Software for video conferencing is becoming more popular, video experiences with one person talking to another are making places compared to others. This will continue to grow, and the ability to share the screen with another person requires good technical support. It enhances the communication and intimacy of conferencing when you are communicating via voice calls, apps, and the like.

Changing Social Media Video Specifications
Changing Social Media Video Specifications -KrishaStudio

The use of marketing videos by shoppers has changed with the increased use of mobile phones. Even the emergence of the OTT device has made it possible, and consumers trust online reviews before making a purchase. With video specs, both square and vertical videos are used to offer a better experience to the users.

Increased use of Augmented Reality Campaigns
Increased use of Augmented Reality Campaigns -KrishaStudio

Augmented reality is a new trend that is made accessible to marketers who are using social media video campaigns. These are interactive and help consumers have a better shopping experience. Even augmented reality videos are of immense help to retail companies, as customers can use the sites to buy their products.

Therefore, augmented reality marketing campaigns are of immense use to customers in the case of online shopping, and it also help them stand out from the rest of the market.  

Greater focus on user-generated content
Greater focus on user-generated content -KrishaStudio

Users trust other users, and therefore while availing of company products and services, users tend to go through the review section of the brand. This will give them a better insight into the quality of the product that they wish to purchase. The users trust other users more than what the brand is offering them.

There are different types of content generated by consumers, all available on social media platforms. The reviews are easily accessible and can both make and break the reputation of your company’s products and services.

Some tips to be followed by users:

  • In the case of valuable content, users can share it via different social media platforms, which will improve visibility and help boost the engagement of the service among other customers. 
  • Even the review videos are the best option that customers can go through as trusted sources before they finally purchase the item from the online store. Any product evaluation by potential customers will help them know better before buying the product from the store.

Try to implement an updated video marketing strategy for 2020

Implementing updated video strategies will help the business enterprise make a prominent position among the rest in the competitive market. The strategy should be easy to use, and it should also be easy to reach out to a larger audience and grab the attention of potential customers.

Modern consumers are always in search of information, and they wish to have easy access to it. Only after having suitable information about a product or service will they opt for its purchase. So, you have to keep the target group hooked on whatever you are offering. 

Final Words

It is important to figure out how to plan an advertising video and its designs. The effective one will help grow as part of a video marketing strategy. Make sure that you have incorporated the right marketing trends that are sure to help you get better yields from your online business.


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