All you need to know about recruitment video

Learn how to create impactful recruitment videos with this comprehensive guide. Explore the benefits of using video in the hiring process, essential elements to include in your videos, and best practices for reaching and engaging your target audience.

All you need to know about recruitment video

An employee’s opinion of the company is represented in a recruitment film. The visual presentation enables you to employ a different format while giving you more information about the future.

Many organizations are unsure of what a recruitment video is, why their organization needs one, what can be included in one, and what shouldn’t. This post will thoroughly introduce recruitment videos and explain how to make one for your firm.

What is a recruitment video? 

A recruiting video is a brief video created to draw in qualified job candidates. A recruitment video can be compared to a company commercial, with the difference being that instead of emphasizing the advantages you provide customers, you emphasize the advantages you provide employees. The top recruiting videos accomplish two goals.

They first help potential candidates determine whether they would be a suitable fit for your business. Second, they create a strong emotional bond with individuals who are a good fit. Effective recruitment videos motivate the ideal job seekers to apply for your position by using a combination of words and images.

What is the purpose of a recruitment video?

A company can greatly benefit from recruitment videos since they allow potential employees to understand the workplace culture. It can occasionally be difficult for a candidate to obtain a proper sense of the corporate culture during a one-on-one interview.

A recruitment video establishes the company’s tone immediately, allowing the viewer to judge immediately if the entry is worthwhile. They are far less likely to accept a job offer if they find the recruitment video interesting.

Why do recruitment videos make your company stand out?

Making a recruitment video may help your business stand out from the crowd. Recruitment videos display the human side of your business. They provide an inside view of the individuals who run the company, an inside look at how employees live their daily lives, and a window into the principles you uphold.

In addition, it’s simple to publish the movie on your websites, social media accounts, review sites for employers, and job advertising pages. Employees can further increase visibility for the open post by sharing these interesting films on their personal LinkedIn pages.

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What makes a great recruitment video?

1. It should be clear and concise.

A great recruiting film introduces the business, culture, values, and people without being excessively lengthy or stretched out. When published on YouTube or your company website, your video should not be more than three minutes.

Aim for roughly one minute on LinkedIn and other social media platforms where you need to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

2. It should be a window into your company.

Your film needs to give potential employees a glimpse of what it’s like to serve your organization. It can entail demonstrating the workstation and areas where individuals spend most of their days.

It can also entail showing them a picture of a session in progress or the location where your company might eat lunch. They should be able to recognize certain physical descriptions from your recruiting video and be able to identify them.

3. It should provide essential information about your company and the role

A recruitment film should explain to potential employees what your company does and how they might fit in. A successful video can persuade the ideal prospect to apply, saving you time from going through a large pool of uninteresting individuals searching for the right one.

4. Gives an introduction to your business

A recruitment video should explain to potential employees what your company does and how they might fit in. A successful video can convince the ideal prospect to apply, saving you time from going through a large pool of unimpressive individuals searching for the right one.

5. It should highlight what’s unique about your company.

A compelling video highlights a company’s key selling qualities: work-life balancing, a remote-friendly culture, or regular after-work events. An effective recruitment film aids potential employees in imagining what it would be like that work for your organization.

It is much more compelling and believable than a normal text-based job description. Post videos of employee testimonials describing their responsibilities, initiatives, achievements, and goals. The best resources for enhancing your company’s marketing and attracting new hires are engaged, employees.

6. It should give a clear outline of your company’s values.

Additionally, your video needs to convey and exemplify the ideals of your business. It will probably be seen by potential applicants who haven’t yet applied. As a result, now is a wonderful time to ensure that your candidates know what your company stands for before they click the apply button.

The whole corporate culture of a firm is influenced by its ideals. Each employee should identify with and support the company’s strong values.

7. Be employee-focused, and give details of your team

Remember that this is not a marketing video aimed at your ideal client. It is a video for recruiting. So, instead of promoting the good or service your company offers, you’re pitching the prospect of working there. Your team’s dynamics and how it works should be shown in your video.

Give your viewers a clear impression of who they may anticipate working with within your recruiting videos since they are people-focused.


The job role must be described in detail in a solid firm recruitment video, leaving no room for the candidate to be confused. It often includes an introduction to the company, a summary of the position, perk information, and a strong call to action.

Finding the proper specialists to hire is getting harder and harder. The challenge for recruiters is creatively advertising a job opening online, providing as much information as possible in a brief amount of time, and encouraging people to apply.


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