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Supercharge Marketing with Explainer Videos Explainer Video
9 Industries That Can Supercharge Their Marketing with Explainer Videos

The explainer videos are short (1-2 minutes long) videos made using motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, or stop-motion animation. These videos are very beneficial for marketing as they to explain your customers the need for your product or service in their lives. Businesses of all sizes and different industries also benefit from making the […]

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why is storyboarding? Explainer Video | Storyboard
What is a Storyboard? Why is it essential in an Explainer Video?

A sequence of drawings that projects a visual preview of each scene of an explainer video is known as the storyboard. Storyboarding is one of the main components of the pre-production stage of an explainer video. It is considered as the visual script of an explainer video that offers clarity to people involved in the […]

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What is the cost of Animated Explainer Video (1) Animated Video
10 Factors affecting Cost of Animated Videos

Animated explainer videos play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies these days. These videos have become an important tool for businesses to deliver complex ideas and messages to the audience in an engaging manner. The popularity and demand of these videos have increased over the past years due to this reason. They are used […]

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Difference between Motion Graphics and Animation Explained with Examples Animated Video | Motion Graphics Video
Difference between Motion Graphics and Animation Explained with Examples

It’s hard to differentiate between the terms ‘motion graphics’ and ‘animation’ for the people who do not work in the animation industry. However, the motion graphics and animation significantly differ from one another. When movement is added to static images, it is known as motion graphics. On the other hand, animation is a series of […]

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Motion Graphics Video
How to use Motion Graphics for Branding? 

Motion graphics animation has recently become one of the most powerful aids for marketers and content creators worldwide. According to a Cisco report, video views will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. Many of them, it’s probable, will be content marketing videos aimed at engaging audiences and enticing them to take action, […]

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How to use motion graphics for Branding (1) Explainer Video
How to use Explainer Videos for the Real Estate Industry?

When we think of a cutthroat highly-competitive market, we immediately think of the real estate industry as well. There is intense pressure on the real estate industry to promote its offerings to get the best deals. As a result, they require a variety of methods to market their businesses.  When it comes to marketing, visually […]

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